SeeMore Black Mini Giant HTX Putter Review

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The SeeMore Black Mini Giant HTX putter is a stable, responsive, center-shafted mallet that is equal parts putter and training aid.  The company’s signature Rifle Scope Technology can make issues with alignment a thing of the past. 


For those who don’t know, almost all SeeMore putters feature two white lines sandwiching a red dot near the club’s heel.  That collection of features is called the Rifle Scope Technology.  It’s there to provide easy consistent alignment and set up.  The idea is that by hiding the red dot underneath the putter’s shaft, you know you’re squarely aligned with the target.  It’s almost like having a caddy behind you confirming your line.  

After years of fitting people for putters, I can happily attest to the power of the Rifle Scope Technology.  It’s no joke.  I have seen it be an incredible tool to completely cure people of their misalignment. The SeeMore Black Mini Giant HTX continues that tradition as one of the best alignment-aiding putters on the market. 


From the address position, the SeeMore Black Mini Giant HTX oozes coolness.  The white and red alignment markings accentuate the all-black, high-grade aluminum center-shafted fang mallet.  The wings provide additional alignment when you set up the putter.  The face of the putter also features a stylized crosshair with red paint fill, referencing SeeMore’s signature technology. 

The underside of the putter contains what feels like a paragraph of text that reads: “Made in USA Franklin, TN – 100% Milled – Tour LTD 30423 – Mini Giant HTx – SeeMore Putter Co.”  Besides all of the text, it also features two giant copper weights.  There are four additional copper weights on the tips of the wings and the heel and toe.  While I appreciate that the clubs are made in the U.S., the text and weights make the club look cluttered and busy when looking at the sole.  

Feel & Sound

The feel of the SeeMore Black Mini Giant HTX putter was quite pleasant. The milled aluminum grooves make each stroke come off quite smoothly and roll end over end quickly.  It feels reminiscent of Scotty Cameron’s Phantom line of putters.  It is sturdy, hefty, and substantial.  I also love how easy it is to pick the golf ball up from the ground with it, an underrated feature.  

Sound-wise, the putter is unique.  On center strikes it’s reminiscent of old-school PING putters because it creates a “ting” sound that starts in a high pitch and then lowers.  On heel or toe strikes though, it feels like a tuning fork!  There is a ton of vibration felt in your hands and a higher-pitched noise.  However, that’s only felt on egregiously bad hits, so it’s almost not worth noting. 


The SeeMore Black Mini Giant HTX is a larger mallet with dramatic heel and toe weighting for a high level of MOI and a large sweet spot.  That makes it ultra forgiving.  Often center-shafted putters can be some of the most prone to deflection on heel and toe misses, but I found that this didn’t close or open much with heel or toe strikes.  Being nearly face-balanced, this putter does lend itself to players with minimal face rotation and straight-back-straight-through strokes.  

My experience with the SeeMore Black Mini Giant HTX did highlight that it may not be best suited for everyone.  I tend to put a good amount of forward press on the putter and that rendered the red-dot alignment nearly useless for me.  Despite seeing the red dot when I putt, I was able to make my fair share of putts during testing, and speed control was extremely consistent even on mishits.  Giving it to other playing partners who didn’t have that forward press, I saw improvement in aim and consistency compared to their putters.  

The putter is also very customizable.  Going to SeeMore’s website reveals a ton of different ways to tweak the SeeMore Black Mini Giant HTX to suit your style and needs.  Length, lie angle, the color of the shaft, grip, head weight, and even grip weights can all be specifically adjusted to make it completely your own. 


The SeeMore Black Mini Giant HTX should be something you seek to try out if you are looking for a new putter.  While it wasn’t a perfect fit for me, I’ve seen the Rifle-Scope Technology work wonders for many others and this specific model provides fantastic feel, forgiveness, and responsiveness.  If you struggle with alignment, this putter may be your cure.  

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  1. Matt Drury

    I have had my SeeMore putter for 5 years and will never change!
    The riflescope technology was an absolute game changer.
    A must try.

    • Drew Koch

      I completely agree Matt. This should be a putter brand people try out if for no other reason than the Rifle Scope Technology… let alone the great feel!

  2. Thanks for an informative blog. I have been on the look out for such info.

  3. Great review. This putter is probably not from me for two reasons, first, like you, I also use a fold press or the alignment aid is sort of useless. Also, I had a lav putter last year that was quite heavy and really had trouble with distance control especially as I played a different courses with varying green speeds.

    • Lane Andresen

      Mike. Is there a putter out there that can help shaky hands?
      Due to my shaking, my takeaway is all over the place and my putting is suffering.

      • Drew Koch

        Hey There Lane,

        I find that larger grips in general will help dramatically with shaky hands! I highly recommend you get fitted at Club Champion. But if you wanted to try out the grips on your own, the largest sizes of Golf Pride’s new Reverse Taper grips or the Superstroke 5.0 Tours would be my top recommendations to try.

        Let us know if those help out!


    • Drew Koch

      Thanks for the kind words, Mike! I’m happy you enjoyed the review even if this wouldn’t be the ideal putter for you.

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