Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver is a high performance club at a budget friendly price.  Adustable hosel and weights allow you to dial in launch conditions.  Excellent forgiveness.


In my recent podcast with Tour Edge’s Jon Claffey (listen HERE), he discussed the concept behind the new Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver.  In short, they wanted to make a product worthy of the Exotics name at a price far below the now-normal $500.  That’s a lofty goal, and I was eager to test the EXS to see if they’d achieved it.


The EXS driver passes the first test: it looks the part of a premium driver.  The gloss black crown is almost entirely covered with a subtle carbon fiber texture.  Its head is large and triangular, just like many other drivers in the conversation for most forgiving.

Setting the EXS down behind the ball, you’ll see that the face height is average for a modern driver.  There’s ample room to miss a little high or low, but it doesn’t look like a dinner plate set on edge.

Sound & Feel

The sound of the EXS driver caught me by surprise.  With its large, triangular head, I was expecting a loud, explosive sound.  What I heard was a quiet, deep, solid impact that I would have expected from a smaller “players” driver.  Most notable was the fact that the sound was very short in duration.  Many drivers have a little echo or ringing just after impact, but the EXS has a very staccato sound.

I didn’t hear much difference between centered strikes and mishits, but I did get good feedback through my hands.  The EXS feels very stable, but I was still able to discern where impact occurred.


Despite being an “expert” on golf equipment, I’m as prone to stupid biases as anyone.  Even though the EXS looks and sounds like a premium driver, and even though I know Tour Edge Exotics produces amazing clubs, the price tag still had me doubting how it would perform.  However, after about five shots on the launch monitor, there were no more doubts.  The Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver is as good as any driver on the market.  

What stuck out first was the consistent ball speed.  The combination of the thin Beta Titanium face and high MOI, thanks to carbon fiber in the crown and toe, means that you have to get to the edges of the face to see the ball speed dip significantly.  Pair high ball speed with mid-launch and mid-low spin, and you have a recipe for long, powerful drives.

The EXS also allows for a high level of customization.  At the hosel, you can tune the loft up or down two degrees, which is as much adjustability as you’ll find in any driver.  Tour Edge has also included a Flight Tuning System that lets you position a 9-gram and 3-gram weight to create a neutral or slightly draw biased CoG.  The weights alone won’t cure a slice, but they can turn a straight ball into a slight draw.

Finally, Tour Edge Exotics should be commended for their stock shaft choice.  They’ve chosen the Mitsubish Tensei Blue CK which is a mid-launch profile that will be comfortable for many golfers.  TEE emphasizes that it’s the real deal, aftermarket version, and, to my hands, it feels like it is.  I can’t scientifically verify TEE’s claim, but I’ve hit numerous stock versions of the Tensei that feel soft and loose.  This shaft feels very stable, and I would have no reservations about gaming it.


If, like me, you’ve been frustrated over the last few years with the trend of increasing equipment prices, the Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver provides some relief.  Despite it’s “low” $299 price tag, this driver can compete with anything else on the market.

Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Excellent review and what a wonderful surprise from all the overpriced equipment out there. Keep up the great work Matt.

  2. Great write up Matt. I was hoping this would be a “player” in the driver market. There will be a new driver in my bag next season and this one will be given a chance for that spot. I hope a local shop will carry them. Finding TEE products is not easy.

  3. If you have a PGA Superstore near you, they carry Tour Edge clubs. At least the one I go to in Alabama does.

  4. Is this head compatible with other TEE adapters?

  5. Love your reviews, Matt! Compare / contrast w/ EX10?

    • Matt Saternus

      They’re very similar. Off the top of my head, I think the EXS is a little more forgiving and slightly lower spinning, but that’s without direct data.



  6. Can always order online, waiting to see if it is in sake onCyber Monday

  7. Tested the drivers and the 15 degree 3W today. I never buy the first time I try a club but almost broke that rule for the 3W. With a smooth first swing I hit it off the deck 236 carry/255 total distance with about a 10 yard draw. I normally have a small fade so the draw bias came through immediately. I didn’t play around with the weights but I’m pretty confident I could make it fade simply via weight adjustments but may not want to. My current 3W is my favorite club so I was super surprised how easily I could hit this one. Note, other than weights I didn’t see any adjustment capability with the 3W.

    The 9.5 degree driver was too low for my deloft driver swing. The 10.5 was better and I hit some easy draws with one going 249 carry/283 total with another 10 yard draw. The Superstore employee wasn’t familiar with the adjustment settings (and neither was I) so when he said he set it to 12.5 degrees I found afterwards he actually only changed the loft to 3 degrees upright, still at 10.5. I’m disregarding those swings since I’m not that upright a swinger. Also, the tees in the Superstore weren’t high enough for an optimal driver setup so I’ve got some more testing to do to rule it in or out. Regardless, even with the standard setup it’s an immediate improvement over my Big Bertha Alpha on mishits and was generally about 10 yards longer with an easy to hit draw. I went after it once and hit it 4 degrees right off the tee and the draw brought it back almost exactly to the center line on the simulator. Interestingly it didn’t go farther than the longer smooth swings – I topped out at 283 but am thinking with higher tees I can get it to 300.

    Lastly, as an afterthought I took a couple of swings with the hybrid (I think 21 degree), both draws without trying but not close to hooks. Felt as good as the 3W – instantly comfortable. Was a little tired by this point so swing wasn’t as consistent, so hit the first one 208 carry/221 total, then more solidly for 219/235. Easy distance and good launch and flight characteristics.

    As I was putting the hybrid away I said to myself ‘I could put all 3 of these in my bag right now and play well with them without any further tuning’. The shafts were S (swing speeds from 90-100 mph). My driver swing is about 104-107 so I’m going to test the X when I go back next weekend but think I’ll probably wind up with the S. These clubs are the real deal and I’ll be surprised if all 3 aren’t in my bag the week after Christmas.

  8. Based on the picture, the club face looks to be closed, is that just the picture angle, or does it seem to have a true draw bias? Do you know if reducing the loft opens the face like most other adjustable drivers on the market?

    • Matt Saternus


      Depending on your perspective, the club sits square to slightly closed in the Neutral setting.
      Reducing the loft opens the face on every driver, including the EXS.



  9. Richard James

    I am scheduled for a driver fitting at Golftec soon. Do you know if they carry the EXS driver ? Would love to try them. Right now I am looking at a Rogue or Ping G400.

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know, but I imagine it would vary by location. I would suggest calling the GolfTEC you’re being fit at to find out.



  10. 1000 RPM lower spin than TS3?
    Was it because the shaft or what?

  11. Great review as usual Matt. How would you say the Tour Edge and the new Srixon z785 compare performance wise? Also I notice with most of your reviews you are fairly low spin…is that due to a positive AOA in your swing? Keep up the good work.

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.
      Yes, my swing has a positive AoA.
      With regard to the EXS vs. the Z785, the EXS is a bit more forgiving and has a little more flexibility with the weights.



  12. Anthony Armijo

    Hi Matt great review. I have a question. If you personally had to buy a Tour Exotics Driver, which would you buy. An EXS, XJ1, or EX 10 just based on your testing of them. Base your comments on forgiveness, and distance. Thank Tony

  13. Bruce Neerhof

    How does it compare to the PING G400?

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