Swing Caddie 2 SC200 Launch Monitor Review

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The Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC200 is an affordable, portable launch monitor that can help you improve your practice.

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When you watch the PGA Tour on TV, there’s a ton of talk about Trackman.  They display Trackman data during the broadcast and frequently talk about how pros use the technology to improve their game.  Unfortunately, unless you have a spare $20,000 and the time to learn to use it correctly, that’s not in the cards, but you can benefit from launch monitor technology with the Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC200.

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Ease of Use & Setup

The Swing Caddie SC200 couldn’t be much easier to use.  Set it down behind the ball 40″ to 60″ (just use your driver to estimate), turn it on, and you’re good to go.  The SC200 automatically measures barometric pressure to make the distance readings more accurate.  The one thing that you need to input is the club you’re using, but that can be done via remote control to avoid bending over after each change of clubs.

The SC200 has a few modes that you can use.  In Practice Mode, it tells you your speeds and distances.  Target Mode allows you to set a distance and have the SC200 measure a series of ten shots to that target yardage.  Finally, Approach Mode will generate random distances after each shot.

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The most important thing to understand about the Voice Caddie SC200 is what it measures versus what it calculates.  On the screen, you get club speed, ball speed, smash factor, and distance (total or carry, your choice).  The speeds are measured, but the distance is calculated.  This is why it’s important to input the correct club and adjust the loft settings to match the actual lofts of your clubs.  When you do that, you will get fairly accurate distance estimates.  If you tend to be extreme with your launch and/or spin, the distances will be off, but most players should get reasonable numbers.

The question is, “How does this help?”  I think it’s useful in a number of ways.  First, knowing your club head speed is beneficial, particularly if you’re trying to add distance.  If you’re going to undergo training to improve your swing speed, you need to know where you started and if you’re improving.  Second, the Swing Caddie will give you the unflinching truth about your ball striking via smash factor.  If you want to maximize your distance, you need to be around 1.5 smash factor with your driver.  If you’re living in the 1.3s or low 1.4s, you’re missing the center by a lot and leaving tons of distance on the table.  Third, getting good distance estimates can be a major advantage if your driving range doesn’t have enough targets or has blind landing areas.  Finally, using Approach Mode promotes the kind of random practice that creates long term improvement and creativity.

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The Swing Caddie SC200 retails for $350 or less than 2% of a Trackman.  You can support PluggedInGolf and save $70 by buying it HERE.

Relative to other similar products, I think the SC200 is priced correctly.  It doesn’t measure launch or spin, but the cheapest device which does (SkyTrak) costs six times as much.

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If you want a relatively inexpensive way to evaluate your ball striking, learn your distances, and possibly add yardage, the Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC200 is a good buy.  It’s easy to use, has enough different modes to keep things fresh, and it delivers reliable information.

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  1. Hi Matt,
    Interesting review. I think it is well priced for a serious amateur golfer.
    Now we can see if friends are really driving 300 yards?
    I think this product could help to realize that to obtain good distance we do not need a lot tension.

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your review. I always appreciate your take on the products that can help us improve our games and your suggestions for how the information they provide can be utilized.

    All the Best,


  3. William L Hooper Jr.

    Hi Matt, my name Is Bill & I am 72 years young & wanted to know can the swing caddis 200 work in a dome over the winter. I love to practice & my goal is to shoot my age so day. Looking for something to work with over the winter, will this work.

  4. martijn nooij

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your review.
    I use to hit a lot of ball in my yard to practice.
    However, I have to do this with soft foam balls because of safety. Does the SC200 also work with soft foam balls.

    Many tanks.


    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know for certain, but my guess would be no. The SC200 measures the speed of the ball leaving the club face, and obviously a foam ball is going to have very low speeds that won’t tell you much about how far a real ball would go.



  5. I just tried my Caddie SC200 launch monitor and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t that impressed. I sensed its really just measuring club speed and looked at the club selection or loft to give me distances.

    Example on several drives, I “duck hooked” my range balls and the ball didn’t travel more then 170 yards. SC200 informs me I hit 250 yards. This happened several times.

    Other times, It would completely miss shots and not give any feedback. On several occasions, I checked the alignment and even try turning the monitor off and on again.

    So bottom line, not that happy and will decide if I should return it or give it a few try at the range.


  6. Dennis Cochran

    What’s going on when I put nothing to swing at on the Tee, swing, and still get swing speed, distance, smash factor, etc? It can only be measuring the club (at best) so where is the other info coming from?

    I have a SC200 and the swing speed between my medicus swing meter and the SC200 is about 8 to 10MPH in favor of the medicus.

    Thanks for any info/suggestions.

    • Matt Saternus


      The other information is a calculation/guess.

      No idea why there’s such a big gap between the SC200 and the Medicus.



  7. Glen Tomas

    Hi Matt,
    I’m in the market for a portable launch monitor and SC200 is in my sights. Thanks for the review.

    You are the only person/website I was able to find out what SC200 measures vs calculates. If it truly measures both club and ball speed, I’m sold.

    However, how did you validate that info of measured speeds to be true?


    • Matt Saternus


      If memory serves, I tested it next to a Foresight GC2. This is going back over a year, so I’m not 100%, but I’m not sure how else I would have done it.



