Swing Caddie Launch Monitor Giveaway

Win a Swing Caddie 2 SC200 Launch Monitor

In case Santa didn’t do enough to brighten your holiday season, we’re going to pick up the slack by giving away a brand new Swing Caddie 2 SC200 Launch Monitor.

You can learn all about it in our review HERE, or scroll down to find out how to enter.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include: your name and location.

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.

That’s it!  On Monday, December 31, we will contact the winner via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.


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  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
Matt Saternus


  1. Can’t wait to see how well this thing handles shanks! Thanks for the chance to win it! Happy Holidays!

    Fitchburg, WI

  2. Matt always has good info and advise. Always look forward to what he has to say and to his recommendations.

  3. Richard Barajas

    I’ve been curious about these since the review. Looks like a fine tool.

    Rich Barajas
    El Paso, TX

  4. Ken Mykietowich

    Merry Christmas! Hope Santa had you on the Nice list! 😉⛳🎅🎄🍻

  5. Merry Christmas! – Jay, Chicago

  6. susanna tardi

    would love this for my golfing husband / Sue Tardi / New Jersey

  7. seems like a great tool for more disciplined and productive practice that can monitor your progress – Ron Roy – New Jersey

  8. As a former employee of Ping golf I was excited to see the Sigma II line. I have the ZB model and couldn’t be happier with it. It has the softest feel of any Ping putter. Always remember getting fit for a putter is just as important as getting fit for your irons

  9. What a great inexpensive product to improve your golf game!

  10. Both kids compete at high school level in small town in Indiana, what a great tool to further their learning process!! Great winter excercise⛳️❤️💙

  11. Barrett
    Wellesley MA

  12. Scott Kefalas

    Merry Christmas! Awesome giveaway to certainly brighten the Holiday Season for somebody. I would love to be able to fine tune my game and take it to the next level with use of technology that I currently have no access to in my small town. The eye test can only get me so far so would love to be able to truly dial in my clubs by knowing and having the opportunity to improve on crucial data points.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Scott Kefalas – Thomasville, GA

  13. Nick Garbutt

    Really fancy trying one of these out. Nick Garbutt, Scotland.

  14. Deff a great asset to have to take my practice sessions and game to a whole new level!! Can just set up and go down here in Cape Town, South Africa

  15. Merry X-mas!
    Tomas Ramm-Schmidt, Lutherville-Timonium (MD).

  16. Aksel Nielsen

    Aksel Nielsen – Denmark

  17. What a great give away. Excellent product for data driven golfers.
    Lyle B
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

  18. Baltimore, MD Merry Christmas Matt!

  19. Michael Polsinelli

    Swing Caddie 2 SC 200 Launch Monitor is an excellent low cost option to help analyze and improve your swing. It provides club head spread, ball striking effectiveness via “smash factor” and good distance estimates. These are all factors that the casual golfer needs to improve his or her game. It would definitely improve results as well as reduce time spent on the range. I’m very interested.

    Michael Polsinelli
    Trinity, Florida

  20. Finlay Bennie

    Thank you for offering this to your audience, Matt! I’d love to win the SC200! I am from Ontario, Canada. Thanks!

  21. Definitely could use a Swing Caddie to take my game to next level. Keep up the great work.

  22. Steinthor Sigurdsson

    Always wondered how this launch monitor compares to the big expensive ones. Good review.

    Merry Christmas
    Steinthor Sigurdsson
    Iceland and Orlando FL

  23. Great giveaway. David Fuoto Holly Springs, NC

  24. I consistently work on distance and this Swing Caddie Launch Monitor would definitely be used every time I practice. Being semi-retired this means it will get used a lot and will travel nicely in my bag. Living in Friendswood, Texas allows me to play year-round.

  25. Michael Maddalena

    I would love this to dial in my yardages

  26. Joe Beerens, Austin, TX

  27. John Pinola Jr

    I live in Valley Springs, CA with a golf course with no driving range. I do have a net I hit balls into but nothing that gives me stats like the Swing Caddy. Winning this would be sweet!!
    Thank you.

  28. Gerald Lapalme

    I have the SC100 model. Is the 200 model any better ??

  29. Lasse Koskela

    Lasse Koskela
    Brooklyn, NY

  30. Wow, how neat would it be to practice with your own Swing Caddie Launch Monitor. Practice with instant feedback. Nice!

  31. Chad Cook
    Thornton, IA 50479

  32. Michael Ward

    Great contest for an even greater prize. Good luck to all!

