Titleist U-505 Utility Iron Review

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The Titleist U-505 utility iron blends the best of the U-500 and U-510 into one outstanding club.  Dramatically improved feel.  Huge ball speed.

Check out the 2023 Titleist U505 utility iron HERE


In their last generation of irons, Titleist offered two utility irons: the U-500 [review HERE] and the U-510 [review HERE].  The U-500 was designed for the elite ball striker, the U-510 was a bomber for the player who could use a little more forgiveness.

For the 2021 line up, Titleist decided to merge the best of both worlds into the aptly named U-505 utility iron.  I tested one to see who should consider putting it in the bag.


The address look of the U-505 is a blend of the two previous offerings that leans slightly more toward the players side.  Per Titleist, the blade has been shortened and the face is shallower, both things that make the U-505 blend more seamlessly into your iron set.  The top line is average in thickness, and a little of the sole does stick out behind the top line at address.  This combination gives the U-505 a stout, sturdy look that lets me know it will send the ball if I make a good swing.

In the bag, the Titleist U-505 looks a lot like the T200 irons [review HERE] with its chrome perimeter and matte silver plate covering the cavity.  As you would expect from Titleist, the branding is understated with the script logo near the toe and “U-505” near the center of the head.  Overall, this club looks very slick in the bag and projects the image of a high-end ball striker.

Sound & Feel

When I went for my Titleist fitting, all of the fitters were focused on the improved sound and feel of the U-505, and it’s easy to see why.  Thanks to the Engineered Muscle Plate, contact is much quieter and sounds more solid than hollow.

Impact not only sounds better, it feels better.  The U-505 feels fast without feeling thin or empty.  Also important, especially for those of us who occasionally miss the sweet spot, is that mishits feel less jarring.  There is adequate feedback, but your hands and ears won’t pay the price for a poor swing.


It took only a few swings to confirm that the Titleist U-505 is indeed the company’s fastest utility iron.  Ball speed on center is outstanding thanks to the thinner face and Titleist’s Max Impact technology.  Just as important, that ball speed doesn’t fall off a cliff when you miss the center of the face.  While this is not a club for the high handicapper, the aspiring mid-handicap golfer shouldn’t be afraid to give it a try.

The other thing that makes the U-505 more approachable is the way it easily launches the ball.  Titleist used a denser tungsten to move more weight lower into the head for higher, more consistent launch.  This is a feature I could immediately appreciate as a low launching player.  Again, I can’t recommend this club for slow swingers, but average to fast players are going to find that the U-505 creates very playable launch and spin even on less-than-perfect strikes.

On the topic of launch and spin, Titleist offers the U-505 utility iron in four lofts – 16, 18, 20, and 22 degrees.  Unless you have unreal swing speed, you should not assume that lower loft is going to create more carry distance.  The area between your driver and iron set can be one of the trickiest to get right, so talk to your fitter about the clubs you currently carry, what distances and shots you want to be able to hit, and work together to find the right option.

Finally, Titleist is offering the U-505 utility iron with three stock graphite shafts.  The lightest option is the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX.  This shaft is tip stiff but weighs only 80 grams which may allow players to create more speed.  The first of two Graphite Design shafts is the AD-DI which is a mid-launch shaft with a weight of 88 grams.  Finally, there’s the Graphite Design AD-IZ which weighs about 96 grams and produces a mid/low launch.


With the new U-505 utility iron, Titleist took the explosive speed of the U-510 and made it more attractive, better feeling, and easier to hit.  Players do still have a second utility iron option thanks to the T200 Utility Build [review HERE], but I think most golfers will be very well served by the U-505.

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Titleist U-505 Utility Iron Price & Specs

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  1. Great review as always, thanks.
    I am pondering about a 3 iron 505 and 4 iron T200, but curious about your thoughts on flight. Would the 4 iron launch lower?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s interesting. I would probably default to “it depends on the fit.” For me, there wasn’t a huge difference in launch between the U-505 and the T200 on good strikes. On thin shots, the U-505 helped out a bit more, but it wasn’t night and day.



  2. Just got fit for the 4 iron 22 degree. Went is for a wedge and picked up this beauty. Hit it once and love it. Or maybe I just a club junkie…..

  3. I almost picked one of these up today, almost. My issue with it… I don’t hit the Hzrdus shafts well, not sure why but I just don’t, alway fade em, the Tour AD shafts are great but it adds over $100 to the price. It jumps from $249 to $369. I decided to grab the tsi3 3 hybrid. I already have a tsi2 3 hybrid but it created a big gap between my 2021 t100 4 iron (24 degree) even at it’s weakest loft (20 degrees). The nice thing with the tsi3 is that it’s a 20 degree stock giving me a range from 19-22 plus it launches lower than the tsi2, more like a utility iron than a hybrid , the tsi2 is an 18 degreewith a range from 17-20. In my opinion I think that pairing the tsi2 and tsi3 is an absolute win win. You can swap out which one is the longer club based on what you want the flight to be.

    I really wanted to put a u-505 or a utility build t200 in the bag but the 20 degree doesn’t pair well with the T100 set and I’m too chicken to game the t100 3 iron. Since they don’t come in the set it’s a roll of the dice to just order one. Also the Hzrdus had a good yardage for gaping but I personally don’t hit it well, the tour ad shaft makes the u-505 an absolute cannon. For me it was a 15+ yard difference just in the shaft. In the utility irons it’s not about absolute distance though, it’s about how it fits in between your long irons and metal woods.

    If the U-505 had the sure fit hozel and the option to have the Tensei shafts over the Tour AD ones for the same money as the Hzrdus. It would be an absolute masterpiece.

    • Dan, both the Tensei AV Raw and Tensei CK Pro (not the Orange, though) series of hybrid shafts are no-upcharge options from Titliest on the u505. You can go onto Titleist’s website and see for yourself.

  4. It didn’t sound like the forgiveness on this was as amazing as I expected, is this this leader in hybrid iron space or do you think there are more forgiving options. If so what would you suggest to test?

    • Matt Saternus


      The forgiveness is good, the review just notes that utility irons are not, by and large, good choices for high handicappers.



  5. John Wakim

    How would you compare the u 505 v 510 for a 17 handicapper. Was thinking the lowest loft for 3 wood replacement.

  6. Steve Roberson

    I’m slowly working back to playing as I’ve retired, played twice a yr for the last 20. At my best 20 yrs ago I was a + 2
    I have purchased a set of T400 with the S
    120 Nippon Shaft. I absolutely love the irons. The 5 iron is a 20 degree loft. I’m considering purchasing the U505 utility in a 3/18 degree loft. Can u suggest the shaft type. I’m going to take out my 5 wood and keep my 19 degree hybrid for tough rough lie situations.
    I have the Mitsubishi Diamana 70 gr S in all my woods.

    • Matt Saternus


      My best advice is always to get fit. You may find that the two degree gap doesn’t not create a meaningful distance gap for you. Or it may, but only with a particular shaft. No one can predict the results, which is why you need to try it in person.



  7. Hi,
    Would you please tell me if the tip size is .355 or .370
    Thank you

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