TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver Review

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The TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver is a slightly larger, more forgiving version of the SIM2.  Same outstanding feel.  Slightly higher launch.  Great choice for most golfers.


“Max” seems to be the name of half the new drivers in 2021, and it can lead to a lot of confusion about what clubs are meant for what players.  We’re here to clear that up.  In the new TaylorMade line, Max designates the more forgiving options.  This review focuses on the SIM2 Max driver, the model that will be the best choice for the majority of golfers.


Over the last few generations of drivers, TaylorMade has established a signature look.  The carbon crown with a ribbon of contrasting color at the leading edge is immediately recognizable as TM, with or without the logo.  To me, the SIM2 Max is among the best versions of this look that they’ve done.

In comparison to the SIM2 driver [review HERE], the SIM2 Max is longer from front to back with a slightly shallower face.  These differences aren’t huge, but they’re noticeable when the drivers are next to each other.

When it’s in the bag, the SIM2 Max looks identical to the SIM2, save the “MAX” underneath the SIM2 branding.  Those with a keen eye will notice that the weight is slightly closer to the heel in the SIM2 Max.

Sound & Feel

If you read my review of the SIM2 driver, you know that I love the feel of that club.  When I picked up the SIM2 Max, I was afraid that I would be let down – often the “players” driver feels substantially better than the forgiving one.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the SIM2 Max driver has the same exceptional feel as the SIM2.

Striking a golf ball with the SIM2 Max feels incredibly solid and produces a mid-pitch “crack.”  The sound is good, but it’s the feel that makes this club so much fun to hit.

Despite being a forgiving head, the SIM2 Max driver does provide good feedback through the hands.  If you pay attention, you’ll have no issue determining where the ball met the face.  One small, surprising difference between the SIM2 Max and the SIM2 is that I found more audio feedback in the SIM2 Max.


Reading through TaylorMade’s lit on the SIM2 drivers paints a clear picture of the SIM2 Max.  It leverages all the same tech as the SIM2 – Speed Injected Twist Face, Forged Ring Construction, SIM Inertia Generator – and both are the maximum allowable 460 cc.  The differences are that the SIM2 Max is billed as “Mid Launch” instead of low, and “Highest Forgiveness” instead of high.

I’d like to tell you that I uncovered something dramatically different in my testing, but I didn’t.  The SIM2 Max driver is exactly what TaylorMade claims: a more forgiving, higher launching version of the SIM2 (number lovers rejoice, you can compare the LM numbers in this review apples-to-apples with those in the SIM2).

Both of the changes from the SIM2 were beneficial for me.  The added forgiveness led to a small uptick in average ball speed.  A higher launch angle and slightly higher spin also added a little to my carry distance averages.  The differences weren’t huge, but over a larger sample size I think they might grow.  It’s also worth stating again that I am a fairly low spin player, so you may see larger spin differences between the two SIM2 driver heads.


Golfers are often torn between the driver they want and the driver they need.  By putting the exceptional feel of the SIM2 into the SIM2 Max, TaylorMade has made it easy to make the smart choice of taking more forgiveness.

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TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Got fitted for a SIM2 Max last month with a VA Slay 55 shaft. The feel on this is great when you catch center face but it’s also pretty forgiving when you don’t. Visually, the driver looks great from every angle. The blue aluminum ring looks premium.

    • Danny Knight

      I also have the Sim2 Max. I turned up the loft on it to increase consistency of hitting the ball straight. I still get really good carry and roll out after the ball lands. I believe I have it at about 11° or so. Even misfits go further and stay straight.

      • Thanks, Danny- I hope it works as well for a misfit like me! We still have snow on the course, so it will be a while!

  2. Kenneth Kline

    Any reviews on SimMax2 irons

  3. I’m gaming the original SIM max. Is there enough difference in ball speed and forgiveness to consider updating?

    • Matt Saternus

      From one generation to the next, there may be a measurable improvement in forgiveness, but it’s VERY rare for there to be a noticeable one.



      • I have last years SIM Max. For me it definitely has a fade bias. Did you see that in the latest iteration?

      • DON ONEIL

        I’ve always used Taylormade drivers & FW clubs. I’ve been using the R15 but recently I’ve noticed a dead muffled thud sound at impact & a noticeable (significant) loss of distance. Looking at the clubbed I cannot see damage so I am not sure what can be causing these differences. But I have been considering a new driver & I am zeroing in on a SIM2 MAX. Any thoughts on the R15 issues & which shaft would be ur recommendation: Fujiwara Ventus Blue or Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver?

