Sun Mountain Tour Series+ Rain Jacket Review

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The Sun Mountain Tour Series+ rain jacket scores extremely high for waterproofing and breathability.  37.5 technology makes it comfortable in a wide range of temperatures.  Moves easily.


Unlike my golf bag, my golf wardrobe turns over a lot.  One piece that has remained in place for over three years, however, is the Sun Mountain Colter Vest [review HERE].  Powered by 37.5 Technology, it keeps me warm without overheating, making it a go-to piece for a wide range of weather conditions.  When I had the chance to check out the latest piece powered by 37.5, the Sun Mountain Tour Series+ rain jacket, I jumped at the chance.


The Sun Mountain Tour Series+ rain jacket strikes a nice middle ground between wearable and boring.  It stays out of the monochromatic, zero design look of many rain jackets, but it doesn’t go too far into being trendy.  There’s contrast on the chest and back panels and along the inside of the sleeves.  Sun Mountain branding is kept to a minimum – small logos on the neck and right sleeve.

Each individual golfer can dress to their personal style level with four colorways.  The most staid will opt for the classic black/grey.  Royal blue/grey and grey/white are nice options for those in the middle.  I opted for the trendiest colorway – spruce/navy – which I think will still have good longevity.


Similar to the look, the fit of the Sun Mountain Tour Series+ rain jacket hits the middle of the bell curve.  The body isn’t overly baggy, but it’s not fitted.  I tested this jacket in size large – my normal outerwear size – and I could comfortably get two layers underneath it.  The jacket extends a couple inches past my belt, allowing for a customized fit at whatever length I choose with the built-in drawstring at the waist.

Just like the body, the sleeves are neither wind flaps nor sausage casings.  You might have some difficulty if you’re wearing a bulky sweater or hoody underneath, but long sleeve t-shirts or quarter zips will have no trouble.


The Sun Mountain Tour Series+ rain jacket carries a waterproof rating of 20,000+ mm.  That sounds great, but I had to turn to Google to figure out exactly what it means.  I learned that it’s among the highest ratings possible – waterproof and rainproof under high pressure.  In my less scientific testing, this jacket kept me completely dry.  Sun Mountain added smart features to enhance the material like waterproof zippers, a drawstring at the waist, and long Velcro strips at the wrists.  I emphasize the size of these strips because they allow for a truly customized fit.  Whether you have big or small wrists, want a tight or loose fit, or are looking to peek at a GPS watch between shots, you’ll be able to dial the sleeves in perfectly.

While rain resistance is great, there are a lot of jackets that will keep you dry.  What elevates the Sun Mountain Tour Series+ rain jacket is the breathability and temperature control.  This jacket uses 37.5 technology and scores a breathability of 30,000+ (again, about as high as you can score).  Practically speaking, this means that your rain jacket won’t turn into a personal sauna.  You no longer have to choose between being wet or being overheated (or cold).  The 37.5 technology does an amazing job of keeping you warm when you need it without making you uncomfortable in the heat.

Finally, the Tour Series+ moves very well.  One major factor is the construction.  There is not a traditional shoulder seam – the connection is made across the top of the chest.  This, combined with the 4-way stretch of the material, allows you to swing your arms in every direction and turn your body without ever feeling a hint of constriction.


If you’re looking for a rain jacket that you can wear in all weather, you’d have a hard time finding something better than the Sun Mountain Tour Series+.  With some of the highest possible scores for waterproofing and breathability, it will keep you dry and comfortable whether you’re dealing with a summer sun shower or a cool fall rain.

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  1. This may be what I’ve been looking for. For an average person, would this be comfortable in the 40-60 degree F range? I’m hoping this is what you mean by “wide range of temperatures”. Thanks

  2. Bruce Neerhof

    Was really interested until I saw the price!

  3. Michael Lew

    @Matt Saternus, great article and I am true believer in 37.5 Technology since the beginning. I am an apparel developer in performance and life style brands. I would love to connect sometime.

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