  33. Nelson Flores

    A swing caddy would be awesome would be awesome for my game.

    Nelson Flores
    Laguna Niguel, CA

  34. Matthew Scheidegger

    Love to win this so I know exactly how far I hit my clubs. Thanks.

    Matt Scheidegger, Reynoldsburg OH

  35. Excellent review, very cool product
    Mike Hallee

  36. Kevin Hartman

    Kevin Hartman

    Buffalo, NY

  37. David Crossley

    Wow what a fantastic prize this would really help my handicap fall 🤞🤞👍

  38. Ben, New Hudson MI

  39. Josh Giesige

    Wow what a cool prize. What a great way to learn more about where your game is at w/ equipment you have

  40. Jody McDermott

    Could really use this to help improve my game, Jody McDermott, Ireland

  41. Nice piece of technology I’d love to bring to the range. Sebastian from Barrie, Ontario!

  42. Jason Norris

    I’ll gladly take this

  43. Ryan Sevier
    Arvada, CO

  44. Paul Kielwasser

    Very cool!!! This would be great to have as an addition to my net and mat!!!

  45. Craig Trzebny

    Would be great to win!

  46. Jesse Cuslidge

    This would be a game changer!

    Jesse Cuslidge
    Fresno, California

  47. Paul Crupi, Middletown NJ

  48. John Mullett

    Thanks Matt – your giveaways are top notch! Good on you! My name is John Mullett from Martinsburg, Ohio (near Mount Vernon).

  49. Great reviews by you guys. Keep it up and Merry Christmas
    Beaufort, SC

  50. Woohoo thanks for the chance! James from Fuquay Varina NC

  51. Mike Billings

    I’m working with Super Speed sticks right now and would love to be able to benchmark improvements. Since it’s winter here in Ottawa, Canada we are indoors until spring. Being able to measure the swing speed of various clubs can help with gapping as well when trying to decide what clubs will go in the bag.

  52. Landon Kersey

    Looking to up my game, and this would be perfect tool to help with that.
    Landon Kersey
    Oklahoma City

  53. Clinton Thomas

    Clinton Thomas
    Regina, SK Canada

  54. Derek Hartmann

    As my golf time may suffer due to our first child on the way, I’d love to have one of these for the range when I’m not able to get out and play. So good to know my numbers and feel the difference between good hits and not. Hoping to get down to the 0 handicap I’ve been chasing for the past few years. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Derek – Volo, IL

  55. Larry Fleming

    I would love to win the launch monitor. Still playing golf in Plano, TX.

  56. Scott L Schultz

    Looking to increase club speed with superspeed thiscwoyld help me track my progress

  57. Very nice review. This is a product I would love to have so that I cold dial in my yardages more accurately.

    John Sweat, Warner Robins, GA

  58. What an awesome opportunity to win a personal launch monitor. This would be great during the winter months on the driving range to find my numbers where I haven’t been successful in locating a launch monitor facility in my town. I have been looking at this one in particular, but the price has kept me from purchasing one. Thank you for the opportunity and hope you have a great holiday season 🎅👍

    Allan Kim
    Leonia, NJ

  59. Tom
    Cleveland, OH

  60. Brian Valdez
    Long Beach, CA

  61. Elias Malakoff

    Would love to use this year-round!
    Elias Malakoff
    Seattle, Washington

  62. I have compared these to track man numbers and found them a little different…. but at least they were consistently so. Couple of mph down on driver speed for example

    Melbourne Victoria Australia

  63. I really could use a Swing Caddie 2 SC200 Launch Monitor. This could help me bring my game to the next level!


  64. Thank you Matt and his team for all the helpful insights on new ways to improve and grow the game of golf. Double thanks for the chance to win a great product ! Happy holidays !

    Ted Sloane
    North Liberty, Iowa

  65. Cary Robinson

    Always looking for the best golf gadgets to improve my game.

    Cary Robinson
    Saint Johns, FL

  66. Harold Wetzel

    Could really use this product!

  67. awesome giveaway.

    Glen in Bath Michigan

  68. Nice giveaway! I would love to be able to practice with the kind of feedback this provides.

    John Oliver
    Kingston, NJ

  69. I’ve been eyeing one of these ever since I read the review. Would love to pair this with SuperSpeed and really nerd out on some numbers.

  70. Shoot! Forgot to add that Ben Lenet is in Chicago IL

  71. Happy Holidays!!!

    Dayton, Ohio

  72. Mike. Oneida, NY.


  73. Awesome!

    Michael Kato
    Los Angeles, CA

  74. Love this site and the newsletter. Just about to have a baby so practice time will become premium and this would help drastically.