        • Matt Saternus


          Regarding the shaft, my recommendation is always to get fit.
          To your question about the R15, I would find an authorized TM dealer and see if there’s any warranty/repair help they can offer.



  4. Hi, First, another nice review and great comments about both TM clubs. I would like to say I’ve hit my new Sim2 Max, but I would need to have it first. FedEx, Taylormade and the retailer have no idea where it’s at. Eerrrrr. Anyway, Matt, if it were possible to have a true blind test hitting all the new drivers you have reviewed so far, would you be able to say that other than sound/feel, all of the non-tour player models are so close to equal that if someone said this is the driver you’re playing you would not be disappointed? That is taking away fitted, premium shafts which I think for the majority is not an option due to crazy costs of clubs and those shafts. Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re asking if all the non-Tour models are so close that it doesn’t matter which one you pick. I would not agree with that statement.
      I would also disagree regarding the cost of fitting and fitted shafts. To paraphrase Nick Sherburne of Club Champion, “You can spend $500 and very likely waste it because the driver doesn’t fit, or you can spend $800 on a club that you know is built exactly for you and will last many seasons.”


  5. Hey Matt, Had a feeling the jist of my question did not come across right. Mainly that most all of the new drivers seem to distance wise, come within several yards of each other and dispersion somewhat the same for say 10 shots hit. Yeah, some more right biased, some more left. That is when keeping apples to apples as in a lower spin drive ( Sim2) compared to another low spin. Those in the right hands will tend to be longer, but not as forgiving. I guess I just get annoyed when I see some of these YouTubers almost yelling,…. The longest driver ever! Then you look and it’s maaaybe a couple yards on that day. I’ve babbled on enough. Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      We’re certainly in agreement that it feels like the majority of “reviewers” do nothing more than hype up new stuff in the hopes of getting more free clubs/endorsements/etc.
      I’d also agree that, if we grouped all golfers together and had them each test all the new drivers, the averages would look nearly identical. I just wanted to make sure no one read our comments and thought, “It doesn’t matter which driver I buy” because for any individual golfer, there can absolutely be huge differences between drivers that spec out the same because of the way the drivers interact with that player’s swing.



  6. Oh yeah!! Found out that TM dropped shipped my driver to Dick’s Sporting Goods! That’s not who I bought the club from!! Geesch

  7. Had a fitting a few weeks ago and the Sim 2 Max was amongst those that I hit. Ugliest driver TaylorMade have ever produced, and horrid shots to boot. Not even in the hunt.

    • Well Barry, thanks for sharing! Clearly you must’ve forgotten about the white Taylormade Aeroburner or R1 drivers that Taylormade had. In my opinion, I think the SiM and SiM2 drivers look great. Anyhow, all I can glean from your post is that you must’ve had a bad shaft for your swing when you hit the SiM2 Max. Hope you found a driver that helped your game! #stay+

  8. Hello,
    I see that you have tested the SIM 2 Max with a 10.5 ° loft. Did this opening of the loft correspond to your swing speed ?
    I read your test of SIM 2. Back to back, would the SIM 2 driver with a 10.5 ° loft have a ball flight height and a back spin similar to the SIM 2 Max driver?

    • Matt Saternus

      I’m not sure I understand your first question.
      I tested all three SIM2 drivers at 10.5* loft. At the same loft, the SIM2 is the lowest launching. If you compare a SIM2 at 9* to the SIM2 Max at 10.5*, they would be pretty similar, all else equal.


      • Matt,
        Considering your swing speed, why did you choose a 10.5 ° loft?
        Do you think that the SIM 2 Max driver in 10.5 ° is the most optimal compromise in terms of distance / precision compared to the SIM 2 Max 9 ° driver?
        In advance, I thank you for the tests which are a real help in guiding our choice of clubs.

        • Matt Saternus

          To be plain, I test what’s available to me. We try to work with OEMs to get equipment that’s going to be well-fit for the reviewer, but that’s not always possible. With regard to driver loft, because I’m fairly low spin, I can pretty easily play either 9 or 10.5.
          To your second question, I will almost always take the more forgiving option, so yes, I would take the SIM2 Max over the SIM2.


      • Ball Striker

        “If you compare a SIM2 at 9* to the SIM2 Max at 10.5*, they would be pretty similar, all else equal.”

