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50 Words or Less

Formulated for golfers, swingOIL has seven key ingredients to help you stay loose and focused.  Easy to use with enjoyable flavors, the concept is solid, but as with any supplement, results may vary.

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SwingOIL is a supplement specifically formulated for golfers, with three areas of emphasis:  focus, strength, and flexibility.  Their “Get Loose.  Swing Smooth” motto should be on a sign at every driving range.  A major winner and fan favorite, Jason Daly is the recognizable brand ambassador that uses it daily.  A host of other professional golfers from the Champions Tour make up Team swingOIL and are compensated with free product, a fact I appreciate them clearly stating.  SwingOIL comes in convenient 3 oz. pouches in lemon-lime (my favorite), orange, and strawberry-banana flavors.

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Key Ingredients

I took some time to do research on the seven key ingredients.  Not surprisingly, all of them are commonly used supplements, and all lack hard scientific evidence of their effectiveness.  Assuming they all have some benefit, they do seem appropriate for the efforts and liabilities of golf.  You can read what swingOIL says about each ingredient here, and the following is my summary.

Focus Matrix

  • Ginseng – has been used for thousands of years to help memory and reduce fatigue
  • Rhodiola Extract – enhances memory, concentration, and mental capacity

Strength Matrix

  • Taurine – required for normal muscle function, commonly found in energy drinks, found naturally in fish & meat (you don’t want to know how it’s synthesized)
  • Citrulline Mallate – latest craze in body building, improves exercise performance

Flexibility Matrix

  • Glucosumine – natural anti-inflammatory, relieves joint pain, improves cartilage health
  • Chondroitin – relieves joint pain and muscle stiffness
  • Turmeric Extract – main spice in curry, decreases swelling

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For any nutritional product, it’s hard to gauge effectiveness with all the variables of life, but in general I’ve had positive results with swingOIL.

After back to back days of 3+ hours in the car, I woke up pretty stiff and drank a swingOIL prior to heading to the course.  I loosened up quickly and felt good at the start of the round.  I had my lowest score of the year and the best swing tempo I’ve had in weeks.  I couldn’t wait to play again, and, three days later, I drank another swingOIL before my round.  The golf results were less than acceptable, but I was able to complete the round without my customary couple of ibuprofen.

I ran my weekly 5k yesterday and decided to try a swingOIL afterward.  I must admit I feel much less stiff and sore than normal for the day after.  There may be something to this juice.

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The beauty of a product like swingOIL is that it may help you, and if it doesn’t, you’re just out a few dollars.  SwingOIL doesn’t make any over the top claims, and the key ingredients may have benefits and most likely won’t be harmful.  There’s always the possibility of the placebo effect, which again, is fine if it helps your game.  The flavors are moderately intense but enjoyable for the small volume.  Each pack ranges from $2.50 to $3 depending on quantity ordered.  I plan to keep using swingOIL and think it’s worth a try.

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  1. I’m a supplement junkie and by looking at the ingredient profile, it’s just a low dosed product that can’t really have any effectiveness. A little over 1/2 gram total ingredients with a little too much sugar in my opinion just can’t cut it.

    • Matt Meeker

      We welcome opinions Cheeza. I personally like the smaller amount of ingredients as I don’t feel I need to “talk to my doctor” to see what side affects may occur.

      Thanks for reading!

      Matt M

      • Double Ace

        I agree Matt. As a 68 year old I have used swing oil andnotice after a period of 6 weeks, I have a smoother swing and less pain the next day. Not sure if it does much for mental focus, but I will continue to use it.

  2. Does anyone know why SwingOil is changing its formula? Per the website, they are changing the formula and the packaging.

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