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Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 Driver Review

50 Words or Less

The Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 driver is extremely low spin.  Highly adjustable with both weight and hosel options.  Mid and high handicap players should opt for the C721 driver for more forgiveness.


In my review of the Pro 721 hybrid [find it HERE], I noted that Tour Edge Exotics went all in on making a true players hybrid.  The same is true of the Pro 721 driver.  While this club is loaded with tech that makes it surprisingly forgiving, it is truly built for the fast swinging, highly skilled ball striker.  If that sounds like you, read on to learn more.

If you need a more forgiving option off the tee, check out Dylan’s review of the Tour Edge Exotics C721 driver HERE.


The look of the Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 driver – both at address and in the bag – is very similar to the Pro 721 fairway wood [review HERE].  In the playing position, you’ll see a matte black crown with two large “wings” of carbon fiber.  The head is compact, particularly from front to back, round, and it sits square in the neutral setting.  To my eye, this driver is a prime example of being interesting without being distracting.

The sole of the Pro 721 showcases a clean, straightforward design.  Tour Edge Exotics branding is the focus, flanked by weights in the heel and toe.  A triangular badge toward the heel loops in a reference to the Diamond Face 2.0 technology below the Pro 721 designation.

Finally, I like the way that the stock head cover has carbon fiber panels at the top and bottom, mirroring the carbon fiber wings on the club head.  It not only looks good, it reflects the way TEE pays attention to all aspects of their products.

Sound & Feel

Tour Edge Exotics uses sound diffusion panels inside the head of the Pro 721 driver to fine tune the auditory side of impact.  The result is an impact sound that’s springy and metallic with a medium pitch and average volume.

The feel of impact differs from the sound slightly, leaning more toward solid than springy.  When you hit the exact center of the face, you will feel a little more of that bouncy trampoline sensation, but even then this is a driver that creates a powerful impact feel.

When it comes to feedback, the Pro 721 delivers a precision that few modern drivers can compete with.  This is a players driver, so it is very happy to tell you exactly where the ball met the face, for better or worse.


David Glod, Tour Edge’s President, Founder, and Master Club Designer, states, “You won’t find a lower spinning driver than the Pro 721.”  The man does not lie.  The Pro 721 driver is one of, if not the, lowest spinning driver in recent memory.  Even when I was hitting weak cuts, begging it to spin, I could only sniff 2000 RPM.  If you’re a high spin player, this driver could unlock significant distance gains for you.

While the low spin did not surprise me – I could see that ball flight clearly on the range – I was surprised at how effective TEE’s Diamond Face 2.0 was at maintaining ball speed on mishits.  Based on my range experience, I expected mishits to be severely punished.  The launch monitor showed that shots toward the heel and toe did not lack ball speed, I simply wasn’t getting the launch and spin to create optimal distance.

To summarize the distance and forgiveness story, I’ll simply repeat that this is a players driver.  As someone who is already low spin and lacks consistency off the tee, it’s not an ideal fit for me.  My best drives were absolute bombs – some of the longest, most beautiful shots I’ve ever hit.  However, my worst shots were ugly.  As always, I will stress that getting fit is the key to finding the right driver and getting the most out of it.

The Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 driver is one of the more adjustable big sticks on the market.  That starts with the weights in the heel and toe.  The stock setting has a 12 gram weight in the toe and a 3 gram weight in the heel, promoting a fade.  You can purchase 6, 9, and 15 gram weights separately if you want more weighting options.  As I noted with the FW, the weights aren’t going to cure a huge slice, but for the skilled ball striker that this club is aimed at, they will make a noticeable difference.

Another adjustable element is the hosel.  There are eight settings that can add or subtract 2 degrees of loft as well as offering a 3 degree range for the lie angle.  It’s worth noting that the Pro 721 driver is a little flatter in the stock setting than many others.  The 9.5 degree head has a stock lie of 57 degrees; the 10.5 degree head sits at 58 degrees.

Finally, Tour Edge Exotics continues to offer players a number of great stock shaft options.  The Pro 721 line comes with three flavors of Mitsubishi’s TENSEI – Orange, White, and Blue – in the 65 gram range.  I opted for the TENSEI White as it’s very similar to the shaft I’m currently using in my driver [full WITB HERE].


For the highly skilled, higher spin golfer, there may not be a better driver than the Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721.  This is a highly adjustable beast that can turn weak, ballooning drives into penetrating missiles.  Just don’t expect it to show too much sympathy to your mishits.

Visit Tour Edge Exotics HERE

Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 Driver Price & Specs

Matt Saternus
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  1. Always great reviews Matt. Would you say the following analogy is accurate or inaccurate?
    The pro 721 is to the c721 as the 425LST is to the 425max? Or would this be more TSi4 flavor?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t hit the C721 much, but I think the forgiveness gap between the C and the Pro is bigger than that between the LST and Max. I would also guess that the spin gap is larger.


  2. Robert yonkers jr

    Not only is Te 721 a winner its priced right made in America and did not forget the Vet and other workers. Had tech support to get shaft right all my buddies love it.waiting for the 5wood to come out.

  3. I am curious as to the height you were able to get. 254 carry with 287 total tells me the drives were penetrating with no ballooning. Depending on how I set loft and lie angle on my EXS220, I find 9.5* and 60 lie is best fo me, but there is nothing near 30 yards bounce and roll. My swing speed is around 90. Wondering if the Pro 721 might give me that extra roll. By the way. I am in the fairway most of the time with no slice. Also, my ball flight is straight with an occasional baby draw.

    • Matt Saternus


      The Pro 721 is a very low spinning head, which accounts for a lot of the roll out. These are also launch monitor numbers, and many golfers won’t see this kind of roll out on the course. In my experience, launch monitors “assume” very firm, fast fairways.



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