Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag Review


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The Sun Mountain 2.5+ stand bag is a sub-three pound stand bag that doesn’t skimp on the necessary requirements.


Finding the right combination of storage, weight, and durability is the eternal struggle for the perfect stand bag.  To make a light bag, most manufacturers sacrifice useful pockets or strong materials, and the final product shows it.  The Sun Mountain 2.5+ stand bag carries a sub-three pound weight and still maintains the Sun Mountain standard of quality that golfers have come to expect.


From a style perspective, the Sun Mountain 2.5+ stand bag is a no-frills workhorse.  There are eight different color options to express yourself with, but the 2.5+ is otherwise a minimalist bag.  No one will accuse you of having the flashy attention grabbing bag on the course – unless you go with the neon yellow/black option like I would have done in my more youthful years.


When looking at the quality of the Sun Mountain 2.5+ stand bag, you have to consider its place in the bag market.  For such a lightweight bag, the handles, zippers, and legs are are very sturdy and will hold up as good as any heavy-duty bag.  It’s quickly apparent that the nylon used on the bag is lighter in weight, but rest assured that the durability is not compromised.

If you’re familiar with Sun Mountain stand bags, you will find the stand mechanism to be lighter as well.  The stand mechanism adds a lot of weight to a bag, so Sun Mountain had to drop a few ounces there.  As a result, the stand takes a little more force than normal, but it’s still perfectly functional.

Design & Performance

The new Sun Mountain 2.5+ is adapted from the original 2Five, but a few key updates were made.  My biggest complaint with the previous version was that the ball pocket didn’t close.  On the 2.5+, the ball pocket is a fully zippered pocket.

Sun Mountain also added more padding to the double strap, making for a much more comfortable carry.  Rounding out the design, the 2.5+ has a full-length apparel pocket, velour-lined valuables pocket, side pocket, drink pocket, four-way divider, and sturdy handles.

From a functionality standpoint, the 2.5+ stand bag performs bigger than its size.  Typically these smaller profile bags make for a tight fit with a full set of clubs.  The opening is a four-way top and a compressed nine inches, but it fits clubs comfortably.  So far through multiple rounds, I’ve found pulling and returning clubs to be just as easy as with my usual Three 5.  The new higher density foam dual straps are more comfortable and distribute the weight evenly.  If you’re more of a single strap player, the strap works well in this configuration too.


I can confidently tell you that Sun Mountain delivered a perfect modern carry bag in the 2.5+ stand bag.  It’s a lightweight bag that’s still sturdy, comfortable and easy to carry, with plenty of storage.  Where I’ve felt other lightweight carry bags have come up short, the Sun Mountain 2.5+ has made a strong argument to be my everyday golf bag.

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  1. I’ve carried the 2.5+ for 4 rounds. I also owned the original 2.5. The new 2.5+ is a better bag in all areas – full ball pocket, more substantial straps, better padding, drink pocket, better materials. I use it when carrying and traveling to keep my travel bag light but it’s not a full-time cart bag. When you attempt to place too much in it, then its purpose, a light carry, is negated. I keep my old 3.5DX from 2013 around for cart and range duty. In sum, excellent liteweight carry.

  2. I have strong doubts about light weight bags as I have had 3 that have broken. Had 2 of the original Sun Mt. 2.5. On one, the seams on the clothing pocket broke and on another, the seams on the ball pocket gave way. I assure u that I did not overload and stress pocket with balls or clothing unduly. I also had an ultra light Titleist Stadry and one of the carbon fiber legs broke off without me even knowing it. I switched to the Titleist thinking it was more durable, but the leg definitely was not. A golf store employee agreed that the ultra light bags are not that durable as a consequence of trying to make them as light as possible. I had each bag less than 6 months before each broke down. Due to breakdowns, I have seen that the new Sun Mt. 2.5+ appears to be built better, but buyer beware.

  3. Mike Eovino

    I’m on my second season with the original 2.5, and I love it. I’m curious as to your statement about the ball pocket not closing. Unless I’m using the bag incorrectly, I use the small zippered pocket on the side for balls. I stick a small water bottle in the elastic pocket along the spine of the bag. But I’m glad to hear they’ve made it even better.

  4. Looks like a great update to the original 2.5. One question though – are the club dividers full length dividers? If not, that could prove a bit annoying on getting clubs in and out. Right now I have a 4 year old Titleist Ultra-Lightweight stand bag, and I love the weight to functionality ratio, but the top is only a 3-way divider, which has always bothered me. I’m considering the SM 2.5+ because it’s a 4-way divider and I’m hoping club access will be much easier, but again, wondering if those are full length dividers inside the bag. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t review this bag, so I’m not 100% sure, but I believe there’s only one full length divider.



  5. #SecretGiveaway
    I carry only 5 clubs and was looking for a ultralight single strap carry bag. This bag is fantastic and the separate full, length dividers make it unique among the ultralight bags. The only issue I had with the bag was that a full water bottle (500mls) made the bag lopsided, which does affect the tilt of the bag from top to bottom: I carried water with dual and single strap but the effect is the same. This is a beautifully constructed golf bag and is perfect for anyone who wants to walk the course with a half set and remember what playing golf is all about!
    I read/watched 20 plus articles on this product, as it is not cheap, and this was by far the best.

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