Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics E722 driver is a very forgiving driver that can work for players at any level.  Great impact sound.  Mid spin, mid/high launch.

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Tour Edge Exotics is best known for making Tour-style clubs.  It’s right in the name, and it’s proven in their track record across professional tours.  But just because their clubs are great for the pros doesn’t mean they can’t engineer high performing tools for recreational golfers, too.  When TEE tunes their signature technologies for the average player, you get a club like the E722 driver.


The Tour Edge Exotics E722 driver uses asymmetrical carbon fiber plates in the crown to play a small trick on your eyes.  This head is almost perfectly round, but because the toe-side plate is much larger, it gives the driver a pear-shaped appearance.  In terms of size, the E722 is a standard modern driver that’s slightly elongated from front to back.

Flipping the club over, you’ll see that those carbon fiber panels wrap around to the sole.  Along the middle of the sole, there’s prominent Tour Edge Exotics branding.  A large weight at the rear of the head calls attention to the design focus: high MOI.

The differences between the C722 (right) and E722 drivers at address are minute.  The E722 sits square, the C722 is a hair open.  This difference may seem larger in the picture above because of the camera angle.  Staring at them side-by-side, the E722 is also a little more rounded, making it appear a little bulkier on the toe side.  This makes the face appear a bit taller, though it isn’t.  Without having the clubs next to each other, it would be very hard to tell one from the other.

Sound & Feel

Much like their looks, the sounds of the E722 and C722 [review HERE] are similar with subtle differences.  That same “crack/snap” is still the dominant feature at impact, but it’s slightly quieter and lower pitched in the E722.  This may be the result of of having only one weight port in the sole.  Regardless, it’s a powerful sound that announces your presence with authority.

As in the C722, the feedback is very precise through the hands.  If you’re paying any attention at all, you’ll know exactly where the ball met the face.  This level of feedback in a highly stable driver is impressive.


The Tour Edge Exotics E722 driver has the same adjustable hosel as its brother, but it trades the Front/Back Weighting System for higher MOI.  The E722 driver has a single 30 gram weight at the back of the head which pushes the MOI to 5500 g/cm² (the C722 tops out at 4,950).

Higher MOI means greater stability and more forgiveness.  When you combine the high MOI with TEE’s signature technologies – Ridgeback, Carbon Wrap Tech, and Diamond Face VFT – you have a driver that produces extremely consistent results.

Every performance metric – distance, ball speed, launch angle, and spin – is very stable with the E722 driver.  Even when I was first getting used to this club, the shots kept flying on similar trajectories to similar distances.  If forgiveness is at the top of your wish list, the E722 needs to be one you try this year.

In comparing the E722 and C722 drivers, I found that I was a bit more comfortable with the feel of the C722 which is why it produced better numbers (yes, you can compare the numbers in the two reviews apples-to-apples).  As I noted in the C722 review, the location of the CG can make a big difference in how a club feels to you, and the C722 hit a sweet spot for me.  That said, it would be very easy for me to put the E722 driver in the bag in light of how consistent it is.

In the C722 and E722 drivers, Tour Edge Exotics gives players numerous shaft choices.  From Mitsubishi Chemicals, they offer the TENSEI Orange, White, and Blue.  The latter two come in both 65 and 75 gram versions.  From Fujikura, light weight players can get what they want from the Air Speeder.  Ventus Red and Ventus Blue are also available.  TEE uses their Speed Tested system to recommend shafts to those that can’t be fit in person.


For players that value forgiveness and consistency above all else, the Tour Edge Exotics E722 driver is a must-try.  This club doesn’t lack in distance, but it’s the predictability that really makes it special.  Get it fit with the right shaft and loft and you’ll have a great year off the tee.

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Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Great review. I just got the c722 and could not be happier. Question: if I put a heavier weight in the back would it increase the moi a bit?

  2. Eric Hutchens

    I’ve got the C721 from last year and love it. I also have a couple Tour Edge hybrids which are great. Tour Edge are a very underrated company. Check them out! You won’t be disappointed. Great Review.

  3. John Wellfare

    Matt — I am a VERY senior golfer (will leave it up to you to equate that to an approximate age) — and I have a Tour Edge XCG6 that has been in my bag for probably close to 10 years. I love it. But recently I discovered a crack in the shaft, and am vacillating between reshafting and buying a new TE. I’ve been reading about the E722 and like what I’ve discovered. My swing speed is probably right at 70 mph; my desire is forgiveness and as straight a trajectory as possible. I have discovered that I also need a shaft that is about 1″ shorter than “standard” (I’ve shrunk over the years . . .) My index is +/- 25. So: bottom line — would you recommend that E722 for me, and how might I communicate to a provider that I need a shaft adjustment? Yeah — I know I can always choke down, but I’d rather have the feel of a “full grip.” Thanks much!!

    • Matt Saternus


      As to whether or not the E722 is a fit, my recommendation is to get a fitting. Anything short of an in person fitting is just expensive guess work.
      When you are ready to order a club, most manufacturers have an option for specifying club length.


  4. Marc anderson

    I have just been for a driver fitting and the tour edge e772 was by far the best driver for me, it just felt so much better than the rest and consistant, looking forward to playing with it, really good driver

  5. Terry johnson

    How does the e722 compare to my rbz stage 2 driver for performance.
    90mph swing speed .

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have any head to head data on those two. My advice is always to try it during a fitting against whatever you’re gaming now.


  6. What is E722 driver approximate ball speed.

  7. Correction: what is the E722 driver approximate ball spin rate.

  8. Hello Matt,

    Will you be reviewing the 723 line in near future?

    Thank you,

  9. Hey Matt,
    I currently hit the Tour Edge “Hot Launch” E522. Driver. It is very forgiving and I hit it pretty well for a 60yr old. But it has a very unique sound. Sounds pretty much like an aluminum bat striking a baseball. I love the performance but not crazy about the sound. Does the “Exotics “ E722 have the same sound? Would the performance be matched or even maybe improved?
    Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the E722 and 522 drivers sound different and perform differently. Whether or not the performance is better will be a matter of fit.


  10. 9handicapper

    After trying the “BIG” three over the last 2 months I had to go with the Tour Edge E722…
    We kicked out the Mistu shaft, and did a transplant to the 60 gram Fuji Ventus Blue in a “stiff”….
    Wow, what a difference…. “it might” only be 9/10 yards longer, it’s certainly 12/14 yards straighter — I mean straighter.
    I’ve always had a bad habit of slicing — not with this Fuji blue Ventus.. amazing.

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