    Canberra (Australia)

  75. Padraig MacLochlainn

    Have a great new year, Padraig, Inishowen, Co Donegal, Ireland

  76. Nidhi Chauhan

    I’ve been in Santa’s nice list whole year around. Still hoping for a nice gift from a Santa! Hope you be my Santa. Merry Christmas!

    Nidhi C
    New Jersey

  77. Great review. Numbers are important

  78. Larry Rogier
    River Rouge, MI

  79. This would be the perfect tool to help my game when I cant get to the range.

    Andy Pierce
    Fond du Lac, WI

  80. kevin heggie

    Hope this is open to us in the U.K.!

  81. Happy Holidays!

    Thanks for providing feedback on the launch monitor… I’ve always wanted to use one, especially in the winter while hitting indoors.

  82. Noel Guillaume

    Whaat a lovely way to start the new golf yr.

  83. Rancey Sparks

    Would be awesome to have. Thanks!

  84. Rancey Sparks, Knoxville TN

    Would be awesome to have. Thanks!

  85. Kauai, Hawaii. Would be great to have some technology out here.

  86. Awesome! Merry Christmas!
    -Jon R. / Columbia, SC

  87. Looks like a nice prize.
    Joe Leo
    Crestwood, IL.

  88. Seems as though Christmas has left me $20k short of purchasing my trackman, so I’ll try the Santa raffle here!
    I am always one who will try the next device that may help my game, and that of others. I’ve learned education never stops (as long as it’s affordable). Happy New year

  89. Gary kamikawa

    Great way to start the new golf year right.
    Gary kkamikawa
    Bothell, wa

  90. Brian Parkinson

    Merry Christmas, Brian Parkinson, Rexburg, Idaho

  91. Thanks for providing real/concise info throughout the years, look forward to the podcasts and reviews!

  92. Thanks for the contest! Very intrigued by the swing caddie

  93. Awesome giveaway!
    Rob Gittleson
    Richmond, VA

  94. Isao Miyanoiri

    Happy Holidays to all and thanks for the great reviews!

    Isao – Japan

  95. Josh Lewis, Ohio

  96. Brian Barnes

    What a great giveaway! This would be awesome for my 11 year old son to continue improving his game on, as well as his myself to make sure his 11 son does not beat any time soon… (sadly it won’t be long. ) Heck we would let grandpa take swing or two since he put clubs in our hands at a young age.

    Brian Barnes- Locust Grove, Virginia

  97. Eric Shellman

    Nearest launch monitor is a 2 hour drive one way, so would be nice to have an idea at home.

    Fort Bragg CA

  98. Todd Williams

    Todd Williams
    Kenbridge, VA

  99. seth peterson

    I’ve been looking at these for a while now. It would be great to have one.
    Seth P
    Baldwinsville, NY

  100. Nicole Collins

    This would be so helpful! My New Years goal is to get to a 9 handicap, I’m currently a 12. -Nicole Collins, Tampa FL

  101. Would love to give this gift to my father for his birthday!

    Westwood, NJ

  102. Ben, Thailand

  103. Great giveaway! I hope you wouldn’t mind sending it overseas!

    Västerås, Sweden

  104. Merry Christmas!
    Mario from Hennef (Germany)

  105. Andrew Bewley

    Great review. A tool that’s within reach of the average Joe and doesn’t land you in hot water with the missus!

    Andy Bewley
    Preston, England

  106. Craig Turner

    Merry Christmas.

    Craig Turner, Glasgow Uk

  107. Steve Dickson

    Great giveaway Had a loan of one of these for a few days and it was great. I’m retired and I have got my handicap down from 22 to 11 in just over 18 months. I have a coach I see every 3 weeks or so and I practice at least 3 times a week. This would be a great asset for anyone serious about playing and practicing.
    Good luck to all
    Steve Dickson

  108. This would certainly help my practice
    Jon Beales, Essex, UK

  109. I have tried many many swing aids and range finders, yet to find any that my head will allow to accept long term

  110. Jared Wallace

    Thanks for the opportunity
    Jared Miami, Fl

  111. Michael Nancarrow

    Thanks very much with a chance to win such a prize.

