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All-round great sunglasses, the Revo Raconteur with Open Road lenses are fashionable and functional while keeping your eyes comfortable and protected.


One of the things I learned about Revo when reviewing the CUSP-C frames this past spring is that the company takes eye protection very seriously.  The Revo Light Management System – LMS – is all about filtering the sun’s rays across all wavelengths, whether visible or not.  100% UV protection is standard these days even in inexpensive sunglasses, which is awesome.  But there’s other harmful light out there that we need to worry about:  blue and HEV light.  Fortunately, the high tech Open Road lenses filter out 95% of those.  So let’s take a look at how those lenses perform in the Raconteur frames.


The Revo Open Road lenses are a combination of amber, rose and vermillion colors that have a coppery brown appearance.  That combination was designed to perform in all light conditions, which turned out to be a good thing when conditions during my test round went from mostly cloudy to clear bright sun.  Throughout the round, my vision remained sharp and eye comfort was excellent.  Colors through the lenses remained very natural, or “as-is”.  Red toned objects popped a bit, but greens stayed green, and blues stayed blue.  With image quality remaining crystal clear through the lenses, contrast in grain was readily apparent and I never felt the need to remove the sunglasses.

Style & Fit

The Raconteur feature a classic aviator shape that provides a large area of coverage.  For additional style points, Revo added texture to the metal frames and rubber on the temples.  The gunmetal color pairs perfectly with the Open Road lens color.

The fit is very comfortable thanks to the soft rubber on the articulating nose pads and the textured rubber at the end of the temples.  Even though the style is fashion forward, the Raconteur was clearly designed for active pursuits.   By the nature of the size and materials, there was an appreciable weight on my nose, but nothing that would keep me from wearing the sunglasses comfortably all day long.


The Raconteur frames offer golfers a style that doesn’t scream, “Athlete.”  The Open Road lenses performed well on the golf course, and the polarization makes them great for driving and other active pursuits.  Revo continues to impress me with their crystal clear lenses that keep the world crisp and vibrant – all while protecting my eyes.

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  1. Golf sunglasses tech nerd here, and the Revo Open Road lens is my favorite I’ve tried. Just crystal clear, great tint for golfing in all light conditions and not too dark, so you can wear them even when it’s not super bright out.

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