TaylorMade SIM2 Max Irons Review

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The TaylorMade SIM2 Max irons are long and easy to hit.  Strong lofts produce a lot of distance, but these irons retain reasonable stopping power.


TaylorMade built tremendous, well-deserved hype around their P-Series irons this fall.  But what about the mid to high handicap players?  Their time in the sun has come with the release of the SIM2 Max irons.  I tested it to see if TaylorMade could deliver as well for the recreational players as they have for the competitive ones.

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The TaylorMade SIM2 Max irons are the embodiment of the modern game improvement iron.  There’s moderate offset and a thick top line.  The sole is wide to lower CG and prevent digging but not so wide that it sticks out behind the top line at address.

In the bag, the SIM2 Max continues the recent trend of downplaying color.  The cavity flashes a little carbon fiber, numerous shades of silver, and just a dash of blue.  It’s a very busy cavity that both screams “TECHNOLOGY!” but is also understated due to the color scheme.

Comparing the SIM2 Max (left) and the SIM2 Max OS [review HERE], you’ll notice that the top lines are very similar in size.  The most obvious difference at address is the additional offset in the OS model.  A 360 degree inspection will also reveal a wider sole and deeper cavity on the OS.

Sound & Feel

The changes in iron construction over the last few years has led to a breadth of impact feels that’s exceeded only by drivers.  It’s gotten to the point where, with a GI or SGI iron, I no longer have any idea what to expect when I swing it for the first time.

What I found with the TaylorMade SIM2 Max irons is an impact sensation that bridges the gap between traditional and modern.  Contact produces a “snap” that’s just a little louder than average.  The tone is mid-pitched and solid, free of any rough, jangly edges.  Impact feels reasonably solid with a touch of explosive.

For such a large, stable iron, the SIM2 Max does provide solid feedback.  Mishits produce a slightly uglier tone, and I was able to feel the precise impact location without difficulty.


I started testing the TaylorMade SIM2 Max irons on one of those beautiful March days that we occasionally steal here in Illinois.  My enjoyment of the unseasonably nice weather was enhanced by how effortlessly the SIM2 Max was launching shots downrange.  Nearly every shot was hitting the same medium trajectory with what appeared to be mid-low spin and loads of distance.  While this iron defaults to straight with easy launch, it didn’t fight me when I wanted to flight the ball down or hit curvy shots.

When I got the SIM2 Max irons to the launch monitor, the numbers lined up with what I saw on the range.  The launch angle was a couple degrees lower than my traditionally-lofted gamer irons, and the spin was several hundred RPM lower.  The spin in the SIM2 Max irons is not troubling low – I could hold a green with a good shot.  That said, it’s still critical to get fit and find a shaft that will compliment the tendencies of this head.

Where the SIM2 Max iron excels is in forgiveness.  For an iron that isn’t wildly oversized, it does an impressive job retaining ball speed on mishits and producing consistent launch angles and spin.  Consistent speed, launch, and spin are the necessary ingredients for more predictable distances and better iron play.


For the mid to high handicap player who doesn’t want an extreme, oversized iron, the TaylorMade SIM2 Max is a very fine choice.  These irons produce impressive distance and do so consistently.  Pair them with a shaft that fits your swing and you’ll be on your way to hitting more greens in regulation.

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TaylorMade SIM2 Max Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Robert Defazio

    Taylormade could put Ruby slippers on and land a house on them and they would still be best clubs in the known universe 🏌‍♂️👍

  2. Michael A Brick

    I just purchased the irons. Can’t wait to hit tem

  3. Steve deriemacker

    Can the sim2 max be ordered 1 or 2 degree weaker lofts ? I’m a senior golfer and need spin for hieght. Swing speed with driver 75-80 mph hcp 14 current clubs apex cf16 which hold greens great what would be a good shaft to add spin on sim2 max?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, you can order the irons bent weaker. As to a shaft recommendation, I would recommend getting a fitting to find the optimal combination for your swing.


  4. Michael D'Andrea

    I’ve played 9 rounds with the sim2 max irons. I’m very disappointed, I got much better distance with my 6yr old m2s with 900 rounds on them.

