TRUE Linkswear OG Sport Golf Shoe Review

50 Words or Less

The TRUE Linkswear OG Sport elevates the knit shoe with a more athletic feel and waterproofing.  Insane out of the box comfort.  Two different soles allow a wide range of players to enjoy this shoe.


Knit shoes can no longer be considered a trend in footwear.  Thanks to their light weight, breathability, and comfort, they’re now a fixture in every brand’s lineup.  The TRUE Linkswear Knit II [review HERE] has been my daily shoe since I got my hands on them.

The only knock on knit shoes is that they don’t stand up to wet weather.  Until now.  The TRUE Linkswear OG Sport takes all the best things about a knit shoe, adds true waterproof performance, and then goes a step further.


At a glance, the OG Sport is very similar to the TRUE Knit II.  Both have a fully knit upper with very minimal branding.  This shoe has a clean, simplistic style that can be worn almost anywhere.

A second look reveals some of the key upgrades in the OG Sport.  What first stood out to me is the change in the lacing.  TRUE calls this the SPORT Lacing System, and it has a much bigger impact on the fit than the laces on the Knit II.  There’s also a large “Heel Pull System” to make it easier to slide the shoe on and off.  I’ve never had an issue with the heel loop on the Knit II, but this larger loop is even easier to use.

The TRUE Linkswear OG Sport is available in two colorways: Deep Sea (seen here) and Cobblestone (beige/khaki).  The LUX Sport is available in three colorways: Cobblestone, Pin Hunter (olive), and Concrete (grey).


In the last few years, we’ve frequently remarked that a “break in period” is no longer acceptable for golf shoes.  TRUE has been a leader in that movement, and that continues with the OG Sport.  Out of the bag, these shoes greet your feet like an old friend.  I pulled out the stuffing, laced them up, and walked 18 without a single issue.  If comfort is a high priority, you need to look into TRUEs for your next pair of golf shoes.

In “50 Words or Less,” I mentioned that the Sport comes in two different soles.  I was not referring to the part of the shoe that touches the ground but the structure under your foot.  The two options are OG Sport and LUX Sport.  I opted for the OG Sport because it has TRUE’s extra wide toe box, thin sole, zero drop heel, and maximum flexibility.  This kind of shoe makes me feel more balanced, athletic, and in touch (literally and metaphorically) with the turf.

For players that prefer a more traditional feel, there’s the LUX Sport.  The LUX Sport has TRUE’s Wanderlux Superfoam for a more cushioned ride.  Additionally, it has a “transitional” heel drop.  It’s not going to be as tall as a FootJoy, but it’s not the full barefoot experience either.  If you’ve worn traditional golf shoes your whole life, the LUX Sport is a good way to move toward a more natural walking experience.


The biggest upgrade with the TRUE Linkswear OG Sport is the waterproofing, so we’ll start there.  For those that are into the details, these shoes have been tested to 100k Dynamic Waterproof Rating.  They also come with a 2-year waterproof warranty.  What I can tell you from firsthand experience is that they simply keep your feet dry.  I’ve taken these out in rainy fall conditions and have yet to have a drop of water inside the shoe.

A more subtle change is the feel of the shoe.  While no knit shoe is going to provide structure or stability the way a leather shoe will, the OG Sport is noticeably more fitted and supportive than the Knit II.  A part of that feel comes from the new lacing system which lets you lock in your foot more than you can with the Knit II.  I’ve never had any issues running or doing athletic things in my Knit II, but if you want a go-anywhere, do-anything shoe, the OG Sport is the clear choice.

Finally, TRUE’s time-tested Cross-Life Tread continues to be among the best.  For me, it provides ample traction in all but the sloppiest conditions.  I’ve been wearing it non-stop to play wet fall golf and haven’t slipped yet.  Just as important for a go-anywhere shoe, it performs in the real world.  You can even run on wet pavement without fear of taking a header.  The TRUE OG Sport can really do it all.


The TRUE Linkswear OG Sport is the latest example of TRUE raising the bar on golf footwear.  By adding waterproofing to a knit shoe, they’re allowing golfers to walk comfortably in any weather.  Also, the ability to get the Sport in OG or LUX means there’s no excuse not to give it a try.

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  1. I apologize if this has been covered before, but could you give any insight on the tread life of these shoes?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s excellent. I’ve worn several pairs as my everyday shoe for months without significant deterioration.



  2. Hey Matt, quick question about this line in your review: “For me, it provides ample traction in all but the sloppiest conditions.”

    What do you wear in the sloppiest conditions? I’m the kind of person that likes to golf in any weather — rain is great because I often have the course to myself. But after getting used to a zero-drop shoe, it’s hard to go back to my spiked shoes with elevated heels. I’m looking around for a good zero-drop (or at least zero-ish drop) alternative with heavy-duty traction for those really sloppy days, and just wondered how you handle those conditions.

    Thanks for your time!

    • Matt Saternus


      Great question. I have some older Nikes with traditional spikes that I’ll use if the ground is soaked. They’re not zero drop, but there are situations where I’ll give that up for the additional traction.



  3. OK Matt, I’m back with another comment. I’ve been torn on the OG Sport vs. the Original 1.2. I’ve read and re-read your reviews for both. I’ve also been wearing the OG Feels when I’m indoors/on a simulator this winter, and wear New Balance Minimus shoes outside of golf, so I know I like the zero-drop aspect.

    If you could only pick one — OG Sport or Original 1.2 — which one would you pick? I’m leaning OG Sport, but it’s tough since you can’t just go into a golf store and try these on.

  4. Matt, do you know when or if True Links will have any additional colors in the OG Sport shoe? More specifically, in gray?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have any specific info, but I did see at the PGA Show that there are some new colorways coming across their line.



  5. Golden Harper

    Great write up Matt, thanks! Just a little technicality, but the part of the shoes you refer to as ‘insoles’ are actually ‘midsoles’. The insoles are the removable part that touches your sock/foot.

  6. Scott Trudeau

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for the write up! I’m curious to know your preference between the OG Sport and OG Feel?

    Thank you!,

    Scott T.

    • Matt Saternus


      I prefer the OG Sport for the full waterproofing and (I believe) slightly lighter weight, though both are quite light.



  7. Greg Maxim

    These are trash. The sole is too flat there are not any kind of spikes which will provide zero grip what so ever. These would be awful golf shoes.

  8. Jeri Clark

    I love my Links golf shoes. I have several pairs of different golf shoes and the links are my favorite. The shoe is very comfortable and I really like the way they feel on the golf course. I get complements on how they look on my feet. So glad I discovered this shoe.

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