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Revo 2024 Sunglasses Review

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Revo 2024 sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes and enhance your vision – with style.  Wonderful new frame options, plus proven performance lens choices for golfers.


One of the coolest displays we saw at the 2024 PGA Show [recap HERE] was at the Revo booth where CEO Cliff Robinson showed Matt and me an indecipherable video.  Then Cliff had us slip on a pair of Revo sunglasses and instantly the video became crystal clear.  What Cliff had demonstrated was polarization – a hallmark of Revo technology.  The booth also showcased a wide range of Revo products, and I’ve since tested a few of the newest styles.  From top to bottom in the photo below:

  • Vertex, matte black with Blue Water lens
  • Winston, grey horn with Graphite lens
  • Incline, crystal with Evergreen lens


What makes Revo sunglasses stand out is their amazing technology driven lenses that enhance vision while protecting your eyes.  Rooted in NASA technology, Revo lenses are all about layers.  On the front side of a colored base lens, Revo adds the afore mentioned polarized filter, mirror layers, and an oleophobic coating that helps repel fingerprints.  On the back is an anti-reflective coating followed by a hydrophobic coating.  That’s probably more detail than you require, but my point is that it takes a lot of applied science to manage light properly.  Here’s how Revo boils it down:  “Good, helpful light is allowed in and enhanced, while all harmful light is reduced or blocked.”

All Revo lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC light and have 99% polarized lens efficiency.

The three lens colors I tested illustrated Revo’s diversity.  My favorite for golfing were the Evergreen lenses, which made natural colors pop while remaining true.  Best suited for water based activities, the Blue Water lenses were great for the golf course too.  Their ability to cut glare in blinding white bunkers was amazing.  What I found remarkable about the Graphite lenses was how they boosted the blue of the sky and made clouds look whiter.

All three lenses shared a common characteristic – crystal clear optics.  As someone who likes to explore options, I found Revo’s detailed descriptions of each lens on their website’s Technology tab super helpful.  And the “With Lens” and “Without Lens” photos very revealing.  With 7 serillum, 2 glass, and 3 photochromic lenses the choice may seem daunting, but I’ve found there’s plenty of overlap on performance attributes.

Style & Fit

Revo has frames to suit most every style, but to me the brand is sport-centric.  Curved lenses like in the Incline and Vertex exemplify an athletic look.  And Revo even says the more leisurely Winston have “a sporty square frame.”

I found the Incline and Vertex to be exceptional for golf.  The long temples of the Vertex were great at holding the sunglasses in place.  The Incline sunglasses utilize elastomeric on the nose pads and temples to provide gription.  And the lightweight semi-rimless design added to the all-day comfort factor.

The Winston sunglasses didn’t provide me with an adequate fit while golfing.  Despite the spring hinges and elastomeric temple grips, the fit was just a bit off, slipping some during the swing and when I hovered over a putt.  That said, I should note that Revo designates them as “Large/Extra Large fit”   at the top of the product page.


I’ve been wearing Revo sunglasses while golfing almost exclusively for several years now and with the 2024 offerings I don’t see that changing any time soon.  Both the Incline and Vertex fit so nicely, and the wrap around designs were fantastic at keeping light from my sensitive eyes.  The Evergreen lenses remain my favorite option for the golf course, but the visual acuity all the lenses provide was outstanding.  And at the end of a long day in the sun my eyes always felt comfortable, and my mind was at rest knowing Revo technology had them protected.

Visit Revo HERE

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