Sub 70 Wedge Review

By: Dylan Thaemert

50 Words or Less

The Sub 70 wedge is a high quality forged CNC milled wedge available in three distinct finishes at a price that is about half of what golfers have come to expect from major OEMs.


Sub 70 is one of the emerging names in the direct to consumer golf equipment space.  Based in the Midwest, they pride themselves on creating high quality customizable equipment at an extremely affordable price.  While the shaft and loft is customizable, lie angle and bounce remain constant across Sub 70’s first wedge offering. Let’s find out how it performs.



The shape of the club head is fairly standard.  The blade length isn’t too short or too long or too squat or too tall, and as a result it is easy to look down at.  The black finish comes in somewhere between a gloss and a matte.  The key is that it does a good job of eliminating glare from the sun.

On the face, you can see the milling texture between the grooves.  It looks like it’s going to grab that ball and spin it, and that inspired confidence over the ball.  The leading edge, however, looked a little too rounded for my taste.  It made me feel that it might dig into the turf or sand before making clean contact with the ball.  As you’ll see below, that was more of a mental and visual thing than a practical concern, but it’s still something to be aware of.

Sound & Feel

The Sub 70 wedge feels stable in your hands.  The club I tested came with a KBS Tour 120 shaft and it felt very good on both full swings and more controlled pitches and chips.

The feel off the face was considerably firmer than my gamers.  The noise is a bit of a ‘thwack’ that tends toward the lower end of the register, as opposed to a higher pitch ‘click’ of some other wedges.  While the feel was not exactly what I am used to, I did think that it provided adequate feedback about quality and location of strike.


The 56 degree wedge is one of my favorite clubs in the bag.  I rely on it every single round to hit a variety of shots – probably more so than any other club.  I was pleased to find that the Sub 70 was able to answer the call when faced with this challenge.  From low pitch and runs from greenside rough to flighted down three quarter shots from 75 yards in the fairway to sand explosions, it had the versatility required of a 56 degree wedge.

While I wasn’t able to test the club on a launch monitor, I do feel confident based on on-course performance that the Sub 70 wedge spins very similarly to my gamer.  Shots struck crisply from the fairway sat down quickly on greens that were fairly firm.


Overall the Sub 70 wedge performed well.  Is it the right wedge to go in your bag?  It all depends on your preferences of looks and feel.  Thankfully, Sub 70 makes it very easy for golfers to find out if their clubs are right for them. The company has rolled out a demo program that makes it affordable to get their clubs through the mail and give them a trial period out on the course.

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Sub 70 Wedge Price & Specs

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  1. Thanks for the review. I have been looking at these for a while now on their website and been waiting for your review. Hmmmm idk if I just order one with my length shaft and specs or try the demo program. When I upgrade the shaft to my standard shaft, length, and grip its about 2/3 of a new Mack Daddy or equivalent class wedge. Do you feel the performance is comparable enough with the added price of customization?

    • Matt Saternus

      Per Dylan:

      Performance-wise, yes, I think it is commensurate with the disparity in price. But I think the nuances of looks and feels are where that money becomes great value or not. Unless you’re happy to spend the money to buy one as a test, I think the demo program is a nice option that people should take advantage of. Thanks for the question.

  2. Any LH versions

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