Revo CUSP C Sunglasses Review

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The Revo CUSP C combines a sturdy, lightweight frame with the high tech Green Water lens, enabling you to see the colors and details of the golf course with amazing definition.


Revo is not a brand with a lot of hype in the golf space, but with technology developed for NASA, the application is logical.  Since 1985, Revo has been a leader in polarized lens innovation, which is one of four components of Revo’s Light Management System – LMS.  The other three are:  protect, manage, and filter.  Over simplified, that means 100% protection from UV rays, while managing and filtering the rest of the light spectrum to limit harmful rays and permit desired rays.  Revo has nine different lenses designed to optimize your vision depending on the light environment and activity.  Here I am reviewing the Green Water lens that comes in the CUSP C – Matte Black frame.


The Revo Green Water lens is one of the best lenses I’ve ever tested on the golf course.  Image sharpness is simply excellent.  There’s a long running debate around whether polarization is a detriment to golfers, especially when it comes to reading greens.  I won’t try to end the debate, but will state that the Revo Green Water polarized lens absolutely enhances green reading by filtering out surface glare.  The lens design also enables natural colors to really pop, especially in golf’s green arena.  Also amazing was being able to see white clouds as white – a true testament to Revo’s LMS.

There are a couple of other details about the lenses that I probably wouldn’t have recognized if I hadn’t fully reviewed the Revo website.  Revo puts five layers of coating on the back of the lens to reduce back-surface reflections, which aids in keeping your eyes protected and relaxed.  Do your eyes ever feel tired at the end of a round?  That’s eye fatigue, and it can affect mental performance.  On the front surface of the lens there’s an oleophobic coating that repels dirt and fingerprints, making them super easy to clean.

The shape and size of the lenses also impacts performance, and that’s why the frame is so integral in bringing it all together.  I’ll cover fit in the next section, but the combined lens/frame performance of the CUSP C – Matte Black sunglasses is outstanding.

Style & Fit

The Revo CUSP C is a semi-rimless performance frame that is sturdy and lightweight.  The designers did an excellent job of using a “C” channel shape in the temples to provide strength without bulk.  Temple rigidity keeps the frames snug against your head while elastomeric pads on the temples and nose keep them from slipping.  The size and curvature of the lenses provides full field of view coverage.  The matte black frames coupled with the Green Water mirrored lenses look amazing.


It’s incredible how much technology can go into a pair of sunglasses.  Literally, seeing is believing.  The Revo CUSP C sunglasses protect your eyes and enhance your vision.  The athletic style frame and Green Water lenses are a combination that give me advantages on the golf course – looking good and seeing better.  These are not inexpensive at $199, but a strong value compared to other high quality brands.  Slip them on and keep them on – no need to take these off around the green.

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  1. I’m wearing these exact glasses at the range today. By far the best lenses I’ve ever used. Even driving here in the car I felt like I was in a new world. Everything from the trees, grass and paint and glass on vehicles looks amazing. BUT I’m now at the range and for whatever reason these lenses make it impossible to look through my Nikon rangfinder. I thought the rangefinder was broken at first because I couldn’t see through it. Total bummer that I don’t think I can use these glasses to actually play a round.

  2. How would you compare this lens to the Oakley Prizm Golf Lens? I have used the Prizm lens off and on for about 2 years, but I don’t like how it creates a pink hue for everything. I find on certain days it helps me read greens, but takes away from my ability to judge speed as I use the glare from the green to judge how fast they are or if I am hitting with or against the grain. I will say that I do read greens faster with the glasses on.

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for the post Chris. We’ll have a review of the Oakley Crossrange Prizm Golf sunglasses posted in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I highly recommend trying on the Revo’s in a store to compare lens coloration.


      Matt M

  3. I have the round ones but now I’ve got to get those cat eyes. Good finds! Thanks for your article.

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