SYNLawn Portable Putting Green Review

SYNLawn Portable Putting Green outside

50 Words or Less

The SYNLawn portable putting green replicates the roll of a high caliber grass green.  Heavy duty, commercial grade materials.  Large format offers ample room to vary practice and work on long putts.


I wasn’t familiar with SYNLawn prior to starting this review, but I’ve come to learn that, through innovation and environmental stewardship, they’ve become the largest artificial turf manufacturer not only in the USA but all of North America.  And in a throwback “wow” moment, I also discovered they have a sister product you’re certainly familiar with – Astroturf.

While SYNLawn makes synthetic grass products for a huge variety of commercial and residential installations and purposes, the focus of this review is their portable golf greens.  The model I tested, 5’x12’, is their second largest offering.  The smaller models are 3’x8’ and 4’x10’ while the largest offering tops out at 6’x15’.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The SYNLawn portable putting green arrived in a sizeable box which required a solid bear hug to get inside the door.  Setup required nothing more than unrolling the mat, popping out four pre-cut holes, and inserting the provided cups and flags.  There were also four tentacled orbs that had me scratching my head.  Too soft to putt and not substantial enough to add contour under the green I set them aside.  Later, visiting the SYNLawnGolf website I had a duh-doy moment, spotting the energy absorbers on flags in photos.

As you can see, I set up the putting green in several locations.  The non-skid backing held the mat securely in place on both the hardwood floor and the patio.  With its hefty, sturdy construction, the SYNLawn putting green lays flat, with any kinks pulled out with a quick lift and tug at an edge.   The green rolls up easily, but with its size and thickness, does take up decent space when not in use.

SYNLawn Portable Putting Green close up


Something I appreciated right from the start was being able to stand on the same surface, and most importantly the same elevation, that the ball was on.  The SYNLawn portable putting green rolled very true.  The density of nylon fibers mimicked a fairly quick natural grass putting green.

At 12’ overall length, the green was great for practicing solid 10 footers.  The curvature in the kidney shape required me to focus on my setup without visual clues from the edges.  The width of the mat allowed me to engage an alignment stick when desired.

The cups are not deep, yet they set snugly in the cutout allowing balls to interact with the hole in a realistic way.  The energy absorbing orbs were effective at keeping firm putts from bouncing off the flag posts.  I found that removing the flags gave me the most accurate visual on speed.


While I don’t profess to have a crystal ball, based on the quality construction and substantial materials utilized in the SYNLawn portable putting green, I predict it will last for many, many years.  Just the fact that my green weighs 30 lbs. is a strong indicator of a substantial, heavy duty construction.

My expectations are also predicated on learning that the top layer, the true nylon green, is a time proven material called Precision Putt.  The same Precision Putt that’s been utilized on thousands of outdoor installations – both residential and commercial.

SYNLawn Portable Putting Green cup


The SYNLawn portable putting greens range from $170 to $680, with my 5’x12’ green retailing at $530.  That’s certainly not inexpensive, but seems a reasonable price for the size, quality, and performance.  I rate the SYNLawn portable putting greens as professional grade and clearly differentiated from basic indoor/outdoor carpet styles.  There are well made, two foot wide roll-out mats [such as PuttOUT’s HERE] that can equal the length, but they don’t provide the ability to stand on the same surface and vary putt directions.

Buy SynLAWN Putting Greens HERE

SYNLawn Portable Putting Green inside


Reflecting on that last sentence above, one additional factor to consider is the fun of a SYNLawn portable putting green.  The size and shape make it engaging for more than one person.  I plan to roll out my green on the patio next time I have a golfing buddy over for a few challenge matches with beers.  Regardless of where you plan to keep yours, I’m confident that you’ll appreciate the excellent quality and pure roll of the SYNLawn portable putting green.

Buy SynLAWN Putting Greens HERE

Visit SYNLawn HERE

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  1. what speed does it stamp at ?

  2. The ” Buy SynLAWN Putting Greens HERE”suck as it send you to Amazon and does not just show the SynLawn, many different companies. This is Amazon fault for bad search code but hurts this product.

    Looks great and priced reasonably

  3. Matt, you guys reviewed the Big Moss putting green a while back. Any thoughts as to how this compares?? Thanks

    • Matt Meeker

      Good memory Bob, but Saternus tested the Big Moss. So neither of us can offer a true ‘hands on’ comparison. From Matt S’s photos, I’d say the SYNLawn is more substantial in construction. And the surfaces look different – woven vs pile. Next time I visit Chicago I’ll try and get an in person look.



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