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The SuperStroke Zenergy putter grips refresh the entire line up.  Huge array of colors, shapes, and sizes.  More pronounced spine – “Spyne+”.

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In a little over a decade, SuperStroke has gone from an oddity to a staple.  Golfers ranging from Tour players to 30 handicaps use them.  Over that time, SuperStroke has continued to innovate, offering a broader range of shapes, sizes, and performance features.  For 2023, SuperStroke is refreshing their entire putter grip line under the name Zenergy.  I slid a Zenergy Pistol 2.0 onto one of my favorite putters to find out what’s new.

SuperStroke Zenergy Putter Grip side, color array


The SuperStroke Zenergy putter grips are bold.  That starts with the branding on the front that takes up over half the length of the grip. It continues with the swirling graphics that wrap from one side of the spine to the other.  Even in the more traditional colorways, these grips announce their presence with authority.

As you can see above, the Zenergy grips come in a wide array of colors.  The full gamut includes white/black, black/white, grey/white, white/grey, white/red, blue/white, purple/white, and aqua/orange.  That full slate is available in the Pistol GT, Pistol 1.0, and Pistol 2.0 as well as the Tour 2.0, Tour 3.0, and Flatso 1.0.  The Tour 1.0, Tour 5.0, Flatso 2.0, and Flatso 3.0 have about half as many options.  If you go with the Wristlock, 1.0PT, or any of the Claw or XL Plus models, you’ll have between one and three choices.


When I first put my hands on the SuperStroke Zenergy putter grip, I noticed the softer, smoother feel of the top layer.  As I spent more time with it, I came to appreciate what SuperStroke calls “Multi-Zone Texturing.”  This is their way of saying that the grip has multiple textures.  The most notable piece of this is the solid white section near the top of the grip.  This area has more tack, and it feels like it locks my upper hand in place.  It’s also a signal that my hand placement is correct.

At impact, the Zenergy Pistol 2.0 feels more connected and solid than other SuperStroke grips I’ve used.  SuperStroke states that these grips have a “firm rubber inner core.”  This effectively communicates feedback about strike quality to the hands.

SuperStroke Zenergy Putter Grip pistol 2.0


When most golfers think of SuperStroke putter grips, they imagine something very large.  That’s not necessarily the case.  All SuperStroke grips share the No Taper Technology – designed to keep grip pressure even in both hands – but the sizes and shapes vary widely.

The most traditional shapes are the Tour and Pistol.  The Pistol has a curved top section that locks in the upper hand; the Tour is uniform top to bottom.  Additionally, the Tour is offered in a wide range of sizes, from the conventional 1.0 to the very large 5.0.  The Pistol is offered in 1.0 or 2.0.

For players seeking something further from the beaten path, SuperStroke has the Flatso, SS2R, Claw, and Wristlock grips.  The Flatso has a pentagonal shape and the SS2R is a 1″ square.  SuperStroke’s Claw grip is a mix of pistol grip upper with a square bottom.  Finally, the Wristlock is a longer grip with a “pronounced butt section” meant to lock into your wrist [full Wristlock review HERE].

Before moving on, it’s important to note that the weight of these grips varies substantially.  Across the entire SuperStroke line, there are grips as heavy as 107 grams and as light as 54 grams.  This can have a massive effect on the way that your putter feels, so take it into consideration before making a grip change.

SuperStroke Zenergy Putter Grip spyne

One new element that is consistent across the Zenergy line is Spyne+ Technology.  This is SuperStroke’s term for the embossed ridge on the backside of the grip.  Spines in grips are meant to promote consistent hand placement.  I think the Spyne+ is a solid design.  If you’re going to have a spine, make it as noticeable as possible so you use it when you’re under pressure.

SuperStroke Zenergy Putter Grip butt

Finally, every Zenergy putter grip has SuperStroke’s Tech Port.  This allows golfers to add CounterCore weights to their grip (sold separately at 25, 50, and 75 grams for $9.99 each).  This is one of the easiest ways to counterweight a club that you’ll find – no cutting, no mess.  SuperStroke is also hinting at other accessories such as performance trackers coming soon.

SuperStroke Zenergy Putter Grip


No matter your putting style or grip preference, there’s something in the new SuperStroke Zenergy putter grip line for you to try.  From the traditional Pistol to the extreme Wristlock, these grips can help whether you’re just looking for a fresh grip or an entirely new perspective on putting.

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  1. Christopher S

    Matt great review as always. I like the execution of the Spyne technology here as a way to promote consistent hand placement. The looks of this year’s line is great too.

  2. Always liked the Superstroke grips, and have used them for many years. However this year I’ve changed to a rubber grip of similar size/ shape due to the SS grips having poor durability. The grips tend to tear apart at the cap seam and the grip material starts to pull out. Really like the feel and ability to counterweight but not thrilled with how they last. Hopefully this changes with the new lineup.

    • Ive learned to pull an old sock over the grip and rubber band it on…kind of a pain pulling it on and off…but gotten used to it because I love SS grips and find it worth the extra hassle to keep the grip feeling and looking new for a long time..hope this helps

  3. Looks like the SNSR grips by GolfPride that I have been gaming for years.

  4. Nice review, first time I tried a SuperStroke putter grip, hated it. I tried the smallest size at the time and it felt to big, what I really hate is the feel of tge grip, soft abs squishy. There are so many other grips I prefer the feel and design of. Next time I see one of these I will pick one up and give it a feel to see if it is different.

  5. Kevin Farrell

    Your either a good putter or mediocre one
    The grip itself is not intrinsically associated with your overall performance
    But a clean professional grip like super stroke enhances your mental fortitude
    Don’t overthink putting
    It breaks left right or straight.. Play fast⛳️🏌🏻‍♂️

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