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Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX Review

By: Zack Buechner

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The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX is the latest push cart from Sun Mountain that makes walking stress-free.  This cart is simple yet sturdy, easy to fold and transport, and has adequate storage for anything you might need on the course.


Sun Mountain’s roots started in 1981 when they used backpack technology to create a better lightweight carry bag.  They’ve come a long way since backpack straps; they’re now a leader in the industry for push carts.  The 2018 Speed Cart GX is a product of their constant innovation and is perfect for the golfer who regularly walks but needs a cart they can easily transport.

The GX is Sun Mountain’s latest version of their best-selling Speed Cart.  The E-Z latch system was improved to ensure a tighter lock when the cart is folded up or in use while they also added a secondary mesh basket halfway down the frame.  This cart is not overly complicated nor does it need directions for use.  Every golf item has a specific place or holster.

Size and Setup

The Speed Cart GX is well designed, using two rotating latching brackets to fold the handle and front wheel into a compact and easy-to-load position.  When fully assembled, the wheels are wide enough for balance but can also fit through a doorway.

The rotating latches easily adjust handle height and settings based upon personal preference and bag type. I quickly realized that a more horizontal bag setting can cause the weight to shift to the back of the cart and tip over towards the handle.  This was easily fixed by adjusting the front wheel latch and moving my bag to the most upright and vertical position.  The bag can also remain on the cart when one or both latches are folded for storage which allows for the whole unit to be stored or transported together.

Storage and Accessories

My favorite part of the GX is that it has a spot for everything.  The cell phone pocket holds the phone upright and facing the golfer with screen visibility.  Being able to check your phone quickly between shots without lifting a finger is a very convenient feature.

There are two mesh baskets that are secure enough to retain valuables but will likely be used for snacks, pullovers, headcovers, or extra towels.  The bottle holder is a little rigid and is not adjustable.  It fits to approximately the width of a can of soda but anything wider and you may require the larger bottle carrier.  The universal umbrella canister is user-friendly and easily stored underneath the handle when not in use. There is a wide range of accessories such as coolers and a seat that easily attach to the cart for those looking for a little extra out of their push cart.

On-Course Performance

Like any push cart, the Speed Cart GX makes walking a whole lot easier and less complicated.  An important part of any push cart is that you want to feel as if the cart is gliding along the turf.  The large wheels roll right over rough terrain, and the ability to adjust the handle to my desired height makes it comfortable to use.  I found that the bag’s angled positioning keeps the weight distributed evenly between all 3 wheels and almost makes the cart feel lighter than it is.

The braking mechanism is conveniently located on the right side of the handle and uses a pin-system to lock the back right wheel into place.  The brake itself is durable and could certainly withstand several seasons of use without fail.  Unfortunately, because it is attached to the back right wheel, it also serves as an axis if the other 2 wheels if they are stopped on higher ground.  This is not a huge deal, but I had to get used to making sure the brake wheel was always on the highest point of any hills.

The padded valuables tray is perfect for watches, earrings, or anything else you may need to remove and store once you arrive to the course.  I loved using the Speed Cart GX as there is plenty of storage and the 2-step system is simple enough where it was never a burden taking it from my house to the course.


The Speed Cart GX is a durable pushcart, perfect for any golfer that has to regularly transport their equipment.  The 2-step E-Z latch system makes it seamless to maneuver to your liking.  The GX doesn’t lack in storage and features either.  With modern touches like a smart phone slot with a charger-cord-hole beneath, the GX makes the walk effortless.

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  1. Christopher James

    Thanks for the review. I am in the market for a new pushcart and will consider the Speed Cart GX!

  2. I have an original Speed Cart when first introduced over 15 years ago and use it every time I play – twice a week on average. It’s basically the same cart without all the extra accessories and still looks like new. I have taken very good care of this exceptionally innovative and quality product and will use it for years to come.

  3. What is the approximate folded size?

  4. Can you tell me how to adjust the cart so it Doesn’t pull so hard to the right. If I let go of the cart down a short hill it makes a hard right turn. I thought at first that it was the weight of my bag but it does it even when I take the bag completely off the cart. I’m on my third sun mountain push cart so I love the product. Just need to make it go a little straighter.

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s not something that we’ve experienced with the cart we tested, though I have experienced it with other carts. Have you contacted Sun Mountain? They may have a solution.



    • Donald Earl Manges

      Mine veers too the right when it rolls by itself, anyway to fix that

      • Matt Saternus


        I don’t let mine roll independently, so I’m not sure. I might try balancing the weight out.



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  6. I picked up a GX back in September to finally join the push cart mafia and really enjoy it so far. Mine pushes straight.

    My only tip so far is if you are using a large umbrella and there is wind, don’t use the bungie strap on the umbrella holder to secure the umbrella to the cart. I had mine secured and a bit of wind tipped the whole thing over into a muddy mess. Now I don’t use that strap since I’d much rather have the umbrella pop out of the holder than take the cart/bag over on its side. I’d never used an umbrella before while just carrying so this is a new deluxe feature for me in northwest soggy weather and its been getting me out more in the rain.

    For the drink holder, I find either a 12/16 oz can or my Camelbak Chute Mag 13 ounce rigid water bottle works great.

  7. Dean Snyder

    Does the cart still fold up if you have the seat attachment?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’ve never used the seat, so I can’t speak to that with any authority. My guess would be no, but it’s just a guess.



  8. Mike Johnson

    I have a sun mountain speed cart purchased directly from Sun Mountain a few years ago. I specifically bought this unit because of the pop-up seat. They sent my some sort of replacement bracket for the seat (Unsolicited on my part) I assume they recognized some sort of defect.
    Well, the replacement part they sent me didn’t fit. I notified them of this and never hear from them again. In the mean time the seat collapsed on Me causing Me to fall, cut myself and ripped my pants. other carts now have pop-up seats Buy one of those.
    I’d specifically like to Thank (NOT) Rachel of the Sun Mountain NON-customer Service Department

  9. I have a SM 3 wheeler, probably 10 years or more now, though I didn’t play for 4 years. It’s still as good as ever. Mine is aluminum construction. A friend has been looking at them and told me they are all plastic now. Any comments on construction materials?

  10. Does the front wheel swivel?

    • Zack Buechner

      Hey Joyce, the wheel does not swivel left to right. It does move up and down to adjust the height of the cart though.

  11. I have a seat on mine. It works great and the cart folds all the way just like it did without it!

  12. My new GX model does not accommodate my SM umbrella. The Velcro strap meant to hold the top of the umbrella to the cart does not fit around the top of the umbrella that holds it against the cart… the cart folding knob is also in the way of the handle of the umbrella. I went back to the pro shop where I bought it and the other three SM GX carts have the same problem. The pro shop staff looked at and said you’ll have to put the umbrella where the putter goes. My SM Speed Cart IV which I had for 8 years handled the umbrella fine. If SM does not have a work around for this DONT BUY the GX.

  13. Linda DeLong

    Had always been a Sun Mountain push cart consumer, but no longer. I purchased a GX in November 2020 and ended up going back to my old one (with pneumatic tires) until I just purchased another brand. So sad because Sun Mountain always made a quality cart. The new one would tip over, had a very inconvenient place for the water bottle, and had a brake opposite of the older models – which I kept accidentally setting – especially when reaching for my water bottle.

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