Srixon ZX4 Irons Review

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The hollow body design of the Srixon ZX4 irons offers easy launching distance with loads of forgiveness.  Smart looks, satisfying feel.

Check out the Srixon ZX4 Mk II irons HERE


The buzz started last fall when Srixon revealed the new ZX irons – ZX5, ZX7 and ZX utility.  The buzz amplified with the unveiling of their new woods.  You can check out all those reviews HERE.  What we didn’t know then was that Srixon had one more ace up their sleeve – the ZX4 irons.  The all new, hollow body game improvement irons opened the door to golfers who may have thought Srixon clubs were only for better players.  Could they match the accolades of the rest of the ZX family?  It’s time to find out.


Distinguishable by their wider footprint, the Srixon ZX4 irons share a lot of visual elements with the rest of the lineup.  In the bag, the Tour V.T. Sole is quintessential Srixon.  Minimal branding and a shallow cavity give the clubs a clean look.  Face on, the matte and chrome finish and grooves devoid of paint fill give the forged steel face a smart look.

At address, the ZX4 irons reveal their more forgiving aspects.  The topline is thick which helps hide the wide body that starts to show with the 7 iron.  Offset and blade length are typical for a game improvement iron and offer proportions that are comforting to golfers who shy away from more compact players irons.

Sound & Feel

The ZX4 irons produced a crisp ‘crack’ with just a tinge of hollowness in the tone.  The sound was consistent on contact within the grooves.  The feel started off fairly soft with the pitching wedge and became firmer as I worked up the set.

I enjoyed the stable, well struck feel that virtually every reasonable strike produced.  If you prefer feedback in your hands, check out the other ZX irons.  If, like me, you don’t need a reminder when the strike isn’t pure, the ZX4 is your friend.


Starting with the ZX4 pitching wedge, my first field note was “easy launch, high arc, soft landing.”  All great attributes that gave me positive vibes.  Working up to the 7, I had a fleeting thought on the first swing that it must have been a 9 iron based on the towering trajectory.  Seeing it land next to the 150 yard flag, my typical 7 iron distance, I knew I had pulled the right club – and was impressed with the beautiful trajectory.  The longer irons produced more penetrating balls flights with less spin and more roll-out.

As I became more accustomed to the Srixon ZX4 irons, I was easily gaining about 5 yards on my gamers which I would attribute to slightly stronger lofts.  I found ample forgiveness across the set.  Thin shots still got airborne, providing enough height and ball speed to end up losing only 10-15 yards.  I learned to appreciate the turf interaction of the Tour V.T. Sole with the ZX5 irons, and the wider version on the ZX4 irons nicely shallowed out chunky shots when I put them to the test.

The forgiveness I observed is rooted in the head design of the ZX4 irons.  The hollow design of the body expands the performance zone, while the milled pattern on the backside of the face maximizes ball speed across that zone.  Srixon also added tungsten in the base of the 4 thru 7 irons, lowering the center of gravity to aid in launch.


From every angle of evaluation, the Srixon ZX4 irons are deserving of a seat at the Srixon family dinner table.  With clean looks, satisfying feel, and ample forgiveness, the ZX4 irons are an appealing option in the game improvement category.  And while many golfers are already enjoying the benefit of a blended ZX5/ZX7 set, the ZX4 offers another option for forgiveness in longer irons.

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Srixon ZX4 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Matt, please compare these to the Ping G 425 irons that you also reviewed. The Pings are less expensive and not as strong lofted but other than that I am curious about your opinion? Thank you

    • Matt Meeker

      General comparisons are an endless endeavor Jim, but I’ll offer this – I gamed the G410s for two years and would be more comfortable playing the G425s over the ZX4s.

      – Meeks

      • Nice to see a Srixon review that does not start with “Srixon is underrated, under-appreciated”. They make quality clubs and the new range is good looking as well. Surely, Hideki’s Master win will put the brand in some well deserved spotlight.

