Tour Edge Exotics E8 Beta Fairway Wood Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics E8 Beta fairway wood delivers the extreme distance that made the Exotics brand a favorite among better golfers.  E8 and E8 Beta offerings help to fit a wide variety of players.


Whether on Tour or at your club championship, you will find plenty of Tour Edge Exotics fairway woods in the bags of better players.  This loyal following has been created because the company continues to use the best materials and cutting-edge construction to deliver maximum distance.  With their new E8 line, Tour Edge Exotics is bringing that distance to a wider range of players than ever before.

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The Tour Edge Exotics E8 Beta has a very traditional look at address that will definitely appeal to better players.  It has a matte black crown to reduce glare and a small alignment aid.

The E8 Beta is smaller than the standard E8.  The difference isn’t massive, but it is noticeable.  If you feel more confident with a bigger club, you’ll want to opt for the E8.

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Sound & Feel

Given the ball speed and distance that the E8 Beta fairway wood produces, it’s appropriate that it sounds a bit more like a driver than a fairway wood.  It’s a touch louder than other fairway woods, but it lacks the metallic “tink” at impact.  Instead, the sound is more like the “thwack” of an old-school driver.

TEE E8 Beta LM Data


Tour Edge Exotics built its name on distance, and that distance is front and center with the E8 Beta.  As you can see, the ball speed is near driver levels (plenty of shots had perfect 1.5 smash factors) and the spin is low.  The E8 Beta is the lower launching, lower spinning of the two fairway woods, so if you tend to be a low ball hitter, opt for the E8.

What was impressive to me was that, especially for a low launching club, the E8 Beta was very easy to hit off the turf.  The face is not overly shallow, but I had no problem hitting it off the turf.  That’s not to say I hit shots with optimal launch – no club will fix my low ball flight completely – but even thin shots got airborne and had plenty of carry.

The E8 and E8 Beta are also Tour Edge Exotics’ first adjustable fairway woods.  In this case, the adjustability is for weight.  In the pictures of the sole, you can see the stock 9 gram x-shaped weight.  With the purchase of the weight kit, you can replace that with weights of 6, 11, or 14 grams to get the exact swing weight and feel that you prefer.

Though the E8 Beta is not adjustable for loft, Tour Edge does offer a comprehensive array of lofts so that you can optimize your launch and spin.  The E8 Beta is available in lofts of 12°, 13°, 15°, 16.5°, 18°.  The standard E8 doesn’t have the 12° option, but it does add a 21° 7 wood.

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E8 vs E8 Beta

Tour Edge Exotics has two new fairway woods for 2015, the E8 and E8 Beta.  There are four key differences that you need to be aware of.  First is the face material: the E8’s face is made of 475 Carpenter Steel, the E8 Beta uses a Beta Titanium face.  Second, the center of gravity is lower on the E8 meaning it launches higher and more easily.  The E8 Beta is designed to produce a lower and lower-spinning ball flight. Third, the choices for stock shafts are very different.  With the E8 Beta you can choose between the Aldila Rogue Silver and Aldila Rogue Black.  The E8 comes stock with either a Mitsubishi Bassara or a Fujikura Pro.  Finally, as mentioned above, the E8 is larger than the E8 Beta.

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There is no company in golf that delivers amazing fairway woods as consistently as Tour Edge Exotics.  With the E8 and E8 Beta fairway woods, they’re offering massive distance to a wider range of players than ever before.  Whether you prefer a larger look or a smaller one, a higher launching club or a more piercing trajectory, the Tour Edge E8 line has you covered.

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  1. Dale Hillman

    I have an older model TEE fairway wood that I was given. (CB2). I know the shaft (stiff) is wrong for me but this has been my only hands on experience with Tour Edge. I tell you this because it is a rocket unlike any fairway wood I have ever hit. And being a weak 3 wood player, I have hit them all. I just don’t elevate it enough to play it consistently. So I am wondering, based on your experience, if I should look at the new E9, or shop for older E8. I will use it 90% off the deck. Is the new technology that much better?

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