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Revo doesn’t just protect your eyes, they manage the light spectrum to enhance your vision.  For 2018, Revo continues to give golfers plenty of options with a variety of styles and performance driven lens choices.


My first introduction to Revo was reviewing the semi-rimless CUSP C with Green Water lens last spring.  The fit and optics instantly made them one of my favorite sunglasses for golfing.   For a change of style, I tried the Raconteur with Open Road lens last fall and again was impressed with Revo’s quality in both the frame and the lens.  So what styles are popular for golfers in 2018?  We asked Revo that question and identified four distinctive styles with lenses that will enhance your golfing experience.  From back left, clockwise in the above photo, they are:

  • Crawler, matte tortoise with Green Water lens
  • Relay, rose gold with Champagne lens
  • Descend, black with Green Water lens
  • Knox, gunmetal with Blue Water lens


Revo now has ten lens choices, all designed to selectively filter light to enhance visual acuity in specific light conditions or for specific performance objectives.  That’s a lot of choices, and fortunately Revo provides guidance on their website.  There are a few common technical features no matter the lens color.  The most important for your eyes is the 100% protection from harmful UV light.  Also, all the lenses reduce the amount of blue light and HEV light that scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about for eye health.  Interestingly, by managing the full light spectrum, Revo lenses can achieve greater contrast between colors and more pronounced brightness of objects.  One last commonality is that all Revo lenses are 100% polarized, utilizing Digital Polarized Plus technology that allows you to view electronic devices without interference.

As you may have guessed, the lens names coincide with the intended environment.  Even though there’s ‘water’ in the name, the Green Water lens is ideal for the colors of golf.  I found that natural colors really popped while remaining true.  I never experienced any eye fatigue in the bright Florida sun, but the lens is optimized for medium to low light conditions.

I was truly impressed with the on course performance of the Blue Water lens.  Although billed as “perfect for cutting glare in bright conditions on the water,” I found them to be advantageous on the course when there’s glare off wet grass and water hazards.  Most notable was not feeling blinded in blinding white bunkers.

The Champagne lens had me scratching my head as to why it would be popular for golfers.  Turns out the popularity is attributable to the style component, but the lens clarity is outstanding, too.  Details of the golf course are crystal clear and well defined.  It’s a great all around lens.

Style & Fit

With such high tech lenses, it would be easy for style to take a back seat.  But with Revo you don’t have to compromise style to protect your eyes and perform at your best.  The combinations of frame shapes, frame colors and lens colors make for attractive sunglasses to suit most anyone’s style.  Sporty, modern, classic – the four sunglasses featured here cover the spectrum.

Fit typically aligns with frame style, and I found that true with Revo.  The Crawler has an athletic wrap-around fit with solid gription at the nose and on the temple ends.  The Relay is a classic aviator with a wonderfully comfortable fit.  The frameless Descend is super lightweight with generous and effective gription at the nose and behind the ears.  My personal favorite of the bunch, the Knox, fit my face perfectly.  The articulating nose pads were remarkably slip resistant while the rigidity of the metal frame held them on my head securely yet comfortably.  The Knox is a prime example of a style that performs on the golf course and also looks refined and appropriate for off course occasions.


If you’ve never tried on a pair of Revo sunglasses, you owe it to yourself to do so.  The clarity of your vision, near or far, is excellent.  Just handling the sunglasses reveals the high quality of materials Revo utilizes.  My main factor in judging sunglasses for golf is being able to see subtle details in grass while keeping my eyes relaxed, and Revo is outstanding on both criteria.  The 2018 Revo sunglasses featured here showcase the variety of styles and some of the popular golf lenses.  The trick now is picking one that suits you.

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