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Sun Mountain 5.5 LS Stand Bag Review


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The Sun Mountain 5.5 LS stand bag is the largest of their Lightweight Series providing ample storage without weighing you down too much.



Finding that balance between comfortable walking weight, ample storage, and good design is always a challenge with a stand bag.  Sun Mountain has been a leader in this area, and the 2017 lineup is no exception.  The new Sun Mountain 5.5 LS stand bag brings a larger option to the Lightweight Series of bags coming in at only 5.5 pounds with more than enough storage.



Sun Mountain continues to update their looks without making a massive departure from their signature style.  The Sun Mountain 5.5 LS stand bag is offered in a variety of colors allowing you to be as bold or as modest as you’d like.  I’ve always found the lines on Sun Mountain bags to be sleek and the new 5.5 LS is no different.

I’ve said it before: my favorite part of any Sun Mountain bag’s looks is that it screams, “I mean business, and I have a serious bag.”



I’ve sworn by Sun Mountain bags for the past five years primarily for their quality.  I’ve tried different bags for various reasons, but I always end up back with Sun Mountain because their design is good and the bags hold up well year after year.  The Sun Mountain 5.5 LS stand bag is durable with heavy-duty components that will last a long time.


Design & Performance

Yes, five and a half pounds is a fairly large number for a light weight stand bag, but there are numerous benefits.  The Sun Mountain 5.5 LS stand bag has an eleven inch top to make sliding clubs in and out easier.  With the exception of the 14-way 4.5 LS, the rest of the LS bags have nine inch or smaller tops.  Most of any additional weight will come from overloading the extra cargo space available to you in the 5.5 LS.  It’s up to you to be smart about your bag inventory.

Another design feature I quickly appreciated were the three waterproof pockets.  There’s a clear waterproof pocket on the side for your cell phone or other device requiring visibility.  The standard “keys and wallet” pocket is waterproof, and there’s a thermo-formed velour-lined pocket to fully protect your GPS or laser.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I appreciate the dedicated pocket designed to protect such an expensive piece of gear.

Finally, the 5.5 LS has the X-Strap system as opposed to the E-Z Fit which is now on only found on the 4.5 bags.  While I prefer the E-Z Fit straps, the X-Strap is still very comfortable and works well.



At first glance, the Sun Mountain 5.5 LS stand bag does seem a bit large for what it is supposed to be a lightweight walking golf bag, but I realized two things from my testing.  First, the 5.5 doesn’t feel heavy if you don’t carry unnecessary weight like too many balls or six bottles of sunscreen.  Second, the added space really makes the “normal” functions easier.  It was easier to remove and replace my golf clubs without them getting caught up in each other.  Rather than cramming my rain jacket into the apparel pocket and having difficulty zipping it shut, I was able to comfortably fit the essentials without having a bulging pocket sticking out the side.

The Sun Mountain 5.5 LS is a practical, larger stand bag that can realistically be used for a walking round of golf.

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  1. Golf Reviewer

    Nice bag.

  2. Bill,

    Does this bag have a Velcro patch for storing your glove?


  3. Does not have the Velcro patch, however, I use the handle on top of the bag for my gloves. Actually like it better as it keeps the glove open and the breeze can dry it up quicker.
    Just bought the bag a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love the bag. More than enough storage for easy access during a game. Love the hard cover for the Laser.

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