  5. Jeffery Matties

    I have practice with the Sim 2 max set and they were some of the best clubs I have ever hit with. But they were just to Expensive for me to buy.

  6. Did you compare these to the G425’s? Thank you

  7. joseph gerardi

    have had these about a month…
    In general very pleased. Very long and easy to hit. A full club, if not a club and a half, longer than my old Mizunos.
    Some “issues/ challenges” that I need to work out.
    Dialing in the distances.
    An apparent large gap between my 9 iron (which is longer than my old set) and the PW (which is shorter than my old set)
    Planning to get on a monitor this week and figure it out

  8. The shafts in my Sim 2 max irons are not fit for purpose ,they are graphite senior shafts which I was fitted for . I cannot hit a decent shot with the shaft it’s like a low smothered shot they are too light. I have two other sets Ping 770s and Cobra F9 both fitted with steel regular and midsize grips which I hit perfectly well . How easy is it to get my clubs re shafted .

    • Matt Saternus


      Any club builder can reshaft your irons. I strongly recommend Club Champion for the quality of their work.



  9. Hi can you tell me which club out of the sim2 max and the sim2 go the furtherest

    • Matt Saternus


      The SIM 2 Max OS has stronger lofts than the SIM 2 Max, but that doesn’t mean it will be longer through the bag. You need to test the clubs for yourself to find out.


  10. Robert Thyle

    Where can I find a set of SIM 2 Max OS irons

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest contacting any TaylorMade distributor/fitter or you could go on eBay.


  11. Paul Della Valle

    I bought Sim2 irons with graphite shafts last year during the golf season. The wait for adjustments was two months so I just took them home. I’m regretting that now. I used to be a good iron player but now all I can hit consistently are the 4 and 5 hybrids. The fitter had recommended I take a half inch off the shaft and bend them 2 degrees flat. Could that really make that much of a difference ? Do you think Taylormade would still do it?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, I think those changes can make a substantial difference.
      I don’t know that TaylorMade would adjust them at this point, but it’s certainly worth a call. You can also find a local club builder (there are Club Champions everywhere) who can do that work quite easily.



  12. Richard Martin

    I game with apex pros right now and hit them pretty well. I meant to buy the cf’s but got mistakenly ordered the pros. I want to scale back to something more forgiving to potentially shave some strokes on miss hits since I’m about 14 handicap. My concern with these is that the lower lofts and less spin will cause my balls to roll off the greens. Is that a valid concern? Do you think going from the apex pros to these will help or hamper my game?

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  14. yes no wheel

    I’m a big fan of TaylorMade irons and I’m excited to try the SIM2 Max irons. I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform on the course.

  15. Just got the sim m2 irons with kbs graphite pro reg. Flex .playe 9 holes with them and love the irons.at least one club longer th my rsi 2 irons.

  16. Durability is very poor.

  17. Dave Randle

    Hi Matt – I’ve chatted with you a couple years ago- I switched to a senior shaft with Sim2 irons – and find them fine but way bigger distance gaps than my old p790s which were a regular shaft. My swing speed with a 7 iron at Golf Town is 67-74.
    Thoughts?? Should I go back to regular shaft. I know these things are difficult to analyze but a gut reaction from you would be good!!!

    • Matt Saternus


      My suggestion would be to get a fitting with a qualified fitter. I don’t think the flex of the shafts is the issue at that speed, but it might be the wrong model for you.


  18. Dave Randle

    Matt thanks for the quick response. I will talk with a fitter but just to confirm – are you saying that my 7 iron swing speed could work equally well with a regular or senior shaft. At our local golf town I was told I was in the either/or zone – a swing speed that would work with either or senior shaft – which ever gave me the most confidence. Agree???

  19. I have had the SIM2 Max irons since the 1st year they came out. Still playing these irons and very pleased with them. My hdcp is a 9 right now. I have no issues holding greens with these clubs, and when i mishit the ball I dont lose a ton of yardage. I play 3-4 times a week and play in simulator leagues all winter and durability with this club is a non issue. The irons have held up great over the years. For the price point on these irons I would encourage anyone to try them and see for themselves. I am very happy with the performance I have got out of these irons.

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