  112. Please and thank you.

    Christopher Shively
    High point, NC

  113. Neil MacCormick

    This sounds a good learning tool and would therefore be very useful for those trying to reduce their handicap.
    I hope you all had a good Christmas and wish you all a happy New Year!
    London, UK

  114. Jay McGillicuddy

    I tried the 100 and wasn’t impressed. Sent it back. Would like to think this is better.
    Jay McGillicuddy
    East Hampstead, NH

  115. Steve Shearing

    Useful looking device which would help verify my club distance. Fingers crossed!!!!

  116. Henry Barrett

    This is the one, probably the best low cost swing analyzer out there.

  117. Nice giveaway! I would love to be able to practice with the kind of feedback this provides.
    Iuri Santos
    Celebration, FL

  118. It would be great to have a consistent quality feedback. Thanksfor the opportunity .
    Bob. Kinsale , Virginia

  119. Dennis Archibald

    I see only positive things ahead. Thanks for the opportunity.

  120. Great reviews eso the driver shaft reviews.
    Ken Crowley
    Wilmington Massachusetts

  121. Elliott Pyon

    Happy Holidays!
    Elliott Pyon
    North Potomac, MD

  122. Matthew Karrick

    Safe and happy New Year to all! Now who’s up for some golf??? Scott K Palm City,Fl.

  123. Happy new year!

    Marc Tebo
    Brook, IN

  124. Charles Bartholomew

    Charles Bartholomew, Massachusetts. This is a great opportunity. Thank you Plugged in Golf!

  125. Matt Schairer

    Any data can’t hurt.



  126. Mike Cantrell

    Appreciate the opportunity to win the SC200. I have been reading a lot of reviews and this looks to be a great device for anyone who wants to improve their golf game.
    Thanks again

  127. Bob Stelben Sr.

    Amazing how compact and efficient these devices have become. A tremendous gift for a golfing family.

  128. Bob Stelben Sr.

    It is amazing how compact and efficient these devices have become and how beneficial they can be in practice sessions. A tremendous gift for a golfing family.

  129. George Aaron Charleston, SC

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for making this offer.

  130. Dave - West Boylston, MA

    Hope I win… need all the help I can get!

  131. Thomas Ewert

    Merry Christmas I’ve never used a launch monitor and after playing golf for 55 years I thought it might be time to try a portable system. It looks easy enough to use and at this stage of the game I’m ready to try something new to improve my game.

  132. Thomas Ewert

    Very informative article on portable launch monitors

  133. Happy New Year.
    Tom DeZarn
    Frankenmuth, MI

  134. I would just want to know if you put golf instruction videos on your sight?

  135. Always up for a great PIG drawing!

    Joe from Minneapolis

  136. Very interested in this. Like to compare to indoor models

  137. Love the giveaway!! Thanks for the chance!
    Dan Renne,
    Myrtle Beach, SC

  138. John- Hampshire, IL

    I think this may be the piece de resistance in my quest to break 80 this year. Also may be a great treatment for the Midwest winter golf blues! Thanks for the opportunity!

  139. Merry Christmas.
    Greg M.
    The Villages Fl.

  140. As these types of devices become more readily available to the average golfer it should really help with enjoyment of the game as well as performance on the course.

    Al Eizans
    Ocala, FL

  141. Rhonda Lockwood

    My aspiring junior golfer will love this.

    Rhonda Lockwood, Elizabethtown, KY

  142. I’m in. I’ve been thinking about purchasing one or possibly the mevo. I’m kind of a techno junkie when it comes to golf so this is definitely a wish list item for me. Sadly, Santa didn’t come through.
    David kim
    Shreveport, la

  143. Charlie Deigert

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these devices! Happy New Year!

  144. You had me at calculates smash factor
    Matt Illinois

  145. Connor Kendall

    Happy Holidays!

    Connor – Chicago

  146. Nick Billman

    Looks like an interesting tool. Happy holidays!
    Nick, Lake Quivira, KS

  147. Mark Balinski

    Fairly new subscriber and always enjoy the objective reviews and articles. Christmas and New Year greetings.

    Mark Balinski
    Hilton Head Island, SC

  148. Bob Stevens, Frankfort, Ky.

    Would love to have something like this to help me be more consistent. Thanks

  149. Gord Dyck Saskatchewan Canada

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone…..

  150. Thank you for offering this giveaway.
    I always wanted to have this kind of information available to me at the range or even on a course that is not busy that day.
    North Brunswick, New Jersey


    interested to see how this works.
    Wayne Lockwood
    Elizabethtown, KY

  152. Charles Bock

    This would really help my grandson!

  153. Gary Kreuziger

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to a great year on and off the golf course.