        Did you mean SIM2 at 10.5* and SIM2 Max at 9* since the SIM2 is the lower launching driver?

  9. Thank you Matt for your answers which enlighten me on the choice between a driver SIM 2 Max 9 ° and a SIM 2 10.5 °.

  10. Al Cameron

    I am an older golfer (72 years old) and I was wondering if changing the rear weight could make the club feel easier to get through the ball. I have the Ventus 5R Fujikura shaft but it feels harder to get through than my Titleist 917D driver with the Diamana 59 gram shaft. Would like some advice. Do
    I change the rear weight of the shaft?


    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure what you mean by “rear weight of the shaft” or how you would change it. If you’re talking about the weight in the back of the head, those weights are not available to consumers through TaylorMade.



      • Unless you know a guy that knows a guy then those weights can be available ;)…pretty sure he meant the rear weight of the head unless he’s trying to make his shaft counter balanced by adding weight to the butt end, lol.

  11. I currently play an M6. It developed a crack in the carbon fiber crown and Taylormade is going to send me a new driver to replace this one. I believe I will be getting a SIM2 max. Will I notice any significant difference from the M6?


    • Matt Saternus


      They’re in the same ballpark. Whether you notice anything will depend on the fit, but I think most golfers will be fine with that change.



  12. Brent Barnett

    HI Matt

    I recently filled a warranty claim Taylor Made for my M6 and was sent a Sim 2 max as the graphite on heel was starting to peel however the driver is still usable

    I received the Sim2 Max yesterday and took both to the course. Both Drivers have neutral settings 9 degress loft, stiff stock shafts. Sim2 Fuji Ventus Blue, M6 Fuji Atoms

    While the carry distance between the two drivers in almost identical the trajectory differences are massive.

    The course was soft, given the difference in trajectory I believe the M6 would be much longer in firmer conditions

    The m6 has a low boring flight and usually produces a slight fade that is easy to control

    The sim2 max produces a higher ball flight that I would best describe as “knuckley” and produces a significant fade, boderline slice. Which I found surprising as i was expecting the Sim 2 to be more draw biased based off some reviews that the weight placement is different than the standard Sim2.

    Any recommendations I should do to the settings on the Sim 2 max to get rid of the spinny flight, such as lower the loft or make the club more flat?

    For whats it worth my swing is a bit outside to in and carry distance is usually around 265-270. Not sure on spin numbers or swing speed as I have never tested.

    • Matt Saternus


      You can certainly experiment with removing loft, but you’ll also open the face which won’t help the slice. My best advice is always to get fit to find a head/shaft combination that will optimize your swing.



  13. Played the Sim2 max in a rental set in Florida. Was the best driving round of my life. Ball flight was very consistent even when I could feel that I didn’t hit the center of the face. Driver for the last 4 years has been a Taylormade M1. Came home and purchased the identical Sim2 Max I played in Florida. Can’t wait to get it out on the course this spring.

  14. Hello Matt,

    Another great write up and review, thank you for that!! I absolutely loved what you wrote in your conclusion about the dilemma golfers face with their equipment. It really hit home when I read that, I know all my buddies can attest that statement can probably be ascribed to me throughout most of my bag!! Based on all this I decided to go with the Sim2 Max and I hope it will be true gamer for me this year, if not I always have my Ping backup.


  15. tim guest

    Have a sim max. Very happy with it. I recently bought the sim2 max assuming that it would be better.
    I hit 10 balls without much luck.
    Put the sim 2 max back for sale. Very dissapointed. I am a 4 handcap 76 yrs old regular ventus
    shaft used in both.

  16. Need to give this some range time, but out of the box (std loft 9 degree) with a ventus velocore black 6x shaft, the first 3 shots were balloon balls. I currently play a Callaway BB alpha double diamond set at 8 degree with Tensei white 70tx shaft. My swing speed is 110-112, medium tempo (tall frame with baseball player hip turn, so not an armsy/wristy swing). With my Callaway and Tensei shaft, I average about 280 carry (measured one at 278 yesterday via GPS with a quartering wind into at about 10 mph). Turned the TM Max to 7.5 degrees which lowered the takeoff to where I want it, but it seemed to go out and want to keep rising instead of a flattening flight like my current GBB. Club also feels about 2-3 swing weights lighter than my current, but probably due to the 9 grams weight diff in the shafts.

    Need some more range time and maybe just isn’t the shaft for me. The sweet spot is also feels closer to the heel than the toe compared to my current driver which I am not sure I like.

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