Sport Haley Women’s Golf Apparel Review

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50 Words or Less

Sport Haley clothing is comfortable, well-designed, and stylish for women of all ages.


Athletic apparel is at its best when you are able to forget it’s there, when it allows you to comfortably focus on your activity.  Sport Haley’s latest lines achieve this with great fabric and smart design.  Read on to find out how you can keep your head in the game while demonstrating a sense of style.

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These clothes are comfortable, breathable, and flexible – perfect for a day on the course.  The fabric has very nice texture and stands up well in the wash.  What stands out to me are the details geared toward enhancing your golf experience.  If, for some reason, you need to zip the pullover all the way up, you won’t feel metal on your neck when you look down.  There is a flap of fabric designed to tuck the zipper away.  The pedal pushers feature a zippered pocket lower down on the leg for golf balls, thus eliminating that lumpy look and feel of golf balls stowed away at your hip.  This is apparel designed with golfers and details in mind.

Style & Fit

Each of the Sport Haley collections includes classic pieces as well as modern prints.  I could say there is something for everyone but that’s both cliche and not quite the point.  It would be more fitting to say that everything is for everyone.  Whether you are in your 20s or your golden years, you wouldn’t look out of place in Sport Haley clothes.  As someone in my 30s, I often find myself hesitating before buying fun, cute clothes, and that sometimes causes my wardrobe to look drab.  These clothes give a little pop without making me look like I’m trying to be an age I’m not.  And besides, who doesn’t love an owl logo?

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All pieces are true to size and offer a bit of flex which allows the garments to keep a tailored, flattering look despite those few pounds you may lose or gain over a season.  While the golf details are there, the Sport Haley lines also don’t scream “GOLF!” to the point that you only look appropriate on the course.  From the fit to the style, these clothes could transition from the course to the mall without anyone giving a second look.

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Sport Haley apparel is tasteful and attractive, but also comfortable and detail-oriented to enhance your game.  It is perfect for women of any age who want clothes to make them look and feel good on the course and off.

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