  154. I’m a new subscriber. Lots of good information here. Thanks.

  155. Would love to have one of these to dial in scoring club distances with 1/2 and 3/4 swings.
    John H
    Dracut, MA

  156. Steve Zimmel

    Cool technology to hone your game. Can’t wait for spring.

    Steve Zimmel
    New Berlin, WI

  157. william Neal

    Always looking for a new gadget to help improve the game.

  158. Mike DelGais

    Looks like a great way to measure ball striking. Thank you Matt
    Phila. PA

  159. Love the newsletter. Would love to win this launch monitor!
    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Tim Stewart
    Culpeper, VA

  160. Mark Anderson

    Would be great for my winter garage practice sessions.

  161. Chris Omahen

    Happy Holdays!!

    Chris O
    Chicago, IL

  162. Alright stiff or regular , the mystery may be solved with a little smash factor information !

  163. I need all the help I can get to improving my golf game. A brand new Swing Caddie 2 SC200 Launch Monitor might be just what I need. Happy Holidays!!!
    Tom Hester Russellville, Arkansas

  164. Can definitely use this to improve my game all around.

  165. Matt’s newsletter is one of the jewels, always worth reading. Swing Caddie wold be a great tool to make range time way more productive.

    Jim Barry
    Colorado Springs, CO

  166. I’d love to use this gem to give me a more efficient golf swing. Thank you for the opportunity.

  167. Just got a Ping Fetch. I love it. I have never had a putter that fit me as I am vertically challenged.

  168. James Petraglia

    Yes enter me in the Giveaway for the Launch Monitor Swing Caddie-2 SC200

  169. Patrick Doherty

    As a “range rat” this would be awesome. Finally these monitors are getting reasonably prices for us golfers who cannot afford the much more expensive monitors that are available.

  170. A Great prize, how to understand your short and long dispersion, magic, happy new year

  171. Len Scramstad

    Played with a buddy that has one. Loves it. Really helped his game by showing him where to focus.

  172. Thanks for the great info all year. Plus anything to help my game is appreciated.

  173. Peter Gilcoine

    Always wanted this kind of information while on the range of my distances. This product looks amazing as it competes with the big dogs out there!

    Peter G, Quincy, MA

  174. Did not know such a product existed in this price range. Thought all such technology was considerably more expensive. Would love to see how this works. Would be great fun on the range with my golf buddies as well. Many of us live in a fantasy world when it comes to knowing what our clubs actually do to the ball and why it reacts the way it does.

  175. I was a lunch monitor in Elementary School so this is right in my wheelhouse.

    Drew Fink
    Dunedin, FL

  176. Mike Smolinski

    I stumbled on this site purely by accident. What I have read and observed thus far has been excellent and is presented in a very clear and concise fashion. Great work — keep it up !!!

  177. This is a great giveaway and would be even better if I win!

  178. Yes PLEASE! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
    Jim Allen
    New Bedford, MA

  179. WOW!
    Thanks for the opportunity, best year to all @pluggedingolf.com.
    Clay Causey
    Ormond Beach, FL.

  180. I stumbled across the Plugged-in Golf site a couple of months ago when I was looking at reviews of GPS devices, and I am glad I did ! I just started playing golf regularly again after playing only 2x a year for the last 10 years and could sure use the feedback from a launch monitor to help me groove my swing !
    Here’s hoping everyone hit’s them straight (and not too often!) in 2019 !
    Mike Castro
    Livermore California

  181. Adam Aaronson

    I’m fairly certain it will just start smoking when it sees my swing. #hacklife

  182. I wonder if this would help me control my horrible slice? I would be more than happy to give it a try.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Derek Jones
    Rossmoor, Ca

  183. Steven Clark - Provo, Utah

    It would be great to win one of these. Thanks for the opportunity.

  184. Bryan Carter

    Great review. Can’t wait to dial in my clubs with one of these!

    Macomb, MI

  185. Thanks.
    Woodbridge VA

  186. Kelly Leonhardt

    Nice. Never accessed any launch monitor data before. Thanks guys

    Kelly, NC

  187. Mark Johnson

    Merry Christmas! – Mark Johnson, Towson, MD


    This would be great for game improvement practice in the winter on the driving range here in the UK….. Bob MacDonald…… Normanton … West Yorkshire… England

  189. pee wee adcock

    I look forward to seeing just how much like a banana my slice looks!

  190. Guy Chagnon, Longueuil, QC

    Great work PluggedInGolf. Keep giving golfers good and valuable information.
    Happy holidays to your team and your readers.

