Royalty Sports Jackpot Wedge Review

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The Royalty Sports Jackpot wedges look like nothing else on the market.  Superb feel.  Thin, versatile sole.  Very high spin.


You don’t need to be a club aficionado to know that the Jackpot is different than any other wedge.  You don’t even need to look at it – running your hands over the preponderance of milling marks will tell you the story.  100% CNC milling is not the fastest or cheapest way to make a wedge, but, if you want consistency, it’s the way to go.  That’s the major selling point behind the first wedge offering from Royalty Sports, and I was excited to get it to the course to see how it performed.


When I first picked up the Royalty Jackpot wedge, my eye went past the bold branding to the milling marks that cover the sole and hosel.  It’s the signature detail of these wedges and the major thing that separates them from other wedges visually.

At address, the Jackpot wedge has a compact, traditional look.  There’s modest teardrop shaping and a fairly straight leading edge.

In the bag, Royalty shows off its prominent branding.  A crown spreads out across the toe, capped by a heart, diamond, spade, and club.  The sole has the Royalty script logo, an eye-catching, slightly unusual placement.

The Jackpot wedge is available in both the satin finish seen here or a black finish with white paintfill.

Sound & Feel

The Jackpot wedge is billet forged and 100% CNC milled from 1025 Carbon Steel.  The result of this expensive, time consuming process is a wedge that feels sensational.  Impact creates a feeling of soft, solid connection from the ball through the club face to your hands.  This feel is enhanced by the muted, “thud” of contact.

Outside of the rare bottom groove shot, I didn’t hear much difference between pure strikes and mishits, but I did feel it in my hands.  Poor shots don’t sting at all, but you’ll clearly differentiate centered shots from the rest.


If you’re looking for a wedge that can give you an extra dose of spin, you’ve found it.  From pitches to full swings, the Royalty Jackpot wedge produces as much spin as any wedge I’ve tested.  My first round with the Jackpot wedge was at Harbor Shores (review HERE), and I noticed that many of my touch shots were stopping faster than normal.  When I tested on the launch monitor, I got confirmation that it had nothing to do with course conditions; this wedge just spins a ton.

The Jackpot wedge also has a very versatile sole.  It looks fairly thin compared to many modern wedges, but it doesn’t dig heavily, even in soft conditions.  Royalty states that their Jackpot grind is most similar to Vokey’s F grind, which is the most used on the PGA Tour.  I found it equally capable on full shots and creative shots around the green.

When you go to the Royalty Sports website (HERE) to check out the Jackpot wedge, you’ll find it’s fairly minimalist.  Royalty encourages every customer to contact them directly so they can get the wedges built  to your spec.  The wedges are sold in a set – 50, 55, and 60 degrees – but lofts can be bent two degrees each way.  True Temper Dynamic Gold and KBS Tour are the stock shaft options, and PUREing and laser engraving are available as upgrades.


If you want your wedges to stand out from the crowd and perform at a high level, you can’t go wrong with the Royalty Jackpot wedge.  Being 100% CNC milled, you won’t find a more consistent product, and they’ll be custom built exactly to your spec.  But act fast, only 200 sets were made.

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  1. Hector Fernandez

    $999.99? That’s a nice joke! You can get three seasons worth of top of the line Vokey’s for that price.

    Nice review Matt!

  2. I wonder how long they would last ? They are the most stunning looking wedges around pure class.

  3. How many stroke I can buy with new wedges?

  4. Mark Thompson

    I don’t care how great they are – at that price (3 for $999.99), they’ll never be in my bag, nor any of my golf buddies.
    At a time when golf is on the decline, you can’t find many golfer’s under the age of 30 on the course, making over-priced wedges does nothing to help promote golf or grow the game. Maybe these will become collector items, because with prices like this – I doubt the company will be around long. By the way, the ‘crown’ looks like a spin-off of a Scotty Cameron product, which I’m guessing was intentional.

  5. Beautiful pieces of art and I’m sure very worthy. However, price point is a killer. Love to have them in my bag, not happening until pick 6 hits.😎

  6. Adam Miller

    Hey. How are these holding up? Interested in hearing feedback with the newer options offered since.

  7. How do these compare to the PXG 0311 sugardaddy in spin and feel?

  8. patrick denton

    If you had to choose which would it be Sugar Daddy or Jackpot?

  9. Thomas Johnston

    Matt if you have a set of irons lying around ,this pensioner is in the market for freebies ,i pay the postage 12 to 14 H/C Level 5 iron clubhead speed 83,2.

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