Tour Edge E8 Tour Fairway Wood Review

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50 Words or Less

The E8 Tour fairway wood expands Tour Edge’s already-great E8 family to include something for the very best fairway wood players.  Great looks and adjustability plus the distance you expect from Tour Edge Exotics.


It’s become standard practice for companies to release two models of everything: a standard model for the regular golfers and a Tour or Pro model for the better players.  Tour Edge Exotics already had that with their E8 and E8 Beta fairway woods, but they’ve gone a step further in releasing the new E8 Tour.  The E8 Tour is an adjustable fairway wood with a traditional 150 cc head designed for the strongest fairway wood players.

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At 150 cc, the Tour Edge Exotics E8 Tour is one of the smallest fairway woods on the market.  Its matte black crown is free of any alignment aids, and the slight pear-shape will be really attractive to better players.  It’s also worth noting that it sits dead square at 14°.  If you want to get it to it’s maximum loft of 15.5°, it will be just a touch closed.

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Sound & Feel

I found the sound of the E8 Tour a little bit surprising given its look.  It’s a bit louder and more “modern” sounding than I expected.  Pure, centered impacts are rewarded with a driver-ish crack, not the little “tink” you might expect.

While there isn’t a ton of room to miss on this face, the feedback is good – thin or toe/heel misses are immediately evident based on sound and feel.

TEE E8 Tour LM Data

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I was first able to test the E8 Tour at Tour Edge’s event in Florida during the week of the PGA Show.  On the long drive hole – which mandated hitting a 3W – a Tour Edge employee gave us a suggestion/warning, “You may not want to hit that new E8 Tour…it’s tough.”  Naturally, we ignored him and fired off a handful of knee-high lasers.

As you can see in the data above, the E8 Tour is very low-launching and low-spinning.  For me, this wasn’t the best combination – my spin is already low and I tend to launch my fairway woods too low.  For some players, however, the low launch and low spin – plus driver-like ball speed – will unlock loads of extra distance.

While the low launch and “Tour” moniker may have you thinking otherwise, I found that this club was surprisingly forgiving and easy to hit straight.  The ball speed only dipped noticeably on my worst swings, and all my shots stayed within shouting distance of the center line.  I think part of the accuracy equation is the excellent stock shaft – Mitsubishi’s Diamana S+.

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For players looking for a traditional appearance at address, or those who crave adjustability, the Tour Edge E8 Tour fairway wood is a great fit.  If you’re a player who needs more help elevating your fairway woods, don’t overlook the E8 and E8 Beta.

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