  8. Mark Schneider

    Overall very happy and distance estimates fairly accurate. I have found that with my wedge and 9 iron, especially on very high shots (what you call extremes) that the distance on the SC 200 is way low (10-15 yards off). Onerall great value for the cost!

  9. Not sure why the device doesn’t show the launch and spin rate as it more than likely needs these variables to calculate the other values it shows. Also, wish it had Bluetooth capabilities so the user can turn on the voice option (and earbuds) without having to announce to others what is going on.

  10. Merin Johy

    It is really awesome and more valuable resources that you have included here perfectly. thank you very much for all

  11. I tried mine today along side a trackman. measurements were quite accurate. I like the simplicity – turn it on and set it down. Trackman is more complicated to set up. however my remote isn’t working.

  12. Quentin Tildesley

    Bought one and compared club performance , did everything right compared to on course play. I think it’s better suited to using quality balls on the course itself and remember its carry not total distance so say 130 7 iron carry of 125-130 could travel 155 yards you can then shorten your grip etc to gauge required distance. I have spent some time on the driving range but I think the mat surface and range balls give a pessimistic distance, however when you collect all the data you can adjust your on course stats accordingly . This device will give a very good average shot with each club which if you are a half decent golfer this device will whithout doubt improve your game. Ps I took previous stats on a GC2 and the swing caddie compares favorably .
    I have no connection with the manufacturer ,I live and play in the UK but would suggest that buying one of these rather than a new super duper driver would be money well spent!,

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  14. A.Wayne Brookover

    First up Thank you Matt / Pluggedingolf for all your Great reviews !!! Happy Golfing to all in 2019⛳️🏌️‍♂️Now I have just invested around 3000 dollars in new clubs, the only thing missing is my performance and this is the tool I need !!! Very limited in my area with quality fitting and analysis..

  15. A.Wayne Brookover

    Athens,Alabama is my area Nortern Alabama

  16. Wilson Harvie

    Happy Holidays from Athens, Georgia.

  17. Bill Crawford

    Would love to get a more accurate speed and distance measurement with the SC200. I live in Oro Valley AZ

  18. Brian Kinread

    Not really interested in distance but smash factor will be great in helping “tune” 😥😥 my swing.
    St. Petersburg

  19. Love the remote for easy access to change to different modes.

  20. Love to see it.

  21. Dennis Tryon

    This would be a nice item to have but I doubt that only the serious amateurs are likely to purchase.
    Dennis Tryon
    Fairfield Glade, TN

  22. george francis

    A great machine like the Swing Caddie can help correct some of my errors.
    Merry Christmas & Happy golfing in 2019 !

  23. I’m really hoping the swing monitor will show a slight inside out path!

  24. Retire this coming spring, plan on playing a lot and this will be a neat gadget while hitting balls at my house.

  25. joe lopiccolo

    I’ve used a couple of launch monitors is this one really as accurate as they claim?

  26. This device delivers very useful information. Anyone trying to improve their game could benefit from this. Would love to win it! Thank you!
    Greg- Clarksville, TN

  27. Lionel in France

    Super article !
    Un ami a ce boitier et s’entraine souvent avec. Ça l’a aidé à mieux connaitre son jeu, ses distances et dispersions.

  28. Steve Coletta

    Pretty cool device, would be nice to know what my swing parameters are.

  29. Thanks again Matt for another stellar year of golf knowledge and testing of the tools of “Golf” for the average golfer.. Looking forward to reading your your review in 2019.

    John C

  30. Hi Matt,
    Just a quick question. Are your contests valid in other countries?

  31. Michael J Dinan

    I just purchased a swing caddie 200 off ebay and it appears that I bought a lemon. I’m an 8 handicap. I’ve tried the monitor on the driving range with my 7 iron. The ball is landing on the 150 yd target green and the monitor generally registers 80 yds to 100 yds. I hit 30 balls consistently 150 yards and not one shot registered over 120 yards on the monitor. I’ve replaced the batteries with another set of new batteries and get the same result. I even moved the monitor closer than a club length and it has no different affect. Any suggestions? Is there a service center that I could ship this to for repairs? Regards, Mike Dinan mjdinan8@gmail.com

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest contacting Swing Caddie. Unfortunately, because you bought it on eBay, you may not have access to a warranty.



  32. Well worth the investment, it works as advertised with no hassles
    I did find shot distances very consistent although about 5% below actual distance ( checked with Hybrid, 7 iron and wedge using actual carry distance setting in practice mode)
    I use it to show me if I swing consistently, rather than how far I hit the ball, and it works great for that purpose

  33. Tony Moulder

    How does it work on a driving range over water, with floating range balls?

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t test it with floating balls, but, as long as the ball speed of the floating ball is the same as a regular ball, it should be fine.



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  35. Baloney. This over-states 40-60 yard pitch shots by 20%. I have the exact angles specified and I can see exactly where my pitches are landing. This swing caddie 200 is way, way off.

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  37. Michael Bishop

    I use it my garage with a net with both plastic and real balls. I know the plastic will only go 50% and I’m fine with it. When I think I have nailed down the swing I try it out with the real balls to see where I’m at. A bad swing is a bad swing, and the SWC200 will let you know when you hit the sweet spot regardless of the ball.

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