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The Titleist TS4 driver has a 430cc head for the player that prefers a smaller look at address.  Noticeably less forgiving than the TS2 or TS3.  Low launch and spin.


After the massive success of the TS2 and TS3 drivers (TS2 review HERE, TS3 review HERE) this past fall, Titleist expanded the driver line with the TS1 and TS4.  Where the TS1 is targeted at the player with a bit less swing speed, the TS4 aims for the fastest, best drivers.  The TS4 has been validated on Tour, but does it belong in the bags of amateurs?

Check out the new Titleist TSR4 driver HERE


Pictures do little justice to how small the TS4 driver is.  At 430cc, it’s 30cc smaller than the other drivers in the TS family, and I was surprised the difference isn’t larger.

The shape of the TS4 caught me off guard.  I expected a traditional pear shape, but the TS4 is round and symmetrical.  This, combined with the gloss black crown and triangular alignment aid, make the TS4 look like a mini-sized TS3.

Sound & Feel

As a club designed for high level players, it’s not surprising that the Titleist TS4 driver delivers crystal clear feedback.  When you strike the ball on center, it produces a low-pitched “thwack.”  If you move to the outer reaches of the face, impact sounds noticeably higher-pitched.  There’s also unmistakable feedback through the hands.


The first thing I noticed when I went to test the TS4 driver is the lack of Titleist’s SureFit CG Weight.  Instead, the TS4 has a rectangular weight similar to the TS2, but this weight is placed near the face.  By pushing the CG forward, Titleist has made the TS4 lower spinning at the expense of forgiveness.

I had the opportunity to test the TS3 and TS4 head-to-head and the difference in forgiveness was immediately noticeable both in the way the club felt and in the numbers.  Where the TS3 is fairly stable on mishits, the TS4 will twist substantially on a poor strike.  The result is a big loss of ball speed and distance.

Another thing that stood out to me was that the spin difference between the TS3 and TS4 was minimal.  I will offer my standard caveat that I’m a low spin player, so this could be unique to me.  However, even if you’re seeking to cut spin, I’d think long and hard about the trade off between spin and forgiveness.

NOTE: Please do not go to the TS3 review to compare launch monitor numbers.  That was over 8 months ago with a different shaft and a different loft.  Launch monitor numbers from different reviews should never be compared apples to apples.

One notable positive is that, for the very high level ball striker, the TS4 driver will allow for maximum shot shaping.  While some was intentional and some wasn’t, I saw far more curvature in my drives with the TS4 than average.  If you want to sling the ball around like Bubba, you’ll love the TS4.


While I give Titleist major credit for offering a substantially different driver with the TS4, it also needs to be said that this is not a club for weekend golfers.  The small profile looks great at address, but the lack of forgiveness can be jarring.  Players seeking a traditional look with modern performance should stick with the TS3.

Titleist TS4 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. I grabbed a TS4 right at release after using a demo from a local rep produced a much lower spin rate for me than my TS2 did. My spin rates with the TS2 and TS3 were very similar when I went through the fitting last fall, but the TS4 was a big improvement for me. My driver SS is usually between 116 and 122 for reference.


    I am very impressed with the performance of my TS3 at 75 my distance and accuracy with the TS3 was outstanding..!

  3. My Drivers from the last 5 years:
    Taylormade 510 TP 390 CC – Loved this club for 17 years!
    Switched to Titelist 917 D3 in 2018 – Played it pretty well similar distance to the Taylormade but more forgiving
    Switched to Titelist TS3 in 2020 – introduced slices to my game, didn’t like the larger head. Driving the golf ball became a real problem in my game.
    Decided to buy a TS4 head to replace the TS3 in desperation. Primarily to get back to my roots of a smaller driver head. – Immediately saw improvement. Drives were straighter and were boring through the air.

    My swing speed is in the 105-110 range. I am a 7 handicap. Technically, I should be playing the TS3. However, that football on a stick thing really messes up my swing. I am sticking with the TS4.

  4. How much smaller is the TS4 in terms of clubface?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have measurements of the face. My feeling is that the whole thing looks noticeably smaller than the TS3 or similar drivers, but that’s my opinion. Others might think they’re nearly interchangeable.


  5. The conclusion stated above is spot on. The smaller head is beautiful and it is long. However, there’s a price to pay on slight mishits in distance and dispersion. I’m trading for the TS3, I like playing from the fairway.

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