TaylorMade SIM2 Fairway Wood Review

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The TaylorMade SIM2 fairway wood is a small and compact players club with a unique titanium face and more workability.


For 2021, Taylormade has continued their trend of releasing three fairway woods – Titanium, Max, and draw-biased.  The SIM2 fairway wood will fit a small segment of golfers who prefer a smaller and more compact head.  While its attributes are geared towards the better player, the titanium face could appeal to many golfers.

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The SIM2 fairway wood is the smallest and most shallow of the three fairway woods.  The compact head appeals to the better player and it does have the most fade bias.  The SIM2 fairway wood is 170cc which is great for those who prefer less “junk in the trunk.”

There are some minor changes for this year’s models with the looks at address.  The matte crown is a darker grey with the same carbon fiber design.  The “T” logo was moved away from the white stripe and into the grey crown area.  The lines are also a bit softer than last year’s SIM models.

Sound & Feel

The titanium face has a unique feel to it – less of a “crack” and a more muted sound than the Max or Max D version.  The smaller head definitely led me to find less of the sweet spot and often felt dead on off-center strikes.  Even though it wasn’t often, when I did happen to find the dead center of the club face, the ball felt like it melted perfectly into the face.  I absolutely enjoyed that feel.


The SIM2 fairway wood is not as forgiving as I would have thought.  I noticed my dispersion widened both left and right using this clubhead.   This is because its purpose is to manipulate the ball any way you want.  With my skillset, I prefer something that is a bit more forgiving with a predictable ball flight and consistent dispersion.  The adjustable hosel is unique to the SIM2 and got me into a more desirable ball flight.

The titanium face definitely has more feedback to it and while mishits were not all that forgiving, the sweet spot was a treat to find.   I extracted the best shot from each of the three FWs (SIM2, Max, & Max D), and the SIM2 fairway wood had the most efficient and longest shot of the three clubs.  The problem came down to forgiveness when I didn’t find the center of the face.  Some of the best and worst shots had a difference of up to 20 yards.  If you are consistent and have no problem finding the center of the face, the SIM2 fairway wood could be a real game changer.


The TaylorMade SIM2 fairway wood is a players club.  Lots of workability and low spin inside a compact head make this ideal for the player looking to boost their fairway woods for 2021.

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TaylorMade SIM2 Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. The titanium model is by far the longest 3 wood I’ve ever hit and, you can hit it high and get a good landing angle out of it.

  2. TaylorMade lover

    The SIM2 fairway when i tried it did not have an appealing sound at all, a loud “CLICK” which led me to try the SIM2 Max, with a bit more of a hollow-ish sound.

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