Titleist 716 MB Irons Review


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The Titleist 716 MB irons are a simple and clean blade for the better players looking for traditional irons.



Listen, blades are blades, and it might be the one area in the game of golf where players aren’t looking for innovations.  Yes, you can get into different types of steel, forging processes, and finishes, but generally speaking, a classic blade is a classic blade.  The Titleist 716 MB irons are a traditional muscle back with very little change from the previous 714 lineup.



As mentioned, not much has changed with the Titleist 716 MB irons.  They are still a very traditional and classic looking iron with a compact head size, minimal offset, and a thin topline.  The back of the club is a slightly higher muscle back with a simple Titleist script logo and the MB badge that has a different look from the 714 badge.  For a classic player’s look, the 716 MB is great, but if you’re looking for muscle back feel and performance along with a more forgiving look, you may want look for something else.


Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of the Titleist 716 MB irons are both pretty straightforward.  At impact, the MB’s have a firm click, and you certainly will be made aware of mishits – they just sound dead.  The feel of the 716 MB’s matches the sound quite well.  Shots off the sweet spot feel great with that smooth, buttery characteristic that better players yearn for, and the response from mishits is unforgiving and sends a distinct message to your hands, letting you know that you didn’t hit a great shot.



Predictability and playability are two key traits better players look for in their irons.  The Titleist 716 MB irons are fairly boring when it comes to performance, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  If you’re playing a forged blade like the MB’s, you’re likely looking for an iron you can work both directions and hit different trajectories with.  These irons, while not forgiving, are very playable and will be good in the hands of the better players.  All in all, the 716 MB is a pretty straightforward golf club with predictable and consistent results.



Traditional and classic go hand-in-hand with Titleist and the 716 MB irons follow suit just as low handicap Titleist fans would want them to.  The looks are simple and clean, the sound and feel are there, and the consistent playability should be exactly what a proven blade player needs.  There won’t be much room for error, so you better make sure you’re on your game before you try and tackle these irons.

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