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The SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag has a premium look and numerous upgraded features.  On the heavy side for a stand bag; best for golfers who both walk and ride.


Over the last two decades, SuperStroke has taken non-traditional putter grips from a novelty to the standard.  It feels like almost every player on the PGA Tour has a SuperStroke grip on their flat stick.

Having changed the game on the green, SuperStroke has turned their attention to how we carry our clubs.  With a full line of golf bags, they’re not just dipping their toe in the water, they’re diving in.  This review will examine the most versatile of the three new bags, the SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag.


The SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag achieves a premium look akin to the Vessel Player IV [review HERE].  Two things promote this: a decided lack of branding and the use of high end materials.  Outside of the moderate “SuperStroke” tag on the magnetic pocket, there is no obvious branding on this bag.  There’s a subtle “S” stitching pattern in the padded section and a small “S” on the apparel pocket, but it requires a careful examination to recognize these as logos.

Just as visually impactful is the “Tour Level Matte PU” that the bag is made of.  Most modern carry bags use thin nylon to save weight.  This Matte PU, however, has the look and feel of something much more classic and enduring.  The highlighted stitching details throughout the bag add to the high end look.

The SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag is available in two colorways: Hades (all black) and Zeus (shown here),


This bag doesn’t bring anything unprecedented in terms of features, but it offers many small upgrades.  Starting with storage, the SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag has a magnetic pocket above the ball pocket which is perfect for a rangefinder.  A subtle upgrade to this feature is the large handle which makes it very easy to open.

Moving to the right, the apparel pocket covers almost the entire side of the bag, so there’s ample room to store a full rain suit or cold weather gear.  This side also features a waterproof velour-lined valuables pocket.  The waterproofing is another upgrade that elevates the Pantheon above many of its peers.

Finally, on the left side of the bag, there’s an additional zippered pocket and large, insulated bottle sleeve.  This sleeve is bigger than most that I’ve seen, which is a plus for those that like to carry oversized water bottles.

Rounding out the features are a towel clip and an umbrella sleeve.  Once again, this umbrella sleeve is a bit better than it needs to be, securing the umbrella in the middle as well as the top and bottom.


The first thing I noticed when I unboxed the SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag is the weight.  At 5.85 pounds, it’s among the heavier stand bags I’ve tested.  Can you cancel this out by dumping that 3W you never hit or toting fewer balls?  Absolutely.  But if you’re a regular walker who values light weight, this may not be for you.

Moving to the top, the Pantheon Stand Bag features a four-way top with three full-length dividers.  The top is 8″ X 11″, giving you plenty of room to slide clubs in and out.  If you pack in 14 clubs with midsize grips, things get a little tight.  Anything less and sliding clubs in and out is effortless.

The Pantheon also features a hinged base to activate the legs, which regular readers know is a major plus in my book.  This mechanism is much more durable than the alternatives, and it provides a more stable base when the legs are extended.

I’ve saved the best for last: the strap system.  For some reason SuperStroke doesn’t mention this on their site, but they gave the Pantheon two fully interchangeable sets of straps: a single strap and a set of backpack straps.  This is far and away the best feature on the bag.  I’ve seen other golf bags that try to offer this versatility, but nothing that gets it quite right.  With the Pantheon, both the single strap and backpack straps are perfectly balanced and adjustable.  While I suspect most golfers will pick one strap and leave it, I applaud SuperStroke for offering this option.


The SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag is an impressive offering from an unlikely source.  If you want a stand bag that has a premium look and the versatility to work well on and off a cart, this is definitely one to consider.

Buy the SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag HERE

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  1. This is a vessel bag correct?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know who is manufacturing these bags. There are definitely some similarities to some of Vessel’s bags.



  2. Way 2 Heavy for a stand bag !

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