Srixon Z H85 Hybrid Review

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The Srixon Z H85 hybrid inspires confidence on longer shots with amazing performance – even on mishits.  Well executed finishes combine for a great looking head.


In recent years, Srixon has done an outstanding job of building brand awareness in North America.  I’ve been a huge fan of the Q-Star Tour balls and appreciate that Srixon designs products for elite players as well as for those of us that aspire to play better.  The new Z Series clubs follow that same design philosophy and what I discovered playing the Srixon Z H85 hybrid will surely improve my scores.


First off, a tip of the cap to the head cover with its soft red underside and distinctive stitching on top.  Pull off that head cover and the color scheme carries onto the sole of the Srixon Z H85 hybrid.  The use of matte and gloss finishes provides visual interest and highlights structural features.

The black face was a nice surprise after seeing the silver leading edge.  Topside, the crown features a slight step down reminiscent of, but not as severe as, the Cleveland Launcher HB.  Overall the head has wonderfully balanced curves and a size that will suit most player’s eyes.

Sound & Feel

Hovering the Srixon Z H85 hybrid off the ground the head felt slightly heavy, but appropriate for an 85 gram shaft.  The Project X HZRDUS black shaft had a wonderfully solid feel throughout the swing.

Impact sound was a moderate and satisfying ‘thwack’.  There was gentle feedback on mishits in my hands, but unless you tell your playing partners they’ll never know – keep reading.


From my very first swing on the range I knew the Srixon Z H85 hybrid was going to vie for a place in my bag.  Every ball was high and straight with noteworthy carry.  To verify my observations, I headed to Club Champion for some empirical data, and the results were impressive.

Most notable was the 1.5 average smash factor – with a 22° 4 hybrid.  That remarkable transfer of energy resulted in a gain of 10 yards over my gamer 23°, but with the same landing angle.  What also grabbed my attention was the forgiveness – heel and toe hits still launched high with carry distance nearly equal to center strikes.


For consistency and forgiveness, the Srixon Z H85 hybrid is a top performer.  Add in solid feel and good looks and you have a great club – and yes, it went straight into my bag.  Equally impressed with the results, Evan of Club Champion offered me one last piece of advice – “You need to get the matching 3 hybrid.”

Srixon Z H85 Hybrid Price and Specs

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  1. Thanks for the review. I took a flyer on the 16 degree Hybrid to replace my 3 wood. I hope to have the same amount of success. This is my first Srixon club, but I used to have a few of the Cleveland hybrids and always got along with them.

  2. Following up on my earlier post…..I love this Hybrid. I hit the 16 longer than my 3 wood and consistently keep it in the short grass. I am going all in with a 19* & 22*.

    • Michael Shevlin

      I just ordered the 16 Degree. Is it pretty easy to hit and did anyone try hitting it out the low rough? Thanks for confirming that my purchase was worth it. I play the Z785’s and they feel unbelievable.

    • Best hybrid I have ever hit .. I’ve have had a lot of them.. I have a 22 degree.. and a 18 five wood
      I’m gonna dump the five wood go with a lower degree hybird

  3. Hello Matt – how id the H85 compare with the Ping G400 hybrid in distance and forgiveness?
    Thank you and keep up the great reviews…

  4. What is the difference between the Cleveland hybrid and the Srixon hybrid, I know they are the same company.

    • Matt Meeker

      Beyond the obvious differences in looks, I think you’ll note several differences if you compare the technology and performance as highlighted in the respective reviews. Yes, same company – but that’s like comparing a Toyota and a Lexus.

      – Meeks

  5. Ya sirixon is awesome .. more responsive than ping or Cleveland.. don’t know why but it works

  6. I’m still using the Srixon Z h85 but I would like to upgrade.
    Just read your title it’s tsr2 hybrid review that is now in your bag. I’m assuming you would recommend it?
    Btw I don’t want a draw bias like the Stealth hybrids.
    Thank. Love your reviews.

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