Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics C721 driver provides massive MOI and high level adjustability.  Reliable, consistent performance.  Great shaft options for all swing speeds.


Tour Edge is one of the most interesting OEMs out there.  Its stable of tour players plies its trade exclusively on the Champions Tour and the company’s marketing leans into that, heavily featuring household names like Tom Lehman, Scott McCarron, and Bernhard Langer.  But it would be a mistake to peg its offerings as “seniors clubs.”  Case in point, Matt Saternus has a CBX hybrid in his bag that has stubbornly refused to be dislodged [full WITB HERE].  I took a look at the C721 driver to see if it might be worthy of going in yours.


The visual aspect that stands out most about the C721 is the shape of the clubhead.  It has a stretched back look that makes it clear the driver intends to deliver on its promise of “Xtreme MOI”.  It appears quite large addressing the ball.  By today’s standards, the face appears about average in height.

Elongated profile aside, there’s not a lot of flash to its looks.  The familiar “E” alignment aid is present and while it’s maybe not my first choice for something to line up the ball with, it works fine.  The crown has two carbon fiber wings split by a titanium spine that widens at the back of the club.  This is what the company is calling Ridgeback Technology.

Sound & Feel

The sound of impact is a rich and full metallic ‘bang’.  There’s a sense of soft receptiveness at impact, but the ball rockets off the face.

Feedback on strike location through the hands is moderate.  You need to really miss one if you’re looking for some sort of strong indicator of where exactly you hit it.


Occasionally it takes me a while to figure out, “What kind of club is this, for me?”  With the C721, I produced consistent, reliable performance right away.  The first word that comes to mind is straight.  In the fitting bay and on the course, good swings produced low spinning drives that were rope straight.  They also tended to be a little lower flying than I would prefer, and I suspect that may have been improved with a slightly more active shaft (more on that below).

The C721 also provides a world-class level of forgiveness.  While this driver may be in the hands of perennial winners on tour, your ball-striking does not need to be surgically precise in order to make this club work.  On below average swings, the driver helped me keep the ball on the planet and produce something I could work with for my second.  Clearly, the work Tour Edge has done to move the weight back has proven helpful for me.

One of the selling points of the C721 is the impressive range of stock shafts available.  Tour Edge tested numerous shafts in combination with this head to determine ideal fits for a range of swing speeds.  While I ended up testing the HZRDUS RDX Smoke Black, my swing probably doesn’t have quite enough speed and getting into the Blue instead may have helped me launch it a bit higher and create a bit more spin.


The C721’s forgiveness and consistency are things that every golfer searches for.  Providing up to two degrees of adjustability in three lofts, it will be easy to dial in ideal specs.  Visually, it certainly has a large footprint and golfers will need to see it in person to determine if it fits their eye or not.  The company’s approach to stock shafts for this club has to be applauded.  Tour Edge’s website details the specs of each shaft and makes a recommendation for which is likely to provide the best fit for golfers based on their swing speed [check it out HERE].

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Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Garen Eggleston

    Been a Tour Edge fan for about 5 years as I discovered them back then due to quality shafts they put in their products and they are the real deal imho.

  2. Neville Simpson

    Haven’t got a driver but I’m looking to buy one maybe this is the one for me

  3. Stephen a Johnson

    After experimenting over three years, I drive most consistently off the tee with a 43” length club, 12 degree loft, but still want more distance.

    Tour edge driver? Comment?

  4. I have tryed every driver for 2021 ( Titleist, Taylor Made, Cobra , XXIO…. ) this is the best by far !!!!
    Real Long, forgiving and easy to hit !!!
    Must try !!!

  5. Good review, Dylan!
    I have the 9.5º with the Blue RDX, and ball flight is still on the low side, which is exactly what I was looking for. Extremely forgiving, especially on heel hits and strikes high on the face. I’ve gotten some really good results from some pretty poor strikes heel-side! Also the flight stays down on strikes high on the face. It makes me think that the face may be slightly flatter than a lot of drivers, although I have no data to back that up. I just know that sometimes a drive that feels slightly off works out well and I look at the face and the strike was pretty high on the face. A similar strike with my Mavrik or M6 would most often have produced a weak pop-up. Anything close to the middle and you get a screaming straight bullet.

  6. Ray Freeman

    I discovered the Tour Edge clubs about 4 years ago and can not imagine changing to another brand. I am an 82 year old senior so I have not gotten the Exotics driver but went with the next level down Hot Launch. I have the current C521 model which also makes use of the Diamondface technology that is in the Exotics C721. I normally play with a 70 year old using a Ping driver and a 65 year old using a TaylorMade driver and I often outdrive both of them. In my opinion the Exotics C721 should really be a hot one for those that want accuracy and distance at a reasonable price. Based on my Hot Launch driver I would have no problem putting the Exotics C721 up against anything else out there.

  7. I just bought a Tour Edge Exotics C721 driver thru Club Champion. At first the fitter was not planning to show me a Tour Edge driver, but I suggested it because I have used and like their hybrids. I did a hitting comparison with the other major products. The Tour Edge proved superior in most metrics. I wound up purchasing a 10.5 degree head with a Fujikura Motore X F3 6S shaft. I am a 75 year old player with about an 80 mph swing speed. So far, so good. I get decent height with low spin and better distance than with my former Titleist driver.



    • Matt Saternus


      All the settings are explained on the Tour Edge web site. If you’re trying to determine which setting is best for you, that’s best done with a fitter.


  9. My 17 year old son plays a a C 721 driver with the Fujikura stiff shaft , he bombs that driver. He his the C721 better than he did with the Titleist TS2.

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