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Titleist U-510 Utility Iron Review

50 Words or Less

The Titleist U-510 utility iron is a hybrid in the body of an iron.  As long and forgiving as any utility iron I’ve tested.


Utility irons are cool.  They look great in the bag, and nothing is better than pulling one out and successfully striping a stinger down the fairway.  However, for most golfers, the average utility iron is too hard to hit.  Enter the Titleist U-510, a utility iron designed to have all the ease of use of a hybrid.


The Titleist U-510 is a little bulkier than its brother, the U-500.  At address, it has some “extra” sticking out behind the top line, though it is well shaped and doesn’t jut out jaggedly.  The blade is longer than your average iron, a look that’s enhanced by the shorter blade height.  The biggest difference between the two Titleist utility irons is that the U-510 has a little offset – necessary for adding some launch – whereas the U-500 has virtually none.

In the bag, the U-510 looks great.  The back of the club has nothing but the script Titleist logo between two shiny chrome strips.  You’ll know that you’re getting extra forgiveness, but no one who sees your bag will suspect a thing.

Sound & Feel

With a heavy focus on distance and forgiveness, it would be fair to wonder if the Titleist U-510 loses that sweet iron-like feel.  To me, when struck pure, the U-510 feels fantastic.  It’s very solid and rewarding, and the ball screams off the face.

When you leave the center of the face, the feel does firm up noticeably.  Despite being a utility iron for the average player, there’s very good feedback.


The Titleist U-510 may have been designed for Tour players to take on monstrous par 3s, but the resulting club is every bit as good for the amateur who wants a utility iron but needs more forgiveness, ball speed, and trajectory.

I tested the 2-iron (18 degree) version of the U-510.  As someone who generally launches the ball fairly low, I was expecting knee-high bullets.  However, on my first trip to the range, I saw that the standard trajectory for this club was in the neighborhood of my 4 and 5 irons, which translated to more carry distance than I could have realistically expected.  It wasn’t hard to coax the U-510 into firing a stinger, but this club’s default is to launch the ball skyward.

When I got the U-510 on the launch monitor, I confirmed the suspicions that I had on the range: it has ball speed to spare.  The smash factor was consistently in the high 1.4s, making it a realistic substitute for a hybrid, at least in terms of ball speed and forgiveness.

Finally, Titleist is putting a tremendous focus on fitting with the U-510.  The stock shaft is the graphite Project X HZRDUS Black, but you can order the U-510 with any iron or hybrid shaft in Titleist’s fitting matrix.  While graphite is more popular on Tour, I opted for my standard steel iron shaft, the KBS C-Taper Lite.  With the U-510’s easy launch and ball speed, I found the control and comfort of steel to be more beneficial.  Before you order yours, make sure you explore all your options.


While the U-510 may not “carry 275 and drop out of the sky” like it does for Titleist’s Tour players (that’s not a joke, check out my podcast with Titleist’s Josh Talge HERE), it can unlock a world of new options in the long game for you.  This club has a level of forgiveness I haven’t seen previously in a utility iron, and it’s easy to launch it high in the air.  Pair it with the right shaft for your swing, and those long par 3s won’t keep you awake at night anymore.

Titleist U-510 Utility Iron Price & Specs

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  1. Michael Pettey

    Hitting this club totally changed my impression on utility irons. I’d always thought that utility irons were clubs for “better players” or those with super high swing speeds. My driver SS hovers around 95 and I play to a 15 handicap but I can totally see me adding this club to my bag. I preferred the high launch and carry distance over my current hybrid and it had plenty of forgiveness as well.

  2. Hi,

    How do you compare this to the Srixon utility iron in terms of forgiveness? Are distances comparable?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t hit the most recent Srixon utility, but if it’s similar to the previous versions, the 510 is more forgiving.



  3. How does this club compare to the original ping crossover. (very similar in head shape)? The original crossover played more like a hybrid.

    • Matt Saternus


      The U-510 is very similar to the original PING Crossover. Given that over three years have passed since the original Crossover was released, I think the U-510 is noticeably better, but the concept is the same.


  4. Hi, I currently have a 19Degree 718 hybrid in the bag. Will this compliment that . it looks like i would hit it the same distance..Im replacing my 22 deg 718

    • Matt Saternus


      It could. The only way to be sure is with a fitting, but the U-510 is certainly one of the better driving irons for distance.



  5. I just demo’d the Titleist U510, the Ping utility and the Srixon. All were the 4 designation.I found the Srixon to have a heavy feel and was hard to control. The Ping was good for distance, but I had a hard time keeping it from hooking.
    The Titleist was the best combination of control, feel and distance. Compared to the other two, it was longer, straighter and felt more like an iron. Needless to say, I bought the Titleist. It fills the gap between my longest iron, a 5, and my 5 wood.

  6. Robert Gemmell

    Any thoughts about U510 vs PXG gen 3 XP 3 iron?

    I play 0211s 4-GW with MMT80 (stiff, but not real stiff). Thinking about the XP 3 iron (19* ) with the same MMT80 shaft.

    But this U510 is rated easiest to hit. Thoughts? Thank you. Enjoy your site.

    • Matt Saternus


      I can’t think of any “normal” iron that’s going to be easier to hit than the U510. Unless you have loads of speed/ability to elevate shots and hit everything pretty flush, I’d go for the U510 at that loft.


  7. FRANS Hendrickx

    where can I order? Live in Belgium

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer for sure. You could look to see if one of the big US retailers like PGA SuperStore will ship internationally. Otherwise I would suggest looking for a Titleist pro/pro shop near you.



  8. Peter McLean

    Does the 510 22 deg go about the same distance as a four iron?

  9. How is this off the turf? A lot of utility irons have seemingly become more tee dominated clubs but I’m more interested for how it would compare from fairway/rough?

    • Matt Saternus


      Almost all of my testing was done off the turf as that’s the primary way I use these clubs.



  10. what wins the forgiveness/ease of hit between this and the cobra king utility, I know you rated that highly too off the review. Considering an aggressive transition into my 4 iron

    • Matt Saternus


      The U-510 is larger, so it’s going to be more forgiving on thin shots and a bit more stable, all else equal.



  11. Given how high this seems to launch would you think for a low handicap player the 1iron 16 degree model would be very playable?

  12. Love the site. Can this be bent flat? I can’t seem to find that info anywhere.


  13. Larry Gamby

    Purchased used the 3 510 utility iron at play it again sports in Columbus Ohio.
    Took this to the tee on 11 par 4 at airport golf course, wow!
    Striped down the middle and only 100 out after that swipe.
    This is monster and just very sneaky unless the others in the group know equipment.
    This stays in the bag, I’m 58 and play to a 12. The golf league guys will be perplexed as to why I don’t pull out woods anymore! Lol. Great site by the way. Keep up the wonderful work. Blessings!!!

  14. Harold Beaman

    Love this club out drive my friends using drivers they call it the magical 1 Iron

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