Titleist 917F2 Fairway Wood Review


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The Titleist 917F2 fairway wood is larger than the 917F3 but very similar in terms of performance.



Whenever a company releases multiple versions of something – be it drivers, irons, hybrids, etc – they go to great lengths to say that the offerings are very different.  Whether or not the products are actually distinct in performance is always the real question.  While the 917F2 and 917F3 fairway woods do have different looks, the performance of these two clubs is quite similar.



Much like the 917D2 driver, the Titleist 917F2 is a disappointment in the looks department.  It’s not that it’s a bad looking club, it’s that it doesn’t live up to the reputation Titleist has for making attractive players clubs.

At address, the sparkly grey crown is symmetrical, round, and larger than expected.  The face depth is similar to the 917F3, making it a reasonable choice for both the tee or the turf.


Sound & Feel

If the look is a little disappointing, the sound and feel of the Titleist 917F2 are not.  Just like the 917F3, this club is incredibly solid and has excellent feedback.  If you like a louder, more explosive sounding club, you’ll want to look elsewhere.



Titleist’s website claims that the 917F2 is the higher launching, higher spinning counterpart to the 917F3.  While there is some difference, it’s not nearly as dramatic as in previous generations.  In fact, with all the adjustability, I think most players will be able to get either model to perform acceptably.  The question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether the larger footprint gives you additional confidence or makes solid contact more difficult.



The Titleist 917F2 fairway wood is a solid offering, but not a standout in any significant way.  Fans of the brand will find it be a little more user-friendly than past offerings, but it’s still not the best choice for higher handicap players or those seeking maximum distance.

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  2. The rubber on the bottom peel off after 1 year play, and the cover skin all peel off, what is the quality of titleist?

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