Tour Edge Exotics EXS Fairway Wood Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics EXS fairway wood complements the company’s CBX fairway wood with higher launch and more forgiveness.


Fairway woods don’t garner the same attention drivers do.  For OEMs, that can be a good thing because they can steadily increase the prices without too many people noticing.  Tour Edge Exotics has noticed that many FWs are now $300, and so they’ve released their new EXS at a relatively affordable $230.  Can the EXS carry on the tradition of awesome TEE fairway woods at that price?  We tested it to find out.


The EXS fairway wood is designed to fit a different player than Tour Edge Exotics’s CBX model.  Where the CBX is a “spin killer” for the accomplished player, the EXS is a more accessible, playable club.  This comes through in the look.

Where the CBX fairway wood has a very compact head free of alignment aids, the EXS is larger and has TEE’s trademark “E” to indicate the sweet spot.  Though it is big, the shape and proportions of the EXS make it a good looking club.

Sound & Feel

Given its carbon fiber construction, I wasn’t sure what kind of sound the EXS fairway wood would produce.  I was pleasantly surprised by the robust, solid sound of impact.  You will hear the classic metallic “tink” of a fairway wood, but it doesn’t have that hollow characteristic.

For a club that’s very stable, feedback is quite good through the hands.  I’d stop short of calling it pinpoint, but I was easily able to discern pure strikes from ones that were a little low on the face or off to the sides.


Players, like me, who found the CBX fairway wood to be too low spinning or too demanding will love the EXS fairway wood.  While not overly high launching or spinning, I found the EXS to be easy to elevate with enough spin to maximize carry distances.  Most importantly, the EXS fairway wood maintains ball speed on mishits thanks to its cup face design.

The EXS fairway wood features the same Flight Tuning System that the EXS driver has.  There are weight ports in the rear of the head and in the heel, and you can swap 11-gram and 3-gram weights to create a neutral or draw-biased ball flight.  Additional weights (6, 9, and 14 grams) can be purchased separately.  I found that moving the weights did change my ball flight, though not dramatically.  Tour Edge chose the name well: this is for precisely tuning your ball flight, not overhauling it.

Finally, as in the driver, Tour Edge Exotics has chosen the MCA Tensei Blue CK as the stock shaft.  I was very impressed with how stable the shaft was and the ball flight it produced.


If some of Tour Edge Exotics’ higher priced clubs have kept you from checking them out in the past, the EXS line provides the perfect opportunity to give them a shot.  From the look to the feel to the performance, everything about the EXS fairway wood says high end.  Everything, that is, except the price tag.

Tour Edge Exotics EXS Fairway Wood Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Excellent, I was hoping you would do the fairway woods soon after the great driver review. These look very interesting, heading out tomorrow to hit them.

  2. Per-Erik Olsson

    Did you use stiff or x-stiff shaft? 15 degrees?
    Can you tell us something how it felt compared to the TS3-spoon Review? Almost the same outcome?

    • Matt Saternus

      X-Stiff, 15 degrees.
      I don’t think I have any comments about the TS3 that isn’t covered in that review.



  3. James Miles

    Great stuff, Matt.

  4. I so look forward to seeing Plugged in golf reviews In my mail
    Great job again Matt.

  5. Thanks Matt another good review sounds like one I want to hit

  6. Matt,

    In terms of spin, launch, and ease to hit off the deck, how does this compare to the EX 10 beta? Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t compared them head to head, but my sense is that the EXS is slightly higher spinning, high launching, and easier to elevate.



  7. Hello Matt – is this FW as long as your driver? Sounds tempting.
    I had the CBX but didnt swing fast enough, but this one sound interesting.
    Seems to be much longer than my G400’s. But is it forgiving?
    Please advise thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      Not quite as long as my driver, no.

      The EXS is forgiving, though perhaps not as much as the G400 line.



  8. Thank you Matt and keep up the excellent reviews!

  9. Is it available for southpaws? If so, which models? If not, that sucks!

  10. Matt

    This review is a little old but I’m considering buying one. I would ask you your thoughts on this club compared to the Callaway Epic Flash 3w. My take is the shaft is everything, but no one, and I mean no one, has a demo Tour Edge product. I bought the CBX 3w with a stiff Tensei shaft and I knew in 1 swing it wasn’t for me. My driver speed is 95 mph, so regular seems appropriate

    Your thoughts are appreciated

    • Matt Saternus


      I think some people go a little overboard with the importance of the shaft, but it’s certainly important.

      The EXS is excellent, but I haven’t tested the Epic Flash – that was Meeker. I’m not sure where you’re located, but I know that Tour Edge is in the Club Champion demo matrix.



  11. I’m in Florida. What is the Club Champion demo matrix?

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  13. Would you go with the EXS 220 fairway wood or EXS model?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t run them head to head, but I can’t overstate how impressed I was when I tested the 220 recently.



  14. Matt,

    Is the 220 worth an additional $120 since the EXS is now selling for $129.99?


    • Matt Saternus


      That depends on the player. I would suggest trying them head to head and seeing if there’s a performance gap between the two for your swing.



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