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The Sun Mountain Colter Vest is perfect for the variable, in-between weather of fall and spring.  Warm without being bulky or restrictive.


I love fall, it’s my favorite time to play golf.  What I don’t love is the need to change apparel constantly as the temperate shifts and the sun goes in and out of clouds.  With the Colter Vest, Sun Mountain has created a piece of outerwear that you can leave on to stay comfortable through all the varying fall temperatures.


The Sun Mountain Colter Vest has a clean, slim look.  This is thanks to the lack of puffy filling that I typically associate with vests (more on this later).  The grey side panels offer a nice contrast to the black front and back without screaming for attention.  Thanks to the basic color scheme, this is a piece you can wear with absolutely anything.

Sun Mountain also offers a Colter Jacket.  The jacket features sleeves that are the same color as the sides of the vest and a hood that matches the body.  The Colter Jacket is available in four colors: black, navy, platinum, and steel.


The first thing I noticed when I pulled on the Colter Vest is the amount of stretch in the side panels.  Virtually every piece of golf apparel claims that it has stretch properties, but this really stretches.  Between the insane stretch in the sides and the lack of bulk in the front panels, swinging in the Colter Vest is a breeze.

What’s even more impressive is the way the Colter Vest kept me comfortable in a wide range of temperatures.  Sun Mountain uses 37.5 insulation in this vest which is known to “actively regulate body temp and resist moisture.”  Here are the practical results: I put on the Colter Vest to go to the range in the early morning when it was in the high 40s and felt great.  I kept it on in the late morning as I ran errands and did yardwork with temps in the 50s and 60s.  When the temperature got to the mid 70s and I went biking, I left the vest on because it still felt great.  Also, while a vest is obviously limited in its rain protection, the material on the front and back did a great job keeping me dry in light rain.

Stay comfortable and dry with the Sun Mountain Tour Series+ Jacket HERE

When it comes to pockets, more is not better.  I want exactly the amount I need, because I don’t want to play, “Which pocket is my ball marker in?” every time I get to the green.  Sun Mountain got this exactly right.

There are four pockets on the Colter Vest.  Two are “hand warmer” pockets on the hips.  In addition, there are two zippered chest pockets, one internal (above), one external.  I love this combination because I can use the internal pocket for things I want to carry but don’t need regular access to.


The Sun Mountain Colter Vest is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  It’s a single piece of outerwear that keeps me comfortable in temperatures ranging from the 40s to the 70s.  I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I got it, and I don’t expect to stop until I transition to my winter coat.  If you love fall golf, this is a piece you should definitely add to your wardrobe.

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