Tour Edge HL4 Hybrid Review

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The Tour Edge HL4 3 Hybrid is super easy to hit club that gets the ball up in the air and sends it a long way.


The HL4 hybrid may be the workhorse of the HL4 series.  As the name suggest, this club does the work of a game-improvement iron, while adding solid distance of a wood.  The HL4 series is a great collection of clubs that promote playability for the weekend golfer.


The Tour Edge HL4 hybrid is a great looking club.  A gloss black crown with a leading edge of silver gives a classy, no nonsense look.  The silver leading edge is a great alignment aid to help you square the club face.

The HL4 is about the size of a standard iron in length and slightly smaller than a fairway wood in depth. It’s a solid looking club that gives you a great sense of confidence when standing over your shot. I just knew I was going to hit this one well.


At impact, the HL4 Hybrid feels more like an iron than a wood.  When holding the HL4, the head gives you a slight “heavy” feel.  Not heavy as a hindrance, but weight that you know will help you blast out of gnarly rough or give you extra yards to a tight fairway.  This might be in part to the stock 65 gm Mamiya shaft.

As forgiving as the HL4 hybrid is, off center contact can be felt immediately in the hands.  You will lose some distance, but ball flight stays pretty well on target. You can feel and hear the misses.  Impact in the center of the face is rewarded with an immediate soft sensation that launches the ball high and far.  This club gives great feedback on hits and misses, allowing you to get a real sense of your swing and contact area.


The Tour Edge HL4 hybrid is extremely forgiving and easy to play.  The club head squares up nicely and gives you plenty of confidence to make the swing that you need.

The HL4 is a versatile golf club that preforms well from the rough, fairway, and can be used off the tee to find the fairway on a tight driving hole.  I was impressed at how easy the HL4 picked my ball from the light rough.  Hitting pressure shots for the fairway rough is exactly why you might need a hybrid in your bag.  Contact was easy, solid, and, produced a great recovery from trouble.

I do not have a hybrid as a gamer, mostly relying on long irons and fairway woods.  The Tour Edge HL4 3 Hybrid fell in between my 3 hybrid-iron and my 5 wood.  It gave an incredible boost in confidence to my game knowing that I could get the utility of an iron and the distance of a fairway wood all in one club.  This one might be going into my bag.

The HL4 3 hybrid is a performer delivering accuracy, distance, and loads of confidence on each swing.


Hybrids were created for a reason, a blend of iron utility with the distance of a wood.  A club that is able to work a ball out a trouble spot with minimal effort.  If you are in the market for a hybrid, the Tour Edge HL4 Hybrid is a quality club that is easy to hit and delivers outstanding performance.  It should be on your list to demo for yourself.

Tour Edge HL4 3 Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Yeah, I don’t think that thing’s gonna fit into your brand new bag of Muzunos😂

    • Michael Feland

      HA! If I had not been fit for a new set, including hybrid, I still would play this club. It’s just a good as the “big brands.” Thanks for following Plugged in Golf.

  2. #SecertGiveaway4. Hybrids got to be a no brainier instead of long irons for 90 percent of the amaturers that play this crazy game.

  3. Jeffrey R Aquino

    Sounds just like what I need.

  4. Jeff Tollefsen

    I have always used Tour Edge Hybrids. Its time to update so I will definitely give this one a try. #SecretGiveaway4

  5. I really like the Tour Edge clubs and have some of them in my bag…great off the fairway and light rough…

  6. With these kind of specs and great pricing, I’m often puzzled as to why there more of us with a bagful of Tour Edge clubs!! #SecretGiveaway4

    • Mainly because they are considered less than premium due to the price. I was one of those until I tried them. Now I’m Tour Edge with my driver, irons, and wedges. Have my fairway woods and hybrid ordered. My bag will be all Tour Edge with the exception of my 20 year old putter.

  7. Garen Eggleston

    Love tour edge products and now going to have to try their hybrids as I don’t have any of theirs .#secretgiveaway#4

  8. Think its worth giving it a shot at my bag

  9. #secretgiveawat#4 I have a bag full of Tour Edge Exotics clubs and I have been looking at the HL series of hybrids. The review makes one or two look more appealing.

  10. Patrick Bulgaro

    This sounds like a perfect solution for those shots in the rough that are too difficult for a long iron and not possible for a fairway wood. Sign me up.

  11. I have been thinking about picking one of these up for a while now. Thanks for the review. #SecretGiveaway4

  12. Don
    Iam going to demo this club asap

  13. Bev Saramaga

    #Secretgiveaway4. This hybrid looks like something I would love to try. Price is very reasonable.

  14. Love the look of these hybrids. I’m one of those people that has to like what he’s looking at when he sets up to swing! #secretgiveaway#4

  15. Hi Michael,
    I always enjoy your reviews. Thank you for providing this forum.
    I am ditching all my long irons for hybrids this season.
    Couple questions:
    1) were you able to work the ball with this club?
    2) after reading your review, sounds like you were impressed. Should a lower handicap player consider this club? For half the price, it seems you can get all benefits that many of the big OEM’s charge for hybrids geared at more players segment.

    Thank you,

    • Michael Feland

      Thanks for following Plugged in Golf.
      I was very impressed with the club. I did not carry a hybrid in my bag. I hit long irons better then average for an amateur. That being said, I now carry a hybrid and find it easier to hit more consistently. I do not work the ball much. I have a natural draw and it was very easy to play my game. The “smaller” OEM’s like Wilson and Tour Exotics are making great strides in equipment and equipment option (shafts, lofts, lie angles, etc.). I found the HL4 performed as well as a few of “big guys” I have tried.
      Find a golf retail store that will allow you to try them into a hitting net or take them to a range. As always, I would recommend a fitting from a reputable golf fitting outlet, such as Club Champion.

  16. Big Bertha

    Performer and Made In USA…nuff said really. I think the last decent clubs made here were the Ping G5 irons

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