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State Apparel designs golf clothes with innovative features to help you perform your best on the course.


Throughout the golf apparel industry, it seems that every company wants to be a “lifestyle brand.”  While I certainly get the appeal of having golf clothes with off-course wearability, I find State Apparel’s focus on on-course performance refreshing.  Designed and manufactured in San Francisco, California, State Apparel is clothes by golfers, for golfers, with features you won’t find anywhere else.


As a brand focused on performance, State Apparel keeps their style fairly conservative but with some interesting details.  Most of their shirts are solids with contrast in the collar or an embroidered logo.  The new Green Collar polo, seen above, shows this style at its boldest.

Their pants are slightly more eye-catching because of the contrast in the pockets and the unique cuffs.  That said, the primary colors of their bottoms are standard: khaki, grey, navy.


In the two shirts that I tested, the fit was very accommodating.  At 6 feet, 195 pounds, I found the large to be comfortable.  They were fitted in the chest and sleeves with ample room around the midsection.

By contrast, the pants were a bit snug.  I ordered a 33″ waist, 1 inch larger than my actual measurement.  The waist itself was right on the number, but the thighs and seat were tight.  Since these pants are made of heavier-than-standard material, the tightness made them slightly cumbersome.  If you have thinner legs, these pants will fit great, but those that live in the weight room will need to size up a couple inches in the waist to get more space.


It’s time to dive into the features that make State Apparel unique, and we’ll start with what I consider their signature product, the Competition Pants.  The first thing I noticed about these pants was the weight.  Unlike most golf pants, these are heavy, meant for cool days and able to withstand the wind and rain.

The secret advantage they give you is helping you stay clean.  There are “wiping elements” in the cuffs, side pockets, and rear pockets designed to help you clean your hands, golf ball, or club face.  I can hear some people saying, “You can wipe your ball on any pants.”  Yes, you can, but A) your pants aren’t designed for getting dirt off a ball and B) you’ll stain your pants.  Having played numerous rounds in the Competition Pants, I can attest that it’s really convenient to have these “built-in towels” handy.  I found myself cleaning my ball more because it was convenient, and we know that a clean, dry ball is essential to creating spin.

The Sunday Shirt is similar to the Competition Pants in that it’s heavy and designed for cooler temperatures.  It also has a wiping element in the side panel, which I used frequently.

Finally, the Green Collar Shirt is one of State Apparel’s offerings for warmer weather.  It’s noticeably lighter than the Sunday Shirt.  It doesn’t have the wiping elements that the Sunday Shirt does, but it’s useful in another way: a portion of the proceeds are donated to Audobon International’s Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf.


There are plenty of reasons to like State Apparel.  From the innovative features to their charitable endeavors to their commitment to making clothes in the USA, almost everyone can find something to connect to.  And while their clothes aren’t guaranteed to lower your handicap, a clean ball and club face do give you the best chance for spinning back your next wedge shot.

Matt Saternus

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  1. I’ve worn State Apparel for almost 3 years when they started with their Kickstarter Campaign. They sent a sample of one of everything, and two of some of the apparel. I must say that I really appreciate the competition pants in winter – wind/water resistant – okay they will repel the sprinkles – they are my ultimate golf pant in cooler weather – they are also lined for warmth and have the cuffs you can show for wiping of mud and grime. Expensive but get one pair. The shirts are also a bit thicker for colder weather and stretch towards the bottom; and the 1/4 Zip Pullovers – great for a coolish morning, light so you can pull off when the weather warms up.

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