Tour Striker Power Impact Pro Review

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50 Words or Less

The Tour Striker Power Impact Pro offers an almost-unlimited number of ways to warm up, build strength, and improve technique, all without leaving your house.

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Over the last few years, Martin Chuck has proven that his success with the Tour Striker was not a fluke – the man is a legitimate training aid genius.  Whether it’s designing new training aids like the Educator or building a better mousetrap like he has with the Tour Striker Power Impact Pro, no one can match his prowess at designing great learning tools.

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Ease of Use & Setup

The Tour Striker Power Impact Pro is the type of training aid that can be set up in seconds, but takes a long time to master.  The basic operation is simple: close the red “anchor” in a door and pull on the grip end.  You can adjust the length of the tubing by simply sliding the loop up or down the tubing.

The trick to the Power Impact Pro is understanding all the ways to use it.  Martin has put together some great videos explaining different drills and uses of the Power Impact Pro, but they’re by no means the only ways to use it.  As with any “blank canvas” training aid, this is both a gift and a curse: you’ll never exhaust all the possibilities, but beginners may be overwhelmed by the options.


There are numerous ways in which the Tour Striker Power Impact Pro is a highly effective training aid.  First, it can be used to build strength.  Everyone who has ever played golf understands the value of strong hand and wrists, and those are two areas you can easily target with the Power Impact Pro.  Additionally, depending on how you use it, the Power Impact Pro can help develop strength in your core and shoulders.

Beyond its strength benefits, the Power Impact Pro is great for ingraining sound technique for two important reasons.  First, it provides resistance and feedback.  Regardless of what change you’re making, you need to know if you’re making it and how much of that change you’re making.  The Power Impact Pro can tell you those things through the feel of the grip in your hands and/or the tubing against your body.  Additionally, this is a great training aid because it goes everywhere and sets up in seconds.  As I’ve written before, the key to real improvement is consistent practice.  If you can practice anywhere – while traveling, in the bathroom, between classes – you have no excuse to not get better.

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The Tour Striker Power Impact Pro is solidly-built and should last a long time.  Its longevity is even better in terms of how long you’ll use it – because it can be used anywhere and because it has so many functions, this is a training aid that you’ll never outgrow.


At $59.99, the Tour Striker Power Impact Pro is priced well below my “average” training aid price of $100.  The combination of reasonable price, high effectiveness, and excellent longevity makes this training aid a great value.

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If you’re a regular traveler or just someone who is stuck indoors without a way to work on your game, the Tour Striker Power Impact Pro is a training aid you should strongly consider.  It’s one of the few training aids that can improve both your body and your swing, and it can be used anywhere.

Save 10% on all Tour Striker products with code PG-9682

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  1. I love the Power Impact PRO. I have been using it for about a year. Great strength in the core has empowered my DRIVE…..
    It makes you make a full turn. Really good for Flexibility. Swing like Dustin Johnson.

  2. Ronald A Himel

    Is there an instruction tape, or booklet?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re missing parts, I would suggest contacting whomever you bought this from.



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