TaylorMade Spider GT Putter Review

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The TaylorMade Spider GT putter puts the Spider’s well-known forgiveness into a sleeker head shape.  Loads of customization options for both looks and performance.

Check out the TaylorMade Spider GTX putter HERE


The TaylorMade Stealth driver [review HERE] has, without question, been the most talked-about golf club of 2022.  That doesn’t mean TaylorMade has done all of their innovating on the tee box.  On the green, they’ve taken their Tour-proven Spider design and given it a major facelift.  I tested the new Spider GT to see if the Spider’s renowned function could exist in this new form.


While the TaylorMade Spider GT putter is, quite clearly, a modern mallet, it diverts from the typical Spider shape.  Most notable to me is the fact that the “wings” don’t angle away from the putter’s centerline but rather slope in.  This creates a more streamlined look than most Spiders.

The Spider GT also looks smaller than it is because of the silver plate.  Your eye only focuses on that, making the black “wings” invisible.  Overall, this is a modern mallet that looks fairly compact and traditional.

Additionally, the Spider GT takes an unusual approach to alignment.  Where most modern mallets have loads of long lines, the Spider GT has one short sightline.  This is complemented by the side bars and the shape of the top plate, which subtly frame the ball.  I think this short line is a smart choice for the Spider GT as it’s a perfect fit for the player who wants modern performance but a slightly more traditional look.

Want something even more traditional?  Check out the Spider GT Rollback HERE

TaylorMade is offering the Spider GT in a wide array of colors.  The stock Spider GT is available in red, black, and silver, as well as a white/blue women’s model.  Through the MySpider GT program, you can get one of twelve head colors in addition to changing the colors of the badging, weights, face, and more.  You can even add text to the sole.  Friendly advice: don’t start playing with the customizer unless you have a lot of time to kill.

Finally, I want to applaud TaylorMade for the excellent stock headcover.  The magnetic closure is an automatic plus.  The bold red and white color combo is balanced with a simple design.

My favorite thing about the headcover is the red-on-red (black-on-black on the bottom) spiderweb stitching.  It’s a small detail that they easily could have left out, but it really makes the cover.

Sound & Feel

The Taylormade Spider GT putter has a soft, premium feel.  Its Pure Roll² insert is made of urethane with aluminum beams.  The combination allows it to feel very soft without being mushy; the aluminum retains a solid feeling, especially on longer putts.  This feel is complemented by a fairly quiet “thud” on well struck putts.

Despite being a putter built for stability, the feedback is excellent.  You won’t feel the putter twisting on mishits, but your hands will clearly notice them.  This is enhanced further by the sound.  Only perfect strikes create a “thud”; mishits produce a slightly louder “tock.”


TaylorMade has had a two decade run of success with Spider because of one word: stability.  Substitute “forgiveness” or “consistency” if you prefer, but the Spider family has been loved because it takes mishit putts and makes them perform like pure strikes.  That continues to be its hallmark with Spider GT.

The Spider GT is stable because of its multi-material construction.  It uses a lightweight, aluminum top plate flanked by steel side weights to push 82% of the weight to the perimeter.  This is why the putter barely budges when you strike a putt on the heel or toe.  Testing on Foresight GCQuad shows that the smash factor is nearly the same whether you strike a putt pure or on the toe or heel.

There are two stock hosel configurations for the Spider GT.  I tested the standard Spider GT which comes with a short slant neck that creates 21 degrees of toe hang, per TaylorMade.  This was a comfortable fit for my moderate arc putting stroke.  There is also a Spider GT Single Bend which is face balanced for the straight back, straight through player.  Through the aforementioned MySpider GT program, you can access two additional options: an L-neck (plumbers neck) or a flow neck.

Finally, the Spider GT has a new face insert called Pure Roll².  TaylorMade states that the aluminum beams are set at a 45° angle to improve topspin across the face.  Testing on my GCQuad showed that the Spider GT does, indeed, create more top spin (or at least reduced backspin) compared to traditional milled faces.  Additionally, the range of skid for each putt is much tighter than with traditional putters.


