TRUE Linkswear Original 1.2 Golf Shoe Review

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The TRUE Original 1.2 golf shoe has everything you loved about the Original with a new, premium exterior material.  Supreme comfort.  Allows for a truly natural walking motion.


2009 feels like a long time ago.  There are probably people reading this who weren’t golfing then and don’t realize how TRUE Linkswear turned golf footwear on its head by offering a minimalist shoe with a super wide toe box.  But you don’t need to know the history to enjoy TRUE’s latest, the OG1.2.  This version of their first shoe retains the signature features while incorporating a new material, “Bulletproof” Alternative Leather.


Like any good update, the Original 1.2 is both immediately recognizable and clearly unique.  The basic shape and design of the shoe is just like the Original [review HERE] – wide toe box, sock-like liner, minimalist design, and very limited branding.

What’s new about the OG1.2 is the “bulletproof” alternative leather.  Visually, there’s no way you would know that it’s not leather, though TRUE is using a perforated leather in the saddle which gives the shoe a fresh look.  What you will notice is that this new material won’t scratch or wrinkle, so it’s going to look new as long as you keep it clean.

The TRUE Original 1.2 is available in three colorways: White/Black Saddle (shown here), Pure White, and Chambers Grey.


Unrivaled.  While there are tons of comfortable shoes in golf right now, for me, nothing is on the same level as TRUE Linkswear.  Once you pop your foot into the waterproof bootie, everything feels right.  There’s the perfect amount of room for each part of your foot – no pinching but also no excess play.  The cushioning also hits that “just right” spot where the impact of each step is softened but you don’t feel disconnected from the ground.

The OG1.2 is also light weight, as you would expect from TRUE.  This isn’t their lightest offering – that title belongs to the Eco Knit [review HERE] – but it’s likely several ounces lighter than what you’re currently wearing.  If you’re a walker, those saved ounces add up to more energy and happier joints on the back nine.


While TRUE has expanded their offerings to include some models without Zero Drop heels, all of their Original and OG models maintain that feature.  For those not familiar with the term, Zero Drop refers to shoes that do not elevate your heel above your toe.  Most shoes are effectively high heels, but it goes unnoticed because it’s the norm.

As I’ve written in many TRUE reviews, I’m a complete convert to zero drop shoes, so the Original 1.2 was perfect for me.  If you’ve never worn a Zero Drop shoe, it will feel unusual at first, but I’d strongly suggest that you give them a chance.  I’ve found that being closer to barefoot has improved the balance and footwork in my golf swing.

The sole on the OG1.2 matches that of the Original and the OG Feel [review HERE].  What I’ve found with this sole is that it provides much better traction than you would expect based on the look.  There are no sharp, aggressive treads, but because the sole is so flexible, more of it stays in contact with the ground, and thus it provides strong stability.

Finally, the Original 1.2 can be your all weather, everyday golf shoe.  It comes with a two year waterproof warranty, but still breathes well enough for warm weather wear.


TRUE Linkswear named the Original 1.2 perfectly.  This isn’t a reinvention of the Original (it doesn’t need one) nor is it a sequel.  The OG1.2 offers a couple subtle upgrades while retaining the comfort and function of the shoe that changed golf footwear.  When you see me on the course this year, expect these to be on my feet.

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  1. Eric Hutchens

    I’ve had one pair of the originals and loved them. Great review.

  2. Been intrigued by True for a few years, finally pulling the trigger on a pair of original knits recently. Super comfy on and off the course. I am already looking forward to my next pair from True. I just need to be careful not to have more shoes in my closet than my wife! lol
    Great review, thanks!

  3. After being a True early adopter, I’ve gone the Lux Pro route – Knit and Leather. The toe box is not as wide as other True Shoes – my toes bounced around too much on the originals. But the Lux Kits double as a casual shoe – no need to bring golf and other shoes on your travels… which is pretty cool.

  4. Jeff Houglum

    Matt, as a longtime reader I have seen all the reviews of the True products. I might finally give them a try. How is the durability of the sole? Obviously they will wear down with time like all spikeless shoes but does the True soles seem average, quick wearing, or long wearing? So far I’ve dabbled in Pro S/L (quick wearing) and Code Chaos (longer wearing).

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

    • Matt Saternus


      Great question. I wore my original Knits everywhere – gym, work, errands, golf – for well over a year and the sole held up really well. I noticed very little loss of traction. I think the TRUE soles will have a lot of life, particularly if you keep them on course exclusively.



  5. Dhamilton

    I ordered two pair.. A size 12 and a size 13 (True doesn’t do half sizes past 12). The 12 was just a touch too small, but the 13 was way too big). The shoes felt great otherwise. If they offered a 12.5, this would be the last brand I’d ever buy.

  6. This post answered all of my questions on the subject.

  7. Your post is well-researched and thoughtful.

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