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50 Words or Less

The SIK Pro putter is a simple design with a lot of thought behind it that leads to good rolls with good feel.

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At first glance, SIK‘s putter line looks like another range of familiar head shapes preferred by golf traditionalists.  However, if you look beyond their simple appearance, SIK offers a range of putters with a design principle that’s actually fairly complex.  Using “Descending Loft Technology” (DLT), SIK has created a four planar putter-face where each plane’s loft descends 1º as you go down the putter face.  The DLT concept is supposed to protect the golfer from his own inconsistency and create a better roll on the green.

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The SIK Pro is your basic Anser 2 style head shape, and it comes in either a black PVD or satin finish.  You can choose between different alignment aids, grips, headcovers, and the usual performance specs on each putter.  The putter itself is very clean and basic with minimal branding except for the cavity and the sole of the putter.  Immediately noticeable are the horizontal grooves on the face which is are quite reminiscent of milling previously seen on the faces Rife putters.  All in all, the SIK Pro is a simple and appealing putter that should be easy for many golfers to look at on the greens.

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Sound & Feel

I mentioned previously that the face milling of the SIK Pro was reminiscent of the old Rife putters, and I found the sound and feel to be very similar as well.  At impact, the SIK Pro has a nice muted thud with a very subtle hint of “click” to it.  The horizontal grooves create a nice impact surface, but allow for enough “air” to minimize the dimple effect when striking the golf ball.  As a result, you get a softer sound and feel.

The SIK Pro is well balanced, has a good weight to it (360 grams to be precise), and a very solid feel at impact.  The putter is responsive, but doesn’t have that frustrating click on the heel and toe.  Again, the feel is soft and muted off of the horizontal face grooves.

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The concept behind SIK’s Descending Loft Technology is that the face isn’t flat because golfers make imperfect, inconsistent putting strokes.  SIK makes their putter face go from 4º of loft at the top down to 1º loft at the bottom of the face.  I did my best to capture the “curve” in the pictures above.  The belief is that the golfer does not keep the shaft in a consistent position during the stroke and the DLT in the SIK Pro face will allow for solid, “flat” contact no matter the stroke or shaft angle.


The slight curve in the face makes it so the golfer will still have as close to an optimal launch angle and roll despite imperfections in their putting stroke.  I contacted the guys at SIK to tell them that I couldn’t truly tell if this made the least bit of difference for me, but I did absolutely feel that the ball had a great roll and distances were very easy to control.

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In a day where technology is king and scientific designs are a must, success on the golf course ultimately comes down to how well you use the tools.  I’ll be 100% honest with you – I’m not sure what real impact the SIK Pro‘s DLT face has, but I will say I found it very easy to putt with, and I had good results.  The ball rolls true and the feel was really nice so at the end of the day, the SIK Pro is a perfectly fine putter in my book and a nice alternative if you’re looking to try someone outside of the major brands.

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  1. Brendan Todd just won in Bermuda with this 👍

  2. Mark Calcavecchia

    Hey Bill. This is Mar Calcavecchia. I would love to try ur Anser style Brendon Todd putter. As u know I used an Anser during my prime. Please let me know if I can get one. Thanks Bill. Calc

  3. Hey Bill
    Is 4° the maximum amount of loft on this putter? I ask because I utilize a forearm arm lock technique thus more loft is required because the ball is played from the middle of set up. To get the ball rolling more loft is needed because the putter bottoming out sooner. Will the 2° + ° extra loft compromise the stand alone feature lose its ability to free stand ability to aim accurately. ?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m sorry, but Bill no longer writes for Plugged In Golf, and I don’t have enough familiarity with SIK putters to answer your question.



    • Sik offer armlock and standard style, with various custom lofts available.

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