        Nice review and among the best looking game improvement clubs around, but am happy to stick to my srixon z355s for now, which I bought based on the review on this site.

    • can you compare z565 to zx4

  2. Thank you for thee response. That is the type of opinion I was looking for.

  3. Nice review. I played the Ping G425 irons and recently switched to the ZX4 irons. I find the ZX4 irons performance better for me as far as distance, forgiveness and feel. The long irons in the ZX4 are super easy to hit. The only drawback is the low spin that results in the ball run out on the greens.

    • Great review, thank you! I do have to say that one of your master writers is whomever does the bios. Haha. I’m glad I found this (I have come to value the analyses of ‘pluggsd in’ reviews) as I have an opportunity to purchase a partial set of these: 4-8i (don’t ask me, shrug) with the NS Pro shafts for a price comparable to that of just one iron. This will definitely help me decide. Im just not on board with the ‘game improvement’ movement. Should be called ‘they make your terrible game much more enjoyable to play’ clubs.

  4. Meeks, did you find any differences in performance and feel compared to quite similarly constructed UHX?

    • Matt Meeker

      There was quite a time gap between hitting them so it’s probably not fair to for the UHX’s, but to me the ZX4s had a better overall feel.

      – Meeks

  5. Tom Duckworth

    Could you offer an opinion on how these compare to the utility irons?
    I have 765/565 with U65 4 iron and wonder about ZX7/ZX5 combo into
    utility or these.

  6. Pretty soon, the 7 Iron will be able to be used as a putter. SMH

    No Thanks

    • Danie Maré

      There is a nice TXG video out this week that shows how these almost putter 7 irons peak the ball just as high as a “traditionally” lofted non-putter 7 iron. Understanding the trade offs on spin and decent angle is crucial, so informing whose game will be best suited for these types of irons.

      Are they for everyone? No because some have a 110 mph + driver swing speed. But for that 80mph’er these can be a godsend. But to be snide about putter like 7 irons are disrespectful to the engineers and the intended user.

  7. To the Censorship police.

    This site seems to censor any type of comment that does not agree with their biased views.
    More cancel culture disease at work.

    Good Riddance.

    • Matt Meeker

      Sorry we weren’t able to approve your comment quick enough for you John. I try to address comments to my posts within 24 hours, but I had my mother visiting yesterday. She tells me I’m a good boy who writes fair and honest reviews. I’ll let the other writers know you won’t be visiting the site any longer.

      All the best – Meeks

    • Alex bollag

      Lol gg

  8. Hi Matt

    So i have a question about the ultimate combo set for the Irons. From what i read and tried I’m leaning towards the Srixon ZX in the longest Irons (ZXU in the 3 and ZX5 in the 4,5) and the Mizuno MP-20 MB in the 6,7,8,9. I’d probably play a X100 in the Mizunos and S300s (or equivalent) in the Srixons. Do you have views on Srixon in the long, Mizuno in the short ? … and if you had to build a perfect combo set what would you choose ? I see lots of articles about como sets from the same manufacturer but not many about combining manufacturer !

    Thanks Ant

    • Matt Meeker

      I don’t have any experience with Mizuno irons Ant. I can’t think of any inherent reason against varying manufacturers and as always, go with what works for you. Others may prefer to stick with say Srixon for similarity with looks, feel and even gapping.

      – Meeks

      • Would you recommend the ZX4 to a high handicapper of 26?

        • Matt Meeker

          That’s a tough one to answer Daniel because it depends a lot on what makes you a 26. The ZX4 might be a good choice if you make decent contact most of the time. If you find it hard to hit the face, have a wicked slice or can’t get the ball in the air, Super Game Improvement irons may be what you need.

          – Meeks

  9. Hello Matt – Did you compare the ZX4s to the Ping i710s? Getting older, playing less so looking for extra distance and forgiveness, thank you and stay safe

    • Matt Meeker

      No I did not. If you get to hit them both, come back and let us know your findings.