The TaylorMade Spider GT putter has a slick new look that it backs up with tremendous performance.  Looking only at the numbers, it was difficult to distinguish well-struck putts from ugly mishits.  That level of forgiveness can mean fewer three putts and more birdies.

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  1. Eric Hutchens

    Nice write up and review. I really like what TM have done to the spider.

    • Yes…I tried it and was very impressed…amazing feedback into your hands……seem to have a 6th sense with this putter…..will add the new Lamkin fi ngerprint technology grip and will be good to go…

  2. Shallowenuf

    Man, I was just telling myself I don’t need a new putter. Then I see this.

  3. Josh Anderson

    Over the past few years Matt, I’ve gravitated towards your reviews. They’re always honest and to the point, which is what I really appreciate. Ironically I just bought this putter two days ago and this review is spot on from what I observed as well. Worth nothing, as someone who played with a blade my entire life and couldn’t get comfortable with a mallet, the Spider GT with the slant neck option specifically has completely changed my outlook. I don’t feel like I have to manipulate the natural arc in my stroke to accommodate for this particular mallet, and it provides added consistency you just can’t get from a blade. It’s highly stable and the added weight essentially let’s you feel like the putter is doing all the work. It’s also an added bonus you can still get good feedback on mishits, without as steep of consequences as a blade. I’d always recommend trying a putter out if you can before buying it, but for those looking to make a transition from a blade to mallet, I think you should at least give this one a try and see what you think. Not sure if you’d agree with that assessment or not Matt, but that’s my honest two cents from what I’ve experienced

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.
      I’d agree with your assessment. Over the last few years, OEMs have realized that a lot of golfers with arcing strokes want to play a mallet, hence they’re offering mallets with slant necks and flow necks like this one.



  4. Jeff Houglum

    Upon release you couldn’t measure my indifference even with an electron microscope. Went to my local Golf Galaxy with an open mind a rolled just about every putter they had. I was blown away at the performance of the Spider GT. It feels great, and looks far better in person than pictures depict. It is firmly my gamer putter for this season.

  5. Héctor R Fernández

    Nice review, thank you. The only thing that worries me about TM putters is their less than impressive finish durability.

  6. Would love to see this putter in a face balanced center shaft

  7. Hi Matt,

    Quick question: did you notice any issues with pulling putts initially? I just picked up the gt and after a quick feeling in process, I’m loving it. But I was initially pulling puts and I can’t tell if it’s because the stock grip is slightly closed – I’ve read a couple similar comments alluding to this. I assumed it was just me getting used to the slant neck, but after seeing a couple comments about the face setting up closed, maybe it is a grip issue? Have you heard or noticed anything similar?

    • Matt Saternus


      The grip was fine on the one I tested, but a badly installed grip could potentially cause pulls. I have not heard of this being an issue with these putters.



  8. Whenever I buy anything I first check out your reviews
    Thank Roger

  9. Today I tried about 6 different putters at our local Golf store. There is a fairly large putting area with a dozen or more manufacturers. Three from TM and a few from other manufacturers. By far, the GT putter felt the best from TM, and other manufacturers offerings I tried out. It felt nice in terms of balance, a very soft impact feel and sound, along with close dispersion from about 25 feet. I can see myself using this putter and reducing the “3 puts”. It’s a bit too expensive for me right now, but maybe at a season’s-end sale…? :shrug:

  10. R. Salinas Jr

    Just bought the all black single slant 34″ model. feel is amazing. I tried a guys old one months ago and LOVED it but its a pricey item. your review was dead right! particularly when you said you wont notice a twist on mishits but your hands will. As soon as I pulled it, I knew it, and I looked up as it edged the hole for a left side miss but the club didnt budge. Ball comes off smooth as I remembered. love everything about it!

  11. Is there anything more forgiving than Spider GT mallet?

  12. what is your current gamer?

  13. Tom Doyle

    I gave one ago for about 6 weeks and gave up on it this weekend. Keeping pulling my putts and missing to the right (I’m left handed) on tap ins ☹️

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