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The STITCH Multiuse Traveler Bag is a standard roller duffle bag that can be quickly converted into a golf travel bag.  Good quality build and materials, high ease of use.


For us diehards, golf travel often represents one of the highlights in a given year.  We get to spend quality time with friends, experience new places, play great golf courses, and get away from the grind of daily life for a few days.  Packing and toting all the necessary gear isn’t always such a pleasure.  The STITCH Multiuse Traveler Bag (MUT) aims to make it as simple as possible while also being an option for non-golf trips.


The Stitch Multiuse Traveler Bag quickly converts from a TSA-approved standard roller duffle bag to a golf travel bag with the pull of a zipper.

There’s only so much style one can reasonably expect from a duffle or travel bag, but the Stitch MUT looks pretty cool.  It’s primarily black with an orange stripe down the central zipper as well as the orange Stitch logo patch.  This is the only colorway offered as of writing.  It can also be customized to include your initials on a rubber ingot, which is a nice touch.


The materials of the Stitch Multiuse Traveler Bag feel sturdy but not necessarily either luxe or military-grade.  I get the impression that the bag will likely weather quite a few years of travel, if not a full lifetime.

The upper portion around the club heads is more padded than the rest of the bag.  This lends a bit more peace of mind when entrusting your precious sticks to your airline of choice.  That said, anytime you’re traveling with your golf clubs in a soft-sided case, there are some good precautions to take.  We have a full feature on that HERE, but chief among the recommendations is removing the club head from your driver.  It’s also advisable to fill the empty space to give your clubs less room to move.

Design & Performance

In considering performance, it’s important to differentiate between the two functions of the Stitch Multiuse Traveler Bag.  Looking at its functionality as a duffle, it’s pretty bare bones.  It has minimal storage options, just a couple of non-padded zipper pockets.  Everything else will have to go in the main compartment.

It certainly isn’t an overly heavy bag, but I’m not necessarily excited to carry around unused material when using it as a roller bag.  The retractable handle and wheels work as intended.  Converting it to its club-carrying purpose is simple.

As a golf travel bag, the MUT works well.  Coming from a hard case, it was a bit more challenging to get my golf bag into the MUT but in the end, my Vessel Player IV (review HERE) did fit well.  Users of massive cart bags may want to look elsewhere.

The bag includes a torsion bar which is meant to help keep clubheads safe during travel.  It seems to work but I’ve always thought it was a good idea to remove clubheads before a trip and I will continue that practice when using this bag.  Lifting and maneuvering this bag is far easier than my hard case, that’s for sure.


The STITCH Multiuse Traveler Bag is a novel concept.  While it seems to function great as a golf club travel bag, I’m not sure how often it will get used in its duffle format.  Perhaps the ideal application is one where clubs are only making one half of the journey.  The MUT retails for $498 and was listed for $349 at time of writing.


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