      – Meeks

  10. Matt
    I’m playing Callaway epic stars. My swing speed is 93 with a 7 iron. Do you think I’ll gain consistency with the zr4.

    • Matt Meeker

      That’s a tough question Paul. I never hit the Epic Stars, but from everything I read they are fantastic clubs. But ‘gain’ will be dependent on their performance for you. One sure way to find out – hit them head to head.

      – Meeks

  11. Great review Matt. What shaft did you hit the ZX4’s in? Thanks in advance!

  12. Matt – great review. I see you reviewed both the ZX4 and ZX5 irons. How would you compare the two for launch/height and forgiveness? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

  13. Hi Matt
    I am a senior with a swing speed of 75 and I use Mavriks. but am thinking of switching to ZX4s. In a fitting session I seem to hit them longer with a tighter dispersion. Any thoughts?

    • Matt Meeker

      You say “seem to” in regards to a fitting session. Is there something odd in the data? Otherwise, all I can say is trust the numbers and make the switch if distance and accuracy are important to your game or enjoyment.

      – Meeks

  14. Hi Matt,

    Great review. Would you say both the ZX4 and ZX5 fall within the game improvement category? I am a higher handicapper, and assumed ZX4 would be more for my level, but was hitting the ZX5 more consistently when I compared them.

    • Matt Meeker

      I’d be willing to state that Steve. More importantly though, don’t get hung up with categories. You did the right thing and tried them both. Go with what performed best for you. Sounds like you might not be a high handicapper for long!

      – Meeks

  15. Hi Matt. My handicap is 9 and I game the ZX5 clubs. My age is creeping up on me as I recently turned 70. I´m having difficulties hitting my 6 iron and was wondering wether the 6 iron of the ZX4 would fit me better now? Or maybe even the whole set?

    • You don’t mention what difficulty you are having with your 6 iron. Distance? Dispersion? Trajectory? So it could be the head design or the shaft – or both. Keeping a single digit handicap is never easy, so please get with a fitting professional and see what the best move for you is.

      – Meeks

  16. Hello Matt, I recently bought a set of Callaway rogue st irons which I was fitted for. Played 30 rounds with them and my handicap went from 12 to 22. I was hoping you could lead to a set of irons that doesn’t have that much offset. Leaning towards srixon zx4 or Titleist t300.

    • Sorry to hear about your Rouge experience Bob. Did the fitter have any explanation? As far as offset, you appear on the right track – and both of those models are solid performers. Saternus just reviewed Mizuno irons and I recall offset being a topic of interest.

      – Meeks

  17. William John Wegmann

    I so like the idea of hollow body irons, until ….. the short irons – 8 iron +. Which Srixon iron do you recommend to blend with the ZX4 irons? Thank you.

  18. These have replaced my TaylorMade Stealth irons, I have found more consistent distance control with the ZX4’s, same shaft set up and length..
    So I’m a fan of Srixon…wish I wasn’t so tardy in trying them

  19. Read several of your reviews and just purchased the older model Zx4 ‘s (4-PW) purchased with Regular (760 Mamiya) shafts. I’m about a 10 handicap and 65 recovering from left shoulder rotator cuff repair surgery. I currently have Cobra King forged-tec irons with Mamiya 680 Recoil stiff shafts and have struggled with them years. Accuracy mostly has been issue. Don’t know if a GI club is in my best interest but remember watching a review and the guy said “don’t be fooled by the term GI” these ZX4 irons should perform well for even mid handicap players. Was wondering what your thoughts might be for my situation.

    • Seeing how you have already purchased the irons James, you can tell us how they worked out. What I can tell you is, don’t worry about categories – go with what performs. Just remember you’ve changed shafts, and they have an impact on performance. Tiger could make the ZX4s look like magic with the right shafts, they just wouldn’t be the best choice for his skills.

      – Meeks

  20. Do you know if these can be bent easily to perhaps add a degree or 2 of loft?

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