  191. Hope this will work with practice balls I hit in my workshop during the cold winter months.
    Jason Kral
    Juniata, NE

  192. Brad LaVallee

    Would love to see info on each club I hit. Help fine tune distances and gaps! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  193. Mark Woodruff

    The reviews on your site are valuable. Keep up with the reviews of the variety of golf equipment, shafts, clothing, courses, etc.
    Mark Woodruff Madison WI

  194. I had one for a gift and it work real nice…Give it to a starting teaching profession so to help him get feed back…Now I need another one for myself…..


  195. Ryan Fallows

    Fairways and greens in 2019!

    Chicago, IL

  196. Andrew Recob

    I would love to give this a try! Way to come thru PIG Santa.
    Andrew Recob
    South Beloit, IL

  197. Great work PluggedInGolf team. Keep giving us very valuable and independent information. Happy holidays to everyone.

    Guy Chagnon,
    Longueuil, QC

  198. Thomas Greene

    I’ve always wanted one of these to make my practice a little more fun and to make me concentrate a little more on my swing. Would love to have one of these in my bag!

  199. Can’t wait to test the limits of it!
    Mike malloy
    Littleton, Colorado

  200. Would love to win this playing lost key golf course in Perdido Key, Florida.


  201. This is a great opportunity to take my game to the next level.
    Thank you

  202. John Gardiner

    Matt, thanks for a great year of product reviews in 2018! I look forward to more of the same in 2019.
    John Gardiner
    Highland , UT

  203. Ben Monaghan

    Ben Monaghan
    Rosemount, MN

  204. Awesome gift.

    Parmer Hill
    Royal Oak, MI

  205. Peter Toland

    This might help me pick one of my twelve different swings.

  206. Would be a great benefit as our local ranges lack any technology of this kind.

  207. Mike K from Waukesha, WI
    This is a great opportunity to take my game to the next level.
    Thank you

  208. Marc Lefebvre

    That would be a great addition to my golf toolset!

  209. William J Pettigrew

    I have read about this device. The opportunity to win one would be great.

  210. Jim W Rosteck

    I just got my Super Speed swing sticks. Would be nice to have the data.

    Happy New Year to my favorite golf website!

    Jim Rosteck in Rio Vista, CA

  211. Chris Cooper

    Definitelyworth a shot! Chris Cooper Palm Springs Florida

  212. R.DeWolfe, Stoney Creek, ON

    Tried one with my local golf shop and was very impressed. Had it on my list but being on a fixed income Mrs. Claus said not this time.

  213. Tom Donnelly

    Awesome launch monitor.
    Merry Christmas!
    Monrovia, CA

  214. This will certainly help me improve my 67mph swing speed!

  215. Arthur Loeffler

    Art, Fort Wayne Have a safe and happy year ahead. I am ready for warmer weather.

  216. This would be a great xmas gift!!

    Mark S from Centreville, VA.

  217. That would sure make this a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Jude Walsh
    Oakville, Ontario

  218. Can’t wait to try it out, thank you for the opportunity!

  219. This is exactly what I need to dial in my yardages

  220. Can’t wait to try it out, thank you for the opportunity!
    Carpinteria Ca

  221. This is exactly what I need to dial in my yardages. Thanks for the opportunity.

    John McNeil
    La Palma, California

  222. This would make it a Happy and productive (for golf) New Year.

  223. Would love to test out the Practice Mode to get my swing speed and club distances.

    Mike Hogan
    Providence, RI

  224. My birthday is next week.

  225. Jim LaBrel Salt Lake City

    My birthday is next week.

  226. WOW, this would be super for those of us who live in a rural area who aren’t close to a range or a simulator!

  227. Ken Palmer in cold Green Bay, Wisconsin looking forward to warm weather to test this device!

  228. Michael Close

    Looks like I missed out from Santa so would love to get one of these from you.

  229. Michael Close

    Would love to get one of these to use here on Somerset, Tasmania

  230. jacob neuber

    Would love to try this thing out and dial in my distances.
    Jacob neuber
    Vancouver BC

  231. Holiday Greetings from Tucson

  232. This is the year I put in the work to improve my game. This would be a key tool to make it happen. Thanks for the opportunity to win this monitor.

  233. Michael Trautman

    Happy holidays
    Michael Trautman
    St Louis MO 63119

  234. Would love to win this for my son.

  235. Edward Overturf

    I have retired once, but will be finally retired in another couple of years. The Swing Caddie would help me to improve my game so I could enjoy my retirement even more.

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