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The Revo X Volition America collection brings a patriotic flair to Revo’s stellar lineup while benefiting Folds of Honor.  Outstanding eye protection and amazing optics.


Partnering with Volition America, Revo brings a patriotic spin to several of their popular styles, and even more importantly, helps support the families of our military heroes by donating a percentage of the proceeds to Folds of Honor.  Golfers are likely familiar with Volition America through their partnership with Cobra/Puma, with Gary Woodland proudly sporting the special collection of apparel and shoes on the PGA tour.  Along with the Crawler and Descend A featured in this review, the Revo X Volition America line also includes the Descend N and Caper.


I’ll dive into the specifics of the lens colors of the Crawler and Descend A in a moment, but it’s important to note that all Revo lenses feature their signature Light Management System technology.  This NASA-rooted technology utilizes specialized coatings to precisely manage the light spectrum.

Revo breaks down the science into four focal areas:  UV, glare, blue light, and digital.  Most readers will be familiar with UV and glare, so let me jump ahead to blue light – the high energy light at the start of the visible light spectrum.  Although our eyes like some blue light, the wavelengths at the UV border are very harmful.  Fortunately, Revo knows how to manage the good and the bad wavelengths to reduce the risk of eye health problems and enhance the visual experience.   And while you won’t be aware of the effectiveness of the Revo’s three focal areas right away, you’ll instantly appreciate the fourth area, digital – the one that allows you to read your cell phone without removing your sunglasses.

The Crawler Revo X Volition America features the Graphite lens, which is designed to be a great all-around lens that “enhances the natural vibrancy of every color you encounter.”  For years a few industry “experts” had been telling me that grey lenses aren’t good for action sports where you are trying to follow a ball, but clearly those folks hadn’t tried the Revo Graphite – I found them excellent for golf.  Details of the course and surroundings were crisp, and I really liked how the lenses revealed the details of a bank of clouds.

The Descend A Revo X Volition America sunglasses feature the Blue Water lens with its mirror coating “ideal for bright conditions on the water.”  Here in Central Florida the sun can be intense, and I found the Blue Water lens kept my eyes relaxed.  Similar to the Graphite lens, colors remained true and details crisp.  On the course the Blue Water lens cut the glare off wet grass and water hazards as well as taming the blinding effect of white bunkers.

Style & Fit

While eye protection and visual performance are the key reasons to wear sunglasses, Revo lets you keep style in the equation with their variety of frames.  The Revo X Volition America Crawler and Descend A are great examples.

The rectangular Crawlers have an old-school classic vibe with a bit of athletic curvature.  The lightweight frames include fixed elastomeric gription elements at the nose and on the temple ends.  The Revo X Volition America version of the Crawler features a deep blue frame color accented with a camo print on the inside.  I’ve been golfing in Crawlers for years and can attest to their all day comfort and secure fit – even when the sweat is flowing.

On the other end of the style spectrum are the rimless Revo X Volition Descend A which extoll a “timeless aviator silhouette.”  Keeping the sunglasses securely in place without pressure points, Revo utilized its MotionFit design plus a heavy dose of elastomer at the nose and on the temple ends.  Those red temple ends along with the mirror blue lenses really make a patriotic statement.


Followers of Plugged In Golf know that Revo is one of our favorite and most highly recommended sunglass brands [additional reviews HERE] because of their incredible optics and frames that balance style and athletic function.  The Revo X Volition America editions are great additions not only for their patriotic style renditions but also the philanthropic reach.

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