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The Titleist 917D2 driver is more forgiving than any Titleist driver in memory.  Not very long.  A miss aesthetically.



Congratulations, Titleist, your drivers now have adjustable weight.  We’ll overlook the fact that TaylorMade has been doing this for almost a decade.

Planned obsolescence aside, the 917D2 does offer a meaningful change from the 915 drivers.  The question we asked is, do they actually perform better?



The Titleist 917D2 has a confusing look.  It’s immediately recognizable as a Titleist driver because of the grey crown and the triangle alignment aid, but that’s where it stops.

The 917D2 is very round, abandoning the pear shape that Titleist has been known for.  More surprising is the way the movable weight is implemented – it looks like someone taped a battery to the sole.  For a company that puts such an emphasis on appealing to the better player, this driver is a big miss.


Sound & Feel

The acoustics of the 917D2 will make the traditionalists quite happy.  Impact produces a fairly quiet sound with a solid, slightly metallic character.  The feel is solid and offers moderate feedback on strike location.



Historically, Titleist drivers have been high spinning and not very forgiving.  The 917D2 driver makes modest improvements to the spin and significant improvements to the forgiveness.

Regular readers know that I’m a fairly low-spin player.  Despite that, the 917D2 consistently wandered into the 2000+ RPM range.  If you’re a high spin player, the 917D2 will likely cost you significant distance.

The forgiveness, however, was very surprising.  There is a noticeable loss of ball speed when you move off the sweet spot, but I was impressed by how the ball wanted to go straight even on mishits.

Finally, the the SureFit CG is an impactful, if user-unfriendly bit of technology.  There are two weights – one that’s neutral and one that can move the weight to the heel or toe.  You can feel the sweet spot move when you flip the weight from heel to toe and there is an impact on shot shape.



For the Titleist fanboy who needs forgiveness, the 917D2 driver will be a big hit.  Most players, however, will be able to find other drivers that offer more: more forgiveness, more distance, and more user-friendly adjustability.

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Titleist 917D2 Driver Price & Specs


Matt Saternus


  1. Hi Matt, I am a huge Titleist fan but I am not impressed by this driver.
    I think it is a good driver but previous models also were good drivers.
    I tried the D3 917 on a demo day and I compared it to my D3 915.,
    I prefer the black finish over dark grey. I was not getting more distance may be I had a bad day.
    Recently I went back to my 910D3 8.5 which I hit better than my 915D3 9.5 .
    I am having more control and a good distance which is better than long and wrong.
    Continue your good work. I like to read your reviews.

    Best regards,

  2. Could you please do a review for 917 D3?

    Thank you

  3. Thanks for the update I’m still shopping drivers and I’m getting lost in the shafts as well. I’m a slow swinger former single digit who is 56 and needing my ten yards back from last three years. Hovering around 12 handicap. And your input is helping me w/ new ideas. New driver is odd departure for titelist I wonder if they are targeting me?

  4. Amazing how different clubs strike different people. I love how this club performs and I think it looks great, too. I usually dislike Titleist drivers (only played on in the past, a 983K and I hated it) but I found this very easy to hit accurately. I have enough speed at 105 mph, so I am only looking for tightest dispersion. Hit the 917 and compared to a TM M1 and a Cobra LTD. (I did not hit an M2.) The M1 had the best distance and I liked it the least — it was the least forgiving and felt heavy and harsh, regardless of the shaft. The LTD I liked second, but I hit this 917 D2 in a Rogue Silver x shaft and it was unbelievably accurate. It might have been 5-6 yards less than the M1, but the M1 dispersion is a weakness. I’ve been playing Nike Vapor and a Srixon z545 the past two years. I think the Titlelist 917 is far superior in every category.

  5. Bill Vostinak

    What a spot on review. Being a high spin player, this earned no stars out of three from me. I’m glad to see my personal experience replicated. No shaft, no weight change made this club get within 10 years of my 6 year old driver. D3 was only marginally better. In the final stages of dumping money for a new big stick, I’m reading all your reviews as I have come to appreciate your brevity and honesty.

  6. Steve Davey

    Got fit for this the other day and it was nearly 25 yards behind my JPX EZ, very surprised by the lack of performance for me.

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