Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 Fairway Wood Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 fairway wood is a low spinning bomber for the skilled ball striker.  Continues TEE’s tradition of outstanding fairway woods.  Surprisingly good forgiveness.

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Something that we’ve been highlighting for several years is the high quality of the clubs coming out of Batavia, Illinois.  Tour Edge Exotics built their name on the excellence of their fairway woods, but they’ve become strong contenders in every category.  But don’t let that fool you into thinking they’ve forgotten about the club that put them on the map.  The Pro 721 fairway wood proves that TEE can still make one of the best players FWs on the market.

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In looking back at Matt Meeker’s review of the C721 fairway wood [find it HERE], the most obvious aesthetic difference between that and the Pro 721 is the finish on the crown.  Where the C721 had a shiny gloss finish, the Pro 721 fairway wood is matte black.  Moving to the shape, the Pro 721 is more traditional – round and compact.  Tour Edge says the Pro 721 has a deep face, but I found it to be a very comfortable size for tee and turf.  Finally, there are two triangular sections of carbon fiber that create something akin to an alignment line behind the Exotics “E”.

Comparing the soles of the C721 and Pro 721 fairway woods hints at some important performance differences.  The C721 has one weight at the very back of the head where the Pro 721 has two weights near the face.  Ignoring the weights, the soles are very similar with Tour Edge Exotics branding dividing two segments of carbon fiber.

Finally, I like the way that the stock head cover has carbon fiber panels at the top and bottom, mirroring the carbon fiber wings on the club head.  It not only looks good, it reflects the way TEE pays attention to all aspects of their products.

Sound & Feel

In the last couple generations, Tour Edge Exotics has put a big emphasis on dialing in sound.  By using internal sound diffusion bars, they’re able to precisely control what impact sounds like.  With the TEE Pro 721 fairway wood, the result is a unique sound.  It’s very quiet and staccato with a slightly metallic, mid-pitch character.  It’s not miles from the traditional FW “tink,” but it is clearly different and very pleasant.

Through the hands, impact feels neither super solid nor thin and hot.  While that might sound like a compromise that pleases no one, I found it satisfying and a good match for the sound.

Feedback from the Pro 721 is very clear with mishits providing a firmer feel and slightly more dissonant sound.  Locating impact precisely is easy.


When I think of a Tour Edge Exotics fairway wood, my first thought is, “Ball speed.”  TEE was one of the first companies to bring titanium faces to FWs, and they continue to find new ways to get more speed out of these clubs.  Their latest innovation is Diamond Face 2.0, which they describe as “61 mini trampolines [for]…faster ball speed and an expanded sweet spot.”  This technology makes the Pro 721 blindingly fast when hit pure.  What’s more impressive for a Tour-style club is the way that it preserves ball speed when you mishit it.  You need to hit the very edge of the face to see major losses in ball speed.

Speed is the main ingredient in distance, and the Pro 721 FW seasons that easy, consistent launch and low spin.  I tested the 16.5 degree model because I can always use higher launch in my long clubs.  Even with the additional loft, it put up extremely low spin numbers.  The Pro 721 fairway wood is not a high launching club but it’s very consistent.  I’m a low launching player, so my best strikes launch around 12 degrees, and my worst thin shots were still launching around 9 and 10 degrees.  All told, the Pro 721 FW creates a lot of distance and does so shot after shot.

As I mentioned earlier, the Pro 721 fairway wood has two weights near the face – one in the heel, one in the toe.  TEE refers to this as the “Flight Tuning System,” and it allows players to dial in their preferred shot shape.  The stock setting has a 15 gram weight in the toe and a 3 gram weight in the heel.  This settings promotes a fade; switching them will promote a draw.  Golfers can purchase additional 6, 9, and 15 gram weights separately.

I found this weighting system to be in line with those found in most other “players” clubs.  There’s a clear difference between having the heavy weight in the toe vs. the heel, but it’s not going to overcome a massive hook or slice.  For the player that lives in the center of the face, dialing in the weights can really affect dispersion.  For the rest of us, the weighting will minimize our worst swings but won’t “take one side out of play.”

Tour Edge Exotics continues to offer players a number of great stock shaft options.  The Pro 721 line comes with three flavors of Mitsubishi’s TENSEI – Orange, White, and Blue – in the 65 gram range.  I opted for the TENSEI White as it’s very similar to the shaft I’m currently using in my driver [full WITB HERE].


The Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 fairway wood is definitely worthy of its place in TEE’s long line of outstanding fairway woods.  For the better player or faster swinger, the Pro 721 version is going to be one of the longest fairway woods available.  Add in adjustability and surprising forgiveness and you have a club that continues to raise an already high bar.

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Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Eric Hutchens

    good review. I like Exotics very much!

  2. Great review Matt…is a review of the driver forthcoming?

  3. Hey Matt. Great review, thanks! How do you find this fairway stacks up against some of the other low spin fairways? 3 wood is my go to off the tee, as a longer hitter who struggles with driver. Looking at picking up the 13° model, just wish I could demo it first.

  4. Matt,
    As usual a great review. Everytime I read one of your reviews, my wallet gets nervous lol. Is this one of the longest fairway wood you’ve ever hit?

    God bless

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you!

      The Pro 721 definitely is in the conversation for the longest on it’s best hits. To be fair, however, I tested this at 16.5* which gives it an edge for me since I’m low launch, low spin.



  5. Using the same low-launch shaft in a 15° 3W, which club do you think will launch higher = C721 with an X-Stiff shaft, or the 721 Pro with a Stiff shaft? Thanks

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