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TaylorMade GAPR LO Review

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The TaylorMade GAPR LO is a driving/utility iron with adjustability.  Sharp looks and solid forgiveness.


As has been said in countless ads, even the best players in the world need a little forgiveness.  That’s why TaylorMade has created the GAPR LO.  While those that carry low handicaps and high swing speeds can play a traditional 3I (or even 2I), why not enjoy the benefits of forgiveness?  The GAPR LO can help negate your small mishits without sacrificing playability.


The GAPR LO is the most conventional looking club in the GAPR line up.  With the exception of the small “cut out” in the middle of the flange, it looks like a standard driving iron.  Its black finish gives it a sharp, modern appearance.

In the bag, the hollow body construction makes it look very sleek.  This is definitely the GAPR that your eye and ego are going to want to bag.

Sound & Feel

When struck pure, the GAPR LO has the softest feel in the GAPR line.  The sound is a crisp snap, not unlike the P790 irons.  If you mishit a shot, the feel firms up substantially.

As the smallest, least-forgiving GAPR, the GAPR LO also provides the best feedback.  Well struck shots are easily differentiated from mishits, and you can locate impact precisely.


One of the key differences between the GAPR LO and most other driving irons is the loft sleeve.  Especially in the longer clubs, it can be very difficult to know exactly what loft you need.  With 4 degrees of adjustability, you should be able to find the right combination of speed, launch, and spin to hit the yardage you want.

In terms of forgiveness, the GAPR LO is the most demanding in the GAPR family, but it’s easy to hit relative to most driving irons.  You can get almost full distance out of small mishits, particularly when you’re a little low on the face.

While the GAPR LO is easier to hit compared to your standard 3I or 4I, it is still a club left to better players and those with more swing speed.  The versatility and workability of this club will definitely be appreciated by the single-digit player, but those with higher handicaps should probably trade that for more forgiveness.


For the better player who is struggling to fill out the top of their bag, the TaylorMade GAPR LO is a great choice.  It offers workability with forgiveness in a good looking package.  Additionally, the adjustable loft means you can set it up to hit the precise yardage you need or set it up to suit the day’s conditions.

TaylorMade GAPR LO Price & Specs

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