Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 Driver Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 driver is a worthy successor to the original EXS as the best value in golf.  Superb sound and feel.  Excellent forgiveness.


In late 2018, Tour Edge Exotics released the original EXS driver (review HERE).  The concept was incredibly appealing: a high performance driver at a price that was $200 less than what other big names were charging.

For 2020, TEE has upgraded the entire line with new technology without sending the prices soaring.  I was eager to test the EXS 220 driver to see if TEE could retain the championship belt for value.


The EXS 220 driver has a large, slightly triangular footprint.  Though its size is substantial, the shape is symmetrical which boosts its visual appeal for the better player.  Behind the “E” alignment aid, the crown shows its carbon fiber construction.

When you flip the club over, you reveal an attractive, patriotic sole that highlights the club’s technology.  At the rear of the head, you’ll see the adjustable 9 gram weight that boosts the MOI substantially higher than the previous version.  The toe and heel show their carbon fiber panels which save weight.

Sound & Feel

I don’t usually get excited about the sound of a driver, particularly when testing indoors.  With the EXS 220 driver, however, one swing and I was grabbing for my phone to note, “Sounds awesome!!!!”.

Virtually every swing produced a deep sound that’s powerful without being loud.  The great sound is coupled with a feel that’s at once solid and explosive.  In terms of sound and feel, the EXS 220 is my favorite driver in quite a while.


The two major upgrades in the EXS 220 driver are Diamond Face and a higher MOI.  TEE states that the new face design creates faster ball speed, spin reduction, and better performance on off-center hits.  That’s coupled with a 20% increase in MOI which should also promote longer, straighter shots on mishits.

Did I see these benefits show up on the launch monitor?  Without a doubt.  Shot after shot, my smash factor was maxed out, meaning I was getting every bit of ball speed I could.  The combination of high MOI and Diamond Face puts the EXS 220 driver in the elite category for ball speed.

What I did notice early in my testing was that the EXS 220, combined with the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow, was producing a low, piercing ball flight with a consistent draw.  To bump up the launch angle, I used the adjustable hosel to add a degree of loft (loft can be adjusted up to two degrees up or down).  That change gave me higher launch with almost identical spin which translated to more carry distance.

Finally, Tour Edge has done something noteworthy with their stock shaft offerings.  Rather than offering the same shaft in every flex, they tested each head and shaft combination at different swing speeds to find the optimal pairings.  Their SpeedTested data led them to offer three different stock shafts: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow in Stiff and X for 95 MPH and above, Fujikura Ventus 4T Core in Regular and Stiff for 85-95MPH, and Fujikura Air Speeder in Ladies, A-Flex, and Regular for 85 MPH and below.


At $350, the Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 driver can go nose-to-nose with any $500 driver on the market right now.  Fit and personal preference may lead you to choose something else, but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t give the EXS 220 a serious look.

Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Build quality on Exotics stuff is always top of the tree.The fairways have always been class leading,the drivers not to much. Seems they have nailed it this time!! Wish the stuff was easily available in South Africa!! Nice review

  2. Thanks Matt. I sometimes wonder how big of improvements can be made within 1 product release. That said, I already love my current EXS that I put in the bag mid-season 2019. Really hope to try the 220 up against this one sometime. In the looks department the 220 is outstanding. Each year I am becoming I bigger TE fan, especially in the Exotics space. However I did recently grab a HL4 3 iron-wood to fill a gap in my set and while I have only hit into a net (darn winter) so far it feels great.
    All the best.

    • Matt Saternus


      TEE is definitely overlooked by the average golfer and within those that know Tour Edge, the Hot Launch line is underappreciated. “Serious” players are probably turned off by the low prices, but those clubs work!


      • Charles LeConche

        Would like to order 9.5 regular shaft my swing. Speed is 85 with a half cord standard grip

        • Matt Saternus


          Plugged In Golf does not sell golf clubs, but you can order direct from Tour Edge through their website.



          • Matt: With respect (and because i appreciate you/your website reviews & thoughtful replies to questions) …

            May i suggest a slight tweak to these standard replies to these “would like to order…” questions,
            i.e. provide the golf club company’s website in the reply?
            (perhaps even with an Affiliate-Linked suffix? If you are ok with earning a small commission from potential sale, with potentially no additional cost for the consumer?)

            Why? Because “Nudge”. i.e. if you make it easier for the consumer to find the Link to buy the clubs, then they are more likely to click-through (albeit you’ve often thoughtfully provided the same website Link, at the top of the article…
            e.g. i had to go search for TourEdge’s website Link, beginning from bottom of your review article!).

            “Nudge” = an award-winning book by Nobel Prize-winning behavioral economist Richard Thaler.

            ..Further ‘Nudge’ insights:

            (am only sharing this suggestion here, because i’ve appreciated your thoughtful reviews/write-ups, ever since your MGS days!! Be well…)

          • JC,

            Thanks for the note and the long time support!

            We are going to start adding a more obvious link to the bottom of reviews as that seems to be something the readers would like.



  3. Put in the bag a couple weeks and LOVE this driver

  4. Getting fitted shortly. I apparently launch too high with too much spin. How does this one compare to, say, the Mavrik sub zero or Mizuno?

    • Matt Saternus


      The EXS 220 is objectively excellent. If you need very, very low spin, you may find more success with a driver designed for that like the Sub Zero.



  5. I game Exotics CBX forged irons for the simple fact that they felt better than anything I hit during my testing, and I hit just about every forged cavity back. I wish they would release a CBX series driver. Not sure why they stopped at 3 wood in the CBX.

  6. Seth Peterson

    I’ve been playing the cbx 3w and hybrid and love what TE. Glad to see the new 220 line appears to have kicked it up a notch. Any chance you will be testing the exs 220 ti-utility in the near future. Really intrigued with the 2i as a “fairway finder” on tight tracks or shorter 4s with trouble lurking.

  7. kevin murphy

    ty for review Matt great job and right on the money ,, not much more I can say you already said except I put my callaway mavrik max and cobrs F9 drivers in the closet for this driver and I absolutely love it 18 handycap driver 230 to 250 yards,, no bullcrap best driver I’ve used for me ty again be safe!!!!

  8. Hi, does this driver sit open or closed or neutral ?

  9. Matt,
    I am 77 yes. Old and still pretty flexible. My swing speed with the driver is 83 to 85 mph. I am interested in the Tour Edge EXS – 220 with senior flex shaft. Do you think this would be a good match for me ?

    • Matt Saternus

      I encourage everyone to get fit, but I have no reason to think that this wouldn’t be a good club for you.



  10. Mark A Debes

    Any thoughts on the Air Speeder staff versus the Ventus? I am right on the edge for swing speed, lighter and faster with the Air Speeder, but the amount of torque I see on the Fujikama site makes me worry that that the dispersion cold be all over the map.

  11. Gary Williams

    What is the head size of the Exotic EXs 220 driver?

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