Tour Edge Exotics C722 Driver Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics C722 driver is highly adjustable.  TEE did an excellent job balancing forgiveness and low spin.  Not just for low handicappers.

Check out the new, highly adjustable Tour Edge Exotics C723 driver HERE


The last time we saw a new Tour Edge Exotics drivers, it was the Pro 721 [review HERE].  This was one of the more extreme drivers in recent memory with aggressively low spin and an unwillingness to tolerate poor strikes.  When I got the C722 driver in hand, I was curious to find out if it was purely for the high speed, high skill player or if it cast a wider net.  I’m happy to report that it’s definitely the latter.


At address, the Tour Edge Exotics C722 driver has a unique look, but in a way that doesn’t stand out or scream for attention.  In terms of size and shape, it’s completely within normal parameters for a modern driver.  It’s symmetrical in shape and a touch longer than average from front to back.  What’s unusual are the two panels of carbon fiber, divided a stripe of glossy black metal.  Because the panel on the toe side is much larger, it gives the head a pear-shaped appearance that I prefer.

The sole of the C722 looks good without going over the top.  Tour Edge Exotics branding is centered between two adjustable weights.  Small touches of red, white, and silver are used tastefully across the otherwise black sole.

The differences between the C722 (right) and E722 drivers at address are minute.  The C722 sits a hair open where the E722 is square.  This difference may seem larger in the picture above because of the camera angle.  Staring at them side-by-side, the E722 [review HERE] is also a little more rounded, making it appear a little bulkier on the toe side.  This makes the face appear a bit taller, though it isn’t.  Without having the clubs next to each other, it would be very hard to tell one from the other.

Sound & Feel

I’ve used the term “whip crack” to describe the feel of some of my favorite shafts, but the Tour Edge Exotics C722 driver has me using it to describe its sound.  At impact, this club creates a medium volume “crack/snap” that has some sustain on the end, as if you’re hearing the ball sizzle through the air.

Impact feels solid, but it’s definitely overshadowed by the sound.  The only exception a truly pure shot which has a bouncy feel off the center of the face.  Feel also shines through in terms of feedback.  It’s very easy to feel precisely where the ball met the face.


One of the things that makes the Tour Edge Exotics C722 driver stand out is its adjustability.  Like many drivers, it has an adjustable hosel which can change the loft, lie, and face angle.  What is unusual, but very impactful, is the front/back weighting system.  This driver comes stock with a 20 gram weight in the rear and a 5 gram weight near the face.  Per Tour Edge, swapping the weights can change spin rates by 300 RPM and MOI by 550 g/cm².  Impressive as that is, I don’t think it fully captures the impact of moving the CG forward and back.  In my experience, it can totally change the feel of the club, allowing for better ball striking, better accuracy, and more distance.  If you want to fully explore this system, Tour Edge Exotics also sells weights of 10, 12.5 and 15 grams.

For me, the stock configuration – CG further back for more forgiveness and slightly higher spin – was ideal.  As you can see in the data, the spin was still quite low, but I got the feel and forgiveness that I need.  Similarly, though there are four degrees of loft available to play with, the stock setting with the face just slightly open worked very well for me.

Forgiveness and consistency are what separate the C722 from its predecessor, the Pro 721.  The ball speed from the C722 is excellent on center, and it stays high when you hit the toe or heel.  Similarly, the spin is very robust.  If you catch the ball high on the face, it won’t drop out of the sky, and thin strikes won’t balloon.  This predictability makes the tee box a much more comfortable place.

In the C722 and E722 drivers, Tour Edge Exotics gives players numerous shaft choices.  From Mitsubishi Chemicals, they offer the TENSEI Orange, White, and Blue.  The latter two come in both 65 and 75 gram versions.  From Fujikura, light weight players can get what they want from the Air Speeder.  Ventus Red and Ventus Blue are offered, too.  TEE uses their Speed Tested system to offer shaft recommendations for those that can’t be fit in person.


Tour Edge Exotics has used their signature technologies such as Diamond Face VFT and Ridgeback to great effect in the new C722 driver.  This is a low spin bomber with immense distance potential, but it has enough forgiveness to be played by mid-handicap golfers.  Take advantage of a fitting to get the right shaft and adjustments, and you may find yourself hitting longer drives than ever before.

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Tour Edge Exotics C722 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. For right and lefty golfeurs ?

  2. Renny Grech

    I know there’s so many drivers of the market and pricing that’s unreal touredge why is there different prices of this Club

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m unclear on your question. Are you asking why it doesn’t cost more?


      • Maybe he is comparing the C version and the E version?
        The C version is listed as $30 more than the E version on the Tour Edge website.
        I could be wrong on what he is asking, as he really wasn’t clear.
        He may be asking, as you inquired, why it doesn’t cost as much as some of the major brands that are going for $599 or so.

  3. Elgin Arthur Luke

    I purchased a second hand set of Your Edge Hybrid clubs ,have used them about six times .It has taken me awhile to get use to not there yet .I should have got a lite seniors shaft as Iam 82 years and play in a Vets comp. every week,I like the clubs but need the Lite shaft,I might have wait till I get to Golf heaven but they are a great club thanks

  4. Jimmy Bryson

    Just purchased c722 10.5 should I put heavier weight fwd for lower ball flight? First time I played it I hit it pretty good but was hitting a little high in the face.

  5. Just purchased a C722 mint driver head to fit onto my Fujikura Air Speeder spare shaft. I have a EXS 220 with the Air Speeder regular flex, and a spare Air Speeder Senior flex. Will start with the senior flex and see how it goes. Though the shafts are very similar, I can feel the difference. Plus, the Senior flex has a midsize grip, which moves a little more weight to the butt end.
    Will be curious to see if it can win me over